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Sports Day #2

It’s been a KayCee day today 🙂 I went to her assembly this morning to see her receive her S.E.A.L. award (Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning)….

and watched her in her sports day this afternoon 🙂
She did 3 races. The first was the bean bag on the head race, the second, the hockey race and the third was the obstacle course. She said afterward that she didn’t like the hockey race because it was too hard. I actually missed her second race and I have no idea why! I kept checking all the children when they lined up at the start of each race to see if she was racing and I totally missed her in the line up.
She tried really hard for each race and got 3 well done stickers, which she is wearing with pride 🙂

I think the main reason she liked sports day was because she was able to finish school early!
We went to visit daddy at the shop and got a lift home because it was too hot to walk!

Well done KayCee :o) Love you loads!! xxx

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