Messy Strawberries

The time came for our first strawberries and cream of the summer and I had mine messy!

By messy, I mean, I made Eton Mess, from a recipe I found here. It’s from Delia and it’s super fast and easy.

KayCee, (for some strange reason!) doesn’t like cream so I bought Carte D’or, strawberry and yogurt delice ice cream. The plan was for everyone, except KayCee, to have Eton Mess for dessert but the ice cream was obviously far too tempting and Aiden and Ella couldn’t resist! So I had Eton mess all by myself and enjoyed every last bit of it 🙂
And the best bit of the children wanting ice cream instead…. the leftovers! 🙂

messy strawberries - strawberries and ice cream

All that was missing was a glass of Pimms and the sun, which of course, went away when we planned to have dinner outside followed by a quintessential summer dessert!! Don’tcha just love English weather?!
Instead of a light dinner, we had roast pork, mashed potatoes and vegetables. It was lovely.
We had two days of (for me) unbearable heat and on the day I wanted it to be warm, we got clouds and rain. Oh well, at least I was able to get in the garden and get some more seeds planted without roasting in the heat!
Talking of Pimms… birthday is coming up so I should really go and add some to my wishlist on Amazon! *grin*

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