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99 / 365 – Happy Easter

Chocolate for breakfast….

and nine people for a family Sunday lunch

made for a very happy Easter Sunday at our house today 😀

The daffodils are from the garden….the first cut flowers of the year 😀

I was so focused on getting all the food to the table while it was still nice and hot, then getting all the people to the table before it cooled down, I forgot to take a photo when it was all done!
I was also enjoying our lunch together so much, I totally forgot to take any pictures of any of the family!

They’ve all gone now, including the kids who have gone to Aiden’s dad’s for the week until next Sunday.
Ant and I are settling down to watch a movie for the rest of the afternoon which means I get to relax before the upheaval of redoing the kitchen begins tomorrow!

One thought on “99 / 365 – Happy Easter

  1. Looks like a busy (but fun) weekend.

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