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125 / 365 – Ella laughs when she cheats!

The girls were getting frustrated tonight because KayCee wanted to make one of her bead animals but they were too hard for Ella to do without help. KayCee just wanted to concentrate on making hers so Ella was getting a little upset because she didn’t have anyone to play with.

They’d already tried playing a couple of other games together but neither wanted the other to tell them what to do so they ended up having to put the games away to stop them bickering.

Daddy told Ella to go and fetch a game and he’d play with her so that she’d have something to do and KayCee could work on her project.
It was so lovely to watch them playing together; I couldn’t help smiling at the gorgeous giggle Ella did every time she cheated! She looked so cute when she did it and Daddy, being the wonderful Daddy that he is, made her giggle more when he pretended to complain about her cheating 🙂

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