Tales from a Featherdown Farm – Tuesday 30th October

Two hot water bottles helped warm me up enough to get to sleep last night and I remained toasty all night until I woke at 6.30am this morning.
It seems 6.30 is my natural wake up time here on the farm but seeing as I’m going to sleep before 10pm I don’t mind at all!
Getting up early gives us plenty of time to play games, organise meals (which takes 3 times longer on the stove!) and go shopping or take trips to the village to stock up on yummy bread!

The kids go to see the chickens every morning and usually bring back an egg each, even though we have loads from Tesco that we bought because the chickens couldn’t keep up with the enormous appetites the kids seemed to have developed since coming here!
Ella especially seems to be eating everything in sight. She has seconds at breakfast here whilst at home it’s a struggle to get her to eat fruit and yogurt.

After breakfast, the kids wrote postcards to all the grandparents and various members of the family whose addresses we could remember. Unfortunately, we didn’t have some addresses and didn’t have any mobile service so couldn’t ring to find out.
The postcards they used were in the honesty shop with a sign saying, ‘help yourself to postcards’ which we thought was lovely, especially as we ended up sending 15!
They’re going into the village later to post them 🙂

It seems I’ve got my days mixed up in my notepad blog. The kids went for a trailer ride with Farmer John on Monday 29th, not Tuesday 30th but I’ll tell you about it here because it’s easier than going back editing the other post.
They all love seeing Farmer John riding about the farm on his quad bike and were super excited when he offered to take them for a ride in the trailer.
There were two lovely children staying in one of the other tents and Farmer John took them all for a ride together. I’ve never seen the girls so excited! They came back laughing and talking about how brilliant it was, in fact, I think Ella’s exact word, when asked how it was, was, ‘EPIC!’ 😀

Another thing the girls love doing on the farm is visiting the rabbits; Ella even asked if we could buy rabbit food for them when we were in Asda! I told her the farmer bought their food but we had plenty of carrots they could feed them.








Another lovely day on the farm and I no longer regret booking this holiday!

Tomorrow: Not much of a Halloween and Monoply tantrums.

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