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Princes fruit juices

Princes 100% Pure Juice

We were sent some Princes fruit juices, 3 cartons to be exact and you’d think that the girls hadn’t ever had fruit juice with how happy they were when they saw them and with how fast they drank them!


Princes 100% Pure Juices

Ella had a friend staying for a sleepover, so, at dinner, the wine glasses came out to make serving the fruit juice, fancier!

Ella drinking Princes fruit juice
Yes, that is an undelivered Christmas present in the background!

The favourite flavour for the girls seemed to be the apple and raspberry. I preferred the apple flavour myself.

The juices contain 100% fruit, only naturally occurring sugars and no preservatives. They can be stored in the cupboard until they’re opened, after which, they need to be kept in the fridge and used within 3 days.

The juices are made from concentrate and provide one of your 5 a day.

At the time of writing, you can buy a litre of Princes pure juice at Morrisons for £1. A litre of Tropicana is £2.48 from Tesco, just for comparison 😉

We were sent some juice samples in return for an honest review

Lookie at my early Christmas pressies!

If you saw how much I loved Flamingo Gifts earlier this year when they sent me a box of goodies, you’ll know how excited I was when another box containing some early Christmas pressies arrived from them the other day!

Early Christmas pressies – Gorjuss

The box contained my much longed for Gorjuss handbag as well as a Gorjuss tablet case :oD All I need now is a tablet to put in it!

Gorjuss handbag

I now have a Gorjuss handbag, purse (a present from my step daughter for my birthday earlier this year) and a notebook and pen 🙂


Gorjuss handbag


Gorjuss handbag


Gorjuss handbag


Gorjuss tablet case


Gorjuss tablet case

There are lots of lovely gift ideas at Flamingo Gifts and I plan to buy a few things in the coming months.

When Aiden goes to live with his dad, Kaycee and Ella will be having a room of their own and Kaycee wants a reading corner with a beanbag.
I saw this one on Flamingo Gifts and knew straight away she’d love it.
She loves baking so this cupcake beanbag is perfect for her!

Cupcake beanbag

I’m also going to treat myself to this mug because the saying is very special to me….

Always be yourself mug

When I blogged about my weight loss journey during my first year at Slimming World, the tagline on my weight loss blog was, ‘Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn!’
Don’t ya just love it?!

Please note: We were sent some items in return for an honest review.

Prestige Flowers – Christmas Bouquets

Christmas bouquets – Even though I knew they were being delivered, I still got a little bit excited when I came home from working at the charity shop last week and found a big box of flowers on the table. I didn’t know what kind of flowers I’d be getting, however, and I was delighted to find a beautiful red rose bouquet from the Christmas flowers selection at Prestige Flowers.

Christmas bouquets from Prestige Flowers -

It came in a black gift bag and wrapped in black florist’s paper. The flower stems were well wrapped and contained wet padding to keep the flowers fresh.

Christmas bouquets from Prestige Flowers - red roses

I was very impressed with the bouquet, which lasted well over a week.

The girls were more excited than I was I think, they kept telling everyone that mum had been sent some lovely roses!

Christmas bouquets

They got even more excited when they saw the box of chocolates that came with the flowers. They loved how little and cute they were and managed to eat one each before I got to take a photo!

Free chocolates with Christmas bouquets

Please note: I was sent the bouquet in return for an honest review.

Remote control buggy – Review

Aiden’s had loads of different remote control cars over the years. He’s never really been that interested in them so when this remote control buggy arrived, I gave it to Kaycee and Ella instead!
They loved it right away and pestered me to take the photos so they could open it and have a go. One of them put the batteries (which were included) in the car while the other put them in the remote control and out they went.
This is where we made a mistake.
Kaycee put it on the lawn and tried to make it move.
The lawn hadn’t been cut for about 2 weeks and there was no way it was going to work its way through that tall grass!
I did try to film them but it wasn’t very successful (I need more practice at taking video!).
The only downside we’ve found is the battery usage; unfortunately, they soon ran down. We put new ones in and they didn’t last very long either so next time we’re going to spend a little more on the batteries because the cheap ones obviously don’t have enough power.
Despite not being able to play with it for very long, they did have lots of fun and I think this may be the start of a remote control car obsession for the two of them!


