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Tales from a Featherdown Farm – Wednesday 31st October

It’s raining again today which put paid to our trip to Hadrian’s Wall.

We did contemplate going to Beatrix Potter World as well but we figured it would be more fun to stay in the warmth (yes, the stove has warmed the tent up nicely today!) and have a long game of Monopoly.
Ella and I are going to work as a team while Kaycee, Aiden and Daddy are each playing on their own.
Kaycee’s going to be the banker (she’s really good at Monopoly and loves being the banker) and we’re going to get it set up once I’ve put a bolognese on to slow cook.
I have to say, I never thought we’d be this warm and cosy when we arrived on Friday. I had visions of us sitting wrapped in blankets, huddled round the stove, freezing and being unable to get warm.
Before the tears and tantrums


Daddy before he was winning! 😛
Kaycee cried, Aiden sulked and I got angry at them both for being so mardy about losing to Daddy at Monopoly. I’ve seriously never seen such mardiness over a game before.
When they’d calmed down, Daddy played a few games with them; they played Take the Brain, Thoughtwave and Chinese Checkers while I went for a lovely hot shower. They also played some games without Daddy and Ella I had to grab a picture of Ella, completely comfortable on the table, watching Kaycee and Aiden!
We then wrapped up nice and warm and took a walk into the village.
We bought some handmade soap for Mama and Nanny, some fudge for Aiden’s dad and some Kendal Mint cakes for Grandad. We also got a box of fudge for us to share after Kaycee asked Daddy very nicely and told him she loved him very much!
We’re going to get a jar of homemade jam for Nanny and a jar of homemade marmalade for Mama from the honesty shop.
I think I may have mentioned that the jam we got from the honesty shop was the best jam ever!
It was a lovely walk into the village, even with the drizzle 🙂





The good thing about being away on Halloween is that you’re not constantly up and down answering the door all night to trick or treaters.
The bad thing about being away at Halloween is that you’re not constantly up and down answering the door all night to trick or treaters!
Seriously though, it was nice not to have to worry if we had enough sweets to give out then wondering what else we could give out when we inevitably ran out! but I felt a bit sorry for the kids because they love Halloween and all we had to show for it were some Halloween biscuits.
If we go away for Halloween next year I’ll make sure we have a Halloween themed tea party and take some dress up clothes with us.
Next time: Packing ready for home and a painful accident.

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