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Reading Eggs – Review and 5 week free trial

I recently used a code for a 5 week trial for Reading Eggs and I’m allowed to share it with you (see below for instructions and the code).

For those who don’t know what Reading Eggs is, it’s a web site that helps children learn how to read using really fun games.
Ella and Kaycee have been on it tonight and both of them loved it.
Ella didn’t want to go to bed, she kept asking to play, ‘just one more, pleeeaassseeee mummy?!’ till I had to be forceful and say that, no, it was too late to play again!

I took some screenshots to show you the kind of games Ella was playing. She’s 5 and when she first started, she had to do a test that helps them find out what level she was at.
Then the games began!

She had to make the word using the sounds it makes when you spell it out loud, f-oo-d


Spin the wheel then match the word to the picture it lands on.


Match the words to the pictures.

Tomorrow I’m going to be working with Kaycee. She was on her net book on the site while I was helping Ella and she asked if I could work with her for a while.
I was really pleased to see that although both children were on the same account, there’s no restriction to them logging in at the same time.

Kaycee’s working on the 7+ section of the site. With each activity they do, (on the older and younger sections), they earn eggs which can be spent in the shop, on furniture and decorations for their house as well as clothes for their little character 🙂

I wouldn’t normally consider buying a subscription to a site like this but after seeing how much Ella loved it and seeing how great the challenges are, I’d definitely consider it.
Reading Eggs Prices


To register for your free 5 week trial with Reading Eggs simply:

Visit and click on the ‘Parents Click here’ button

Register your email address and create a password
Activate your account and add your child
Once set up is complete add your promotional code UKB24MBT in the ‘Have a promo code?’ box located on your parent dashboard and click ‘redeem’

Click on ‘Start Reading’ to begin your learning journey with your 5 week free trial
Another good point I nearly forgot to make is that I actually enjoyed sitting with Ella and helping her. Sometimes these things can be really boring for the adult! I’m looking forward to seeing what the 7+ section of the site has to challenge Kaycee tomorrow 🙂

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