Remote control buggy

We were sent the remote control car in return for an honest opinion.

Star Stable – Review

Star Stable

Star Stable

I went through a stage of being a little bit addicted to MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) so I was keen to check out Star Stable and see how the girls would get on with it.

Our character is called Anzia Snowbell and the horse is called Morningpetal. You need to try and log in every day to take care of your horse but as you can see, the girls haven’t logged in for a few days due to lack of time (Brownies, Beavers and homework are a few of the things keeping them offline at the moment!).

Anzia is given quests to do and you can also take part in racing competitions. Kaycee did really well in the races once she mastered the controls.

I’ve had a go on Star Stable purely for the sake of the review you understand! and while it’s not the normal type of game I’d play I did enjoy it. I found myself saying, ‘in a minute Ella, I’m just going to finish this quest’, every time she asked for a go!

You can play for free up to level 5 and if you want to become a member you can pay £4.95 a month, £11.95 for 3 months, £18.90 for 6 months or £49.90 for a lifetime membership.

Please note: We were given a 3-month membership in return for an honest review.

If you’d like to take your gaming to the next level, check out Fierce PC

Lamaloli Clothes – Review

The girls now have a new favourite website to browse, looking for new clothes! Lamaloli has their favourite characters, including Hello Kitty and Monster High.

Lamaloli T-Shirts & Pyjamas

We ordered some t-shirts and pyjamas and the girls absolutely love them.

Ella was upset when her pyjamas were put in the wash and weren’t dried in time for her to wear them to bed that night!

I was very impressed with the quality and the prices, which on the site are in Euros. The pyjamas I ordered for Kaycee came in at under a fiver a pair when you convert the prices to GBP.

I’m planning on buying lovely, quality clothes, at a great price, for my many nieces and nephews for birthdays and Christmas now we’ve found this site! 🙂

I ordered them 2 pairs of pyjamas each, 2 t-shirts for Kaycee and a t-shirt for Ella all for the brilliant price of £40.
The girls have been complaining for ages that their pyjamas were getting too small. The ones they had for Christmas were all onesies which were getting too warm to wear now that winter is fading so these came at the perfect time for them!

Ella wearing Hello Kitty pyjamas from Lamaloli


Kaycee wearing Hello kitty t-shirt from Lamaloli


Kaycee wearing her new t-shirt from Lamaloli


Ella wearing new pyjamas from Lamaloli


Kaycee wearing her new pyjamas from Lamaloli


Ella wearing her new Monster High t-shirt from Lamaloli


Kaycee wearing her new Hello Kitty pyjamas from Lamaloli

Please note: We were sent a voucher for the clothes in order to provide an honest review.


Wallpops Wall Stickers Review

You’ve probably seen more than one post on my blog about wall stickers. This is because I LOVE them! I was very excited when I was asked to review some Wallpops wall stickers.

I’ve got some in my bedroom, some in the girls’ room and now some in the kitchen 🙂

I ordered some writeable sticker calenders from Wallpops so I could create chore charts for the kids. Since we moved here a year ago the kids haven’t done half the chores they used to do in our old house.
I used to print off their chore sheets every week and they’d cross them off as they did them

We haven’t got a printer at the moment so I’ve not been able to print off the chore sheets so things have been missed or ‘forgotten’!

These writeable calendars are brilliant. I filled in the jobs I wanted them to do each day and they tick them off when they’re done.
It saves us paper and ink and I can change or add any jobs without having to print off a new sheet.

Wallpops wall stickers - kitchen before


Wallpops wall stickers
As well as the calendars, I ordered some birdcage stickers because I thought they would look really pretty in my kitchen 🙂


Wallpops wall stickers


Wallpops wall stickers - kitchen after


Wallpops wall stickers
This is Aiden’s calendar waiting to be filled in 🙂


Wallpops wall stickers


Wallpops wall stickers
One each for the girls at a level they can both reach


Wallpops wall stickers
They take it in turns to do the washer and dryer each day and also to clear and set the table for dinner.


