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Learn Cliki – A Review

If you’re looking for online classes, working one on one with your very own tutor, or indeed, if you want to share your skills and be a tutor, Learn Cliki is a great place to go.

I was asked to review this new website and I have to say I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the lesson.
I chose to do a graphic design lesson as I like changing my blog design occasionally and it’s been a few years since I last did web design but there are loads of other topics to choose from.
Hobbies and crafts, cooking and academic subjects, among others, are all on offer.
To take part in a lesson you will need a webcam and microphone, a computer or laptop (availability on tablets will follow soon) and a good quality Internet connection.
When you book a lesson, you send a message to the tutor and tell them the date and time you would prefer. You then work out with your tutor a date and time that suits you both. When the lesson is confirmed you make your payment.
I was a bit nervous about using the webcam as I’m quite shy but once the lesson got going I was put totally at ease by my tutor, Alison.
After a few technical difficulties to start off with, we got them sorted and started the lesson. She was very patient with me and explained things in a way I could easily understand.
We managed to cover quite a lot during the lesson and I definitely feel it was worth the money. I made my new blog header with help from Alison and I’m going to get the girls to draw me a picture that I can then scan in and use for my blog background 🙂
When the lesson is complete, you’re asked to rate your tutor and leave a comment about them/the lesson.
I’d definitely use Learn Cliki again, maybe to get some help with the accounts that I have to do being self-employed because I find all that self-assessment malarkey very confusing!
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I was given the lesson for free but this didn’t guarantee a favourable review. All opinions are my own and given honestly.

Turtle Mat Christmas Challenge

The people at Turtle Mat have set a challenge for bloggers to create a mood board showcasing their perfect Christmas theme that will help make their home more welcoming during the holiday season.

There are three themes to choose from:
A welcoming entrance
A welcoming living room
A welcoming dining room
I’ve chosen the living room and here’s my mood board 🙂
welcoming Christmas living room
I love the Christmas door mats from Turtle Mat but unfortunately, all of their Christmas designs have sold out!
I don’t know what it is that appeals to me about The Nutcracker but I’ve always wanted one as part of my Christmas decorations but never got round to buying one.
Now we’ve got a fireplace and mantel, I’ll definitely be adding one to our collection so he can stand on the hearth at the side of the fire 🙂
We used to always have mistletoe at Christmas when I was younger but it’s a tradition I haven’t kept up with since getting my own home. It’s time that changed!
The most important thing at Christmas that helps make our living room welcoming and cosy is the twinkling lights so I like to have lots on the tree and on the mantel.
It looks so lovely with the fire switched on and the lights all shining round the mantel 🙂

Child Sponsorship with Plan UK

Someone Smile this Christmas

Give Child Sponsorship with Plan UK as a gift
It’s fun to give gifts at Christmas time – sometimes it’s
even more fun to give than to receive. However, other times it becomes a
competition, or a nightmare, trying to buy something wonderful for the person
who already has everything.
This year, why not give that gift to someone who has
Purchasing a child sponsorship as a gift is a beautiful
present, both for the recipient and for the child who will benefit from it.
This action brings us back to the true spirit of Christmas, and is sure to
bring a smile to the face of someone special when they realise that this year,
they have received the gift of giving.
Child sponsorship is a wonderful opportunity to make a unique
connection with a child who has the chance to shape their future for the
better. Make someone’s Christmas extra special this year by giving them the
chance to forge a special bond with a child who is in need.
Letters, photos and reports between the child you have
sponsored and the recipient of your Christmas gift will continue to make a
difference long after Christmas has passed. You will learn how your sponsorship
has made a difference, not only to the sponsored child but to the community as
a whole. Your contribution will be put to work where it is needed most, be it
education, agricultural training or the provision of clean water and
healthcare. Most importantly of all, the focus is always on giving the
community ownership of these initiatives so they can continue to grow stronger
and develop.
Local children are involved in deciding, planning and
carrying out these projects, and you will be able to see your sponsored child
benefit directly from your contribution through the letters and photographs sent.
You can also rest assured that you money is going where it is needed, as at
least 80 pence of every contributed pound goes towards each individual
charity’s development work for children and their community.
For as little as 50 pence a day you can give someone an
amazing Christmas gift, the effect of which will last for generations. You can
choose which country you’d like to sponsor a child in, and you can even choose
the gender of the child as well as their approximate age. Children are usually
sponsored until they are 18, but you can stop at any time if you need to. The
benefits of child sponsorship are manifold, from the obvious benefits of
education and clean water, to the subtle improvements to a child’s self-esteem
and motivation to succeed by simply letting them know that someone else


Sponsoring a child means that child is more likely to
survive in to adulthood, be free of disease and be educated. Make someone smile
this Christmas by giving them something completely unique and special – the
gift of giving a child a brighter future. Visit

Mantel garland – Festive Face Off

I love Christmas.

I love crafting.

I LOVE Christmas crafting!

You will not believe how excited I got when I received this in the post the other day!

Isn’t the basket just gorgeous?

Look what was inside….


My first stop, after swooning over all the gorgeous craft items, was my Christmas board on Pinterest. I was finally going to able to make one of the hundreds of things I’d pinned over the year!

It didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted to create a mantel garland using greenery from the garden so I went out with my trusty secateurs and cut large ivy, small ivy and branches from the evergreen trees.

Here’s how I made my mantel garland:

You will need:

A piece of hessian long enough to drape either side of your mantel
String lights
Evergreen branches
Florists wire
Assortment of decorations

Step one:
Lay your hessian cloth on the mantel and adjust it until you have an even drop each side….make sure to do better than I seem to have done!! I’m sure it looked even when I was taking the photo!
When I’d got it right, I used 2 pieces of ribbon and tied each one at the place where I wanted the drop to be.

Step two:
Get all your supplies ready so you have everything to hand

Step three:
Lay out your hessian and unravel your string lights…

Step four:
Using florists wire, attach the lights all along the hessian, making sure to go right to each end.

Step five:
I started off by marking the middle of the hessian which split my cloth into four sections, two end drops and two top sections which I’ll now refer to as top left section and top right section.
I used florists wire to attach some trailing ivy to each side drop.
I then used one of the evergreen branches on the top left section to cover the string lights. I threaded the florists wire through the hessian then around the branch to hold it firmly in place.
Repeat on the top right section, making sure as much of the string light wire is covered but also that the bulbs of the lights are sticking up through the branches.


Step six:
I added more trailing ivy to each top section then used the piece of green hessian that had tied the lid on the basket of craft items, around the end of the branches in the middle of the hessian.
I used florists wire again to attach the silver garland and string of gold balls.
I also added some of the smaller ivy to each side drop to cover the hessian a little more.

Step seven:
When I was sure everything was securely attached, I moved it onto the mantel and added the final touches.
I used a couple of flower sprays on the top sections as well a candle (which won’t be lit because it would be a fire hazard!) and some silver apple picks. I also attached a wooden star at each end of the mantel, where the ribbon was tied to mark the drop sections.
In the basket of craft items, there was a lovely leaf decoration that was the perfect finishing touch. I tied it to the green hessian in the middle of the middle of the display and let the leaves hang down.
I used an artificial spray of ivy behind the candle to hide the wires from the tv, which is usually covered by our wedding photo.





I love it with the lights switched on 🙂




Remote Controlled Helicopter – Review

On our recent visit to Cornwall, my husband took along his remote controlled helicopter that we’d been sent to review from
I think it’s fair to say that after some initial control problems (Ella got a bit too close and Ant wasn’t able to move the helicopter away in time before it got tangled in her long hair) he soon got the hang of it and now loves his new toy!

I was asked to pick an item from Tmart and spent ages looking at handbags! and other things like Christmas decorations but when I saw the remote controlled helicopters I knew Ant would love one.
I bought him a remote controlled dragonfly for Christmas a few years ago but he’s not been able to play with it much because it’s quite big and he needs to have plenty of room.
The helicopter is small enough to use indoors so he’s been able to get plenty of practice!
He said it takes around half an hour to charge which gives you about 10-15 minutes flying time. He also likes the fact that it’s made out of soft plastic which stops it from breaking easily when it crashes and yes, it’s crashed quite a few times since he’s had it!

The only issue I need to mention was the bit of damage on the box when it arrived but after letting them know about it, they’re now going to be making sure all items are packaged more securely when shipping.

For a great selection, check out Tmart RC Helicopters. Prices range from a little over £7 to over £100 and all have free shipping 🙂 The one we have cost £20 and I’d be happy to pay that amount for this helicopter.