Growing my own….hopefully!

My attempt at growing my own is going ok, so far! My herbs, apart from one basil plant, which I think has been food for some kind of caterpillar, are doing really well. The coriander, which is one of 2 herbs that I’ve grown from seed, looks like it’s going to start flowering soon *smiles*. It’s getting very tall and I’m looking forward to harvesting the seeds.

Growing my own coriander
Growing my own

Don’t know what I’m going to do with them though because I don’t like coriander! I’ll probably just grow more and more and end up with tons of seeds that I’ll have to try and give away!

I’ve been doing some research and I’ve read a few articles that suggest the dislike of coriander could be genetic. They’re doing studies now so it’s not known for sure but there seems to be a definite,
marmite-ish-ness about it (ok, so I know it’s a made-up word but it sounds good to me lol) and for those who don’t know what my made up word means, it means, you either love it or hate it.

I’ve never liked it and can tell 99% of the time if a dish has it in. However, I do like growing it. It was very easy to grow from seed and it gave me the confidence to try other things so I’ll forever have a soft spot for coriander!

I’ve also had some success with a box of wildflower seeds. We’ve bought wildflower mixes loads of times but they never really did anything.
This time, there are loads of different flowers and they look lovely 🙂

I don’t know what any of them are called but I don’t mind; they’re pretty!

Today, I’ve been sowing seeds and I’ve got them in my new plastic greenhouse 🙂

I’ve planted some peas, french beans, Sicily purple cauliflower, Aalsmeer cauliflower, romanesco cauliflower, amaranth calaloo, celtuce and mustard leaf Indian green amsoi.
I ran out of seed trays so used some margarine and coleslaw tubs and I cut up an ice cream tub to make the labels.

My brother’s coming to rotavate our garden and then we’re going to make some raised beds.
I can’t wait to get growing all different kinds of vegetables.

Last year, KayCee was given a geranium from a lady on the street and after having it in the window all winter, I decided to plant it out.
I thought I’d killed it but today I saw a flower on it so it’s doing ok and I’m very pleased about that because KayCee wouldn’t have been very pleased if it wasn’t!

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