Wallpops wall stickers
The only thing I’d change about these writeable calendars would be the pens that come with them. The nib is a bit too thick and a finer nib would be much better for the size of the squares. It’s easily remedied though.
The pens come with velcro attached so you can stick them onto the calendar although Kaycee’s wasn’t very sticky and keeps falling off. I have to find the double sided tape and see if I can get it to stay on!
Apart from that very minor thing, I absolutely love these stickers and would order loads more if I had more wall or cupboard space!
Please note: We were sent the stickers in return for a review but all opinions are my own and are honest.


Stabilo EASYgraph and EASYoriginal Review

During her first week back at school, 7 year old Ella’s teacher told her she needed to work on holding her pencil correctly so she gave her a pencil grip to use.

Kaycee (9) had also had the same conversation with her teacher and was told that as well as holding her pencil correctly, she needed to work on her handwriting.

The next day I received an email asking if we would like to review Stabilo EASYgraph pencils and EASYoriginal pens.

Both girls were really excited when the package arrived (they love stationery!) and kept asking me to hurry up and take photos so they could open them!

Stabilo EASYgraph and EASYoriginal

We were sent pens and pencils for left and right handed because Kaycee’s right-handed and Ella’s left-handed.

Stabilo EASYgraph

They love the design of the pens and thought it was great that they come with little stickers so you can write your name on.

Stabilo EASYgraph


Stabilo EASYgraph

The pens come with refills and one of them even came with an ink eraser.

Ella holding a normal pen

This is how Ella holds a normal pen

Ella holding a Stabilo EASYgraph pen

The finger spaces make it easy and comfortable for her to feel how it should be held while writing.

Kaycee holding her pencil incorrectly

I don’t even know how Kaycee can write holding her pencil like this!

Kaycee holding her Stabilo pen

They’ve both taken their pencils into school and are using them everyday now. They found it a little difficult at first because they’ve been used to their own way of writing for so long but they soon got used to it.

These pens and pencils have been great for them and we thank Stabilo for their help 🙂

Please note: We were sent samples in order to write the review but all opinions are honest.


Glade Christmas Scents – Review

A couple of years ago I bought some Glade Christmas scents candles. I did buy them intending to light them but I loved them so much I decided not to light them so I could bring them out again the following year.

Glade Christmas Scents

When I opened the tin that they’d been stored in all year, the smell was intense! I had planned to buy some more this year so I could actually light them and I’d added them to my Tesco delivery order for the following week.
The same day, Glade got in touch and asked if they could send me some Christmas themed items from their range.

Of course, I jumped at the chance and I have to say when they arrived it was like I’d had an early Christmas present!
They came wrapped in lovely Christmas paper…

Glade Christmas scents - Christmas presents

and smelled wonderful when I opened them 🙂

Glade Christmas scents - candles and plugins


Roasted Chestnut & Macaroon

I expected the cosy apple and cinnamon to be my favourite but that’s because I’d not smelled the roasted chestnut and macaroon!

I love the designs on the glasses. They’re Christmassy without being over the top.

Glade Christmas scents - warm spice candle
Glade Christmas scents - winter white candle


Glade Christmas scents - cosy apple and cinnamon cream


Glade Christmas scents - roasted chestnut and macaroon candle

I plugged the warm spice plugin into the socket about half an hour before the girls came home from school.
I was in the kitchen when they came home; Kaycee came through to me and said ‘it totally smells like Christmas in the living room, what have you done?’ 🙂

Cosy Apple & Cinnamon

She loves all the candles as much as I do! We plugged the cosy apple and cinnamon plugin into the kitchen and now our kitchen smells gorgeous.

The Glade winter range is available from most leading UK supermarkets.

Cosy Apple & Cinnamon and Warm Spice are available as Plugins, Air & Fabric spray, Auto and Touch & Fresh sprays

You can find more information on the Glade UK Facebook Page

Note: We were sent a selection of Glade products in return for a review. All opinions are totally honest.