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148 / 365 – Beautiful day

It took most of the day but we finally got the paddling pool up for the girls!

First of all, we had to go to Asda and buy one, then Ant had to go out again to buy more suncream because we forgot to pick it up in Asda and we were fast running out.
We knew we wouldn’t have enough to keep reapplying while they were in and out of the pool so we bought a big bottle.

By the time he got home it was lunch time then the grass had to be cut.
We didn’t have a pump for the pool so he had to nip out again to Poundstretcher to get one. After filling up the bottom ring, the air pump broke and Ant had to take it back.

Thanks to one of our lovely neighbours, who had the same pool as us and didn’t mind our girls gatecrashing, they weren’t moping about all day having to wait for us to get ours sorted!

We finally got it up and filled. Well, I say filled; Ella complained, cried and refused to go in because we hadn’t put the same amount of water in as her friend’s mum. We told her that there was no way she was getting more water after that performance and she could play in it or not, it was up to her. What’s more, if she thought that by behaving that way, the situation would change, she’d be wrong!

She gave in and had a play, with her bike helmet on for some reason!


Aiden’s been at friend’s for the weekend and came home after lunch today. They picked him up Friday morning for the school run so that he could go straight home with them after school.
We’d not seen him since 7.30am Friday morning so we were happy to have him home today.
Unfortunately, he came home with severe sun burn 🙁 They’d been playing in the paddling pool all afternoon and didn’t use any suncream. His back and shoulders have started to blister and he’s been in agony all afternoon. I felt awful because apart from putting after sun on, which hurt him even more, I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t even cuddle him because of the pain.
I’m not sharing any photos of him because he’s 12 now and didn’t want me to put any photos of his sunburn on the blog so I’ll respect his wishes.
I’m going to order him a bottle of factor 50 to keep in his school bag so this never happens again. I could cry for him because I know how much it hurts.
Here’s hoping it doesn’t last too long.

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