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Tales from a Featherdown Farm – Monday 29th October

The rain held off for most of the day but now I’m wishing it was back! It’s freezing again tonight and I’m sat in bed under 3 duvets, 3 blankets, a fleece wrapped round my head and 3 layers of clothing on; I can see my breath when I breathe.

I felt the drop in temperature after we got back from Asda, where we spent another small fortune on warm clothes but this time for the girls.
Clothes don’t stay clean for very long around here, what with all the mud! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, one of the main reasons I wanted to holiday on a farm is because it meant we could bring all their play clothes and not have to worry about buying new clothes.

Anyway, we spent a lovely evening playing Go Fish while waiting for our pork and veg to warm up 🙂

Before lunch, Ant and the girls went for a walk to the village and bought the most delicious bread I’ve ever tasted (The warm crusty loaf from Christine was gorgeous but I prefer a soft crust so this one came top for me).

They all liked it and are planning on fetching more tomorrow which reminds me, we also bought a pot of homemade strawberry jam from the honesty shop and there couldn’t have been a more perfect accompaniment to the lovely bread from the village. It had whole strawberries in and tasted wonderful. The only downside is that the pot was too small!


Daddy showing Ella where the ash goes from the burnt wood


Gorgeous sunset although the photo doesn’t do it justice.
Ella and I played Ludo….


while Kaycee and Aiden played chess although after listening to Aiden explaining the game to Kaycee, it was clear he’d  totally made up his own rules!!

Tomorrow: Postcards home and an exciting trailer ride from Farmer John.

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