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Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Menu – Slimming World Menu Week 5

Meal Planning Monday Slimming World Vegetarian Menu

Aiden, KayCee and Ella asked if we could have some normal meals this week so we’re not trying any new recipes! We’ve also got a couple of non- vegetarian meals planned because everyone is missing meat!

Because I weigh at Slimming World on a Wednesday, our meal planning menus run from Wednesday to Tuesday each week, just in case you were wondering why I start on a Wednesday!

Meal Planning Menu Week 5 – 29th January to 4th February

Wednesday – Quorn spaghetti bolognese

Thursday – Fry-up consisting of sausages, bacon, fried mushrooms, fried potatoes, eggs and beans.

Friday – Quorn chilli and chips

Saturday – Quorn cottage pie

Sunday – Chicken curry and rice

Monday – Quorn roast with roast potatoes, carrots, sprouts and gravy

Tuesday – Vegetable stew

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Meal Planning Menu – Slimming World Menu Week 4

Meal Planning Monday Slimming World Vegetarian Menu

Here’s another week of Slimming World vegetarian dinner menus. I’m looking forward to the chilli bean cottage pie.

Because I weigh at Slimming World on a Wednesday, our meal planning menus run from Wednesday to Tuesday each week, just in case you were wondering why I start on a Wednesday!

Meal Planning Menu Week 4 – 22nd to 28th January

Wednesday – Bonfire night cheese topped bangers and mash pie

Thursday – Cauliflower rosti pie

Friday – Cheesy Mexican bake

Saturday – Chunky root vegetable hotpot

Sunday – Baked vegetable frittata with meat-free burgers and baked beans

Monday – Bean and rice burritos

Tuesday – Chilli bean cottage pie

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Meal Planning Menu – Slimming World Menu Week 3

Meal Planning Monday Slimming World Vegetarian Menu

It’s been a while since I’ve done a meal planning menu because planning a menu every week became a bit hit or miss!
Now that I’m fully back on track with Slimming World I have to preplan a menu because it makes it so much easier to shop and helps keep me on plan.

We’re also cutting down on our meat consumption so the majority of our menus from now on will be vegetarian.
These are all new recipes to us so I’ll be adding the recipes to the blog as we make them and will link to them asap 🙂

Because I weigh at Slimming World on a Wednesday, our meal planning menus run from Wednesday to Tuesday each week, just in case you were wondering why I start on a Wednesday!

Meal Planning Menu Week 3 – 15th to 21st January

Wednesday – Asparagus and mushroom pasta

Thursday – Baked couscous with chunky vegetable chilli

Friday – Chunky vegetable soup

Saturday – Cumin scented falafels with sweet potato wedges and baked beans

Sunday – Colcannon with meat-free burgers and roasted carrots, onions and parsnips

Monday – Basil and chilli linguine

Tuesday – Curried lentils with ginger

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Meal planning Monday April 25th

Meals For The Week

Weekly meals menu

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that I’ve only got six meals planned for this week. The reason being, it’s our 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday and I want us to cook something special but I’m not sure what, yet!

I thought we were going to have the weekend to ourselves as the kids were supposed to be going to Derbyshire. My sister is having a 30th birthday party on our anniversary but Ella wants to stay home now because it’s her friend’s birthday party as well.  She doesn’t want to miss it but she doesn’t mind missing her aunt’s birthday, though!

Maybe we could get a takeaway as we very rarely have them but I’m still undecided.

Cottage Pie

Chicken & Bacon Rosti Pots

Chilli Con Carne

Pork Casserole

Beef Casserole


Meal planning Monday – April 18th – Family Meals

April 18th Meal Planning

Weekly menu plan April 18th
April 18th

We changed lots of the meals last week for one reason and another which means they’ve been moved onto this week!

Ella’s looking forward to the chicken tikka, which reminds me, I need to go get the chicken out of the freezer so we can have it tomorrow. I forgot, again, last week, which is why we didn’t have it.
She won’t be pleased if I tell her again that she can’t have it because I’m rubbish at remembering to defrost the meat!

