Sports Day #1

It was Ella’s first sports day today and she was super excited about it this morning.
The thing she loved most, was having to go to school in shorts, a t-shirt and trainers instead of her school uniform.

Ella dressed in shorts and t-shirt for her first sports day

She likes to leave her long hair down usually but we tied it back today and it looked lovely 🙂

Ella's hair tied up for sports day
Ella's hair tied back for sports day

When she came out of her classroom, she looked around for me and gave me a big, gorgeous smile.
She said, “Mum, we’re not allowed to run to you”, so obviously, they’d all been told to stay in line and not run to mummies and daddies!

I took some videos of her races because Anthony had to work in the shop on his own today so couldn’t come and watch her.

Ella at her school sports day

You could tell she really enjoyed it and when she came running out of her classroom afterwards, she had a huge grin and shouted, ‘that was sooo fun’ :o)

I think it’s tired her out now though….she’s lay on the sofa watching Beauty and the Beast!

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