Tales from a Featherdown Farm – Thursday 1st November

Yay….it’s Christmas next month!

Anyway, enough of that! Last night was another cold one, the dew had frozen to the grass this morning when Ant went out and although I felt it when I got out of bed to go to the toilet in the night, in bed, it was lovely and toasty.

We had a warm loaf delivered to us for breakfast and we had more homemade jam on it 🙂 We had to buy another pot this morning! The kids love it as much as I do and a jar doesn’t last long.
We also had eggs again. I thought the kids would get fed up of eggs everyday but they love them.

I spent the morning packing up the unused clothes (I brought way too many for me!) and getting all the games, toys and books together.
Talking of books, I forgot to mention that Aiden saw a copy of The Hunger Games in the honesty shop and he decided to read it. He’d snuggle into the cupboard bed with his torch and stay in there for hours!
He read the book within the first 4 days. It was lovely to see him excited about a story the way Ant and I get with our books!

I left Scrabble and the colouring books and pencils easily accessible so we had something to do after lunch.
We have to leave by 10.30am tomorrow so I want to get as much packed today as possible.

For dinner we’re going to use up the sausages, bacon and tomatoes we’ve got left and of course, we’ll be getting some more bread from the village 🙂
Thankfully, the rain went away for our last day so the kids were able to play outside. Kaycee took some great pictures of the goats.




I’m now sat here with my foot strapped in bandages, resting on an iced water bottle, up on a chair after I fell when getting out of the tent.
There’s a mat on the grass outside the tent flaps and quite a big step into the tent.
As I stepped down, my foot slipped, bent under me and twisted. I fell with all my weight on that side and ended up flat on my front in the mud.
I thought I’d broken my ankle at first, the pain was that intense. Ant was up at the car and the kids all came running to me, crying and panicking.
Aiden asked if he should get dad but I didn’t want him to leave in case I needed him to help me get up. I was in shock I think because I wasn’t able to think properly. While I was trying to decide what to do next, Kaycee pulled her wellies and ran to get Ant.
Ella was stood at the door crying her eyes out but I was in too much pain and a little too much going on in my mind to comfort her. I felt awful but I could only concentrate on working out how I was going to get up off the floor for a start.
I managed to turn myself back towards the tent and used the step to lean on to help me up. I leaned the knee of my bad leg on the edge of the step then pushed myself up with my good leg. This kept my bad foot off the floor and stopped any pressure being put on it. I made my way to the shower block with Aiden’s help and not long after, Ant arrived. He got everyone organised and calm then left Ella to help me shower before he came back to help get me back to the tent where he strapped my ankle with bandages and put the iced water bottle under my ankle.

I’ve only ever hurt my ankle this bad once before and I’d forgotten how agonising it was. I’m dreading trying to get back to the car tomorrow up the muddy hill.
If I’m honest, I have to say that I’m now a bit depressed and feeling very sorry for myself. I’m ready to go home and I’m so thankful this happened today and not at the start of the week.
It feels like a bit of a nightmare and I could just cry because I’ve spoilt the last day for everyone.

The bruising is going down but it keeps swelling. This was taken  Monday 5th Nov.

Next time: Our final day and another nightmare!

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