My favourite on the list is bacon and tomato pasta. I’ll have to get the recipe on the blog soon 🙂


Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken & Bacon Rosti Pots

Cottage Pie

Pork Casserole


Menu For Meal Planning Monday April 11th


I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter what days we menu plan meals for, we have to expect to swap them around because things change!

I’m not even going to put days down anymore, just the meals and we’ll pick which one is suitable for the day 🙂

Beef Kheema with Bombay potatoes
Chicken and bacon rosti pots
Cottage pie
Grilled gammon feast
Chicken tikka with rice

I think we need to also start planning some Slimming World friendly desserts because I’m getting stuck in a rut. There’s only so much fruit and yogurt one person can take!

shell-doll-sig-01 menu

April 4th – #MealPlanningMonday

April 4th

Ella’s made some changes to the original plan I made because she’s going away for a few days and she doesn’t want to miss some of the meals!

As a result, these may not end up being served on the planned days! I’m hoping to get lots of these recipes on the blog soon. We particularly like the Pasticcio. It makes a change from having spaghetti bolognese all the time!

Monday – Pasticcio
Tuesday – Pork Casserole
Wednesday – Cannelloni
Thursday – Sausage stew
Friday – Lasagne
Saturday – Cowboy pie
Sunday – Beef casserole

Animation1 April 4th

Meal Planning Monday is from At Home With Mrs M.

More of our meal plans

#MealPlanningMonday March 21st Featuring SW Meatzza!

March 21st Meal Plan

Menu chalk board March 21st

The highlight of our week last week was chicken and bacon rosti pots. Everyone loved them!

Our menu choices this week are:

Monday – Meatzza
Tuesday – Pytt I Panna
Wednesday – Sausage Cassoulet
Thursday – Chicken Pasanda
Friday – Beef and Porcini Mushroom Casserole
Saturday – Chicken & Bacon Risotto
Sunday – Lamb Sunday Dinner

I know the meatzza can’t replace regular pizza when you’re doing Slimming world but I really enjoy the meatiness of it. If everyone is wanting pizza, I don’t mind having this instead to help keep my syns down without feeling deprived!

Chicken and bacon risotto is a favourite but no-one likes making it! All that stirring and it takes forever to cook but it’s worth it when they say they really enjoyed dinner 🙂

March 14 Meal Plan Featuring Colcannon Cottage Pie

March 14th

Menu chalkboard for March 14th

We moved some things around last week and had a change a couple of times as time ran away with us.
We won’t be having the Moroccan vegetable tagine again and we’ve discovered that we don’t like couscous either so any recipes with that in will be a big no no!

This week we’re having:

Monday – Spag bol
Tuesday – Roast chicken and pepper pasta
Wednesday – Colcannon cottage pie
Thursday – Chicken and bacon Rosti pots
Friday – Beef bourguignon
Saturday – Chicken kiev and salad
Sunday – Mac n cheese

I’m joining in with the linky from At Home With Mrs M

#MealPlanningMonday – March 7th

March 7th

Menu blackboard March 7th

Last week went a bit skewiff and we’ve moved some of the meals on to this week instead 🙂
The roast chicken and pepper pasta sound delicious and the cowboy hot pot is a favourite comfort food of mine.

I really must get the recipe put on here for the bacon and mushroom pasta. It’s gorgeous and I would eat it every day if I could! We used to buy packet mixes for bacon and mushroom tagliatelle but now I just make it from scratch using our own mix of herbs.

Monday – Ham and spud bake
Tuesday – Paprika Pork
Wednesday – Bacon and mushroom pasta
Thursday – Chicken chasseur
Friday – Cowboy hotpot
Saturday – Moroccan vegetable tagine
Sunday – Roast chicken and pepper pasta

As usual, I’m linking up with Mrs. M and her #MealPlanningMonday linky :)

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