100 / 365 – Kitchen Makeover – End of day one

We’ve had a busy day and I’m shattered but unfortunately, it’s just the start of what promises to be a very busy week. We went to B&M, The Range and B&Q this morning to stock up on everything we need for the kitchen makeover as well the bathroom and bedroom makeovers we’re going to be doing over the coming weeks.

We couldn’t bring the new counter for the kitchen today because the saw in B&Q wasn’t working. Ant’s going to go back for it on Thursday…fingers crossed it will be mended by then!

We started emptying the kitchen after lunch, well as much as we could fit into the living room! It’s a good job we’ve got the TV on the wall now because if it was still on the TV cabinet, we wouldn’t be able to see it.
Ant took the cupboards down then I cleaned them and put a coat of undercoat on. Cleaning the top of those cupboards was an awful job. I don’t think they’ve ever been cleaned since they were put up in February 1992 (there was a sticker on the top signed by the person who did the quality control check when they were installed!) and the layer of grease was horrible, even though I’m ashamed to admit that!

Anyway. enough of my embarrassing admissions. I need to get some sleep ready for the full day of work ahead tomorrow.






Today’s 365 photo ‘cos I’m excited that I’m finally going to make these cupboards look nice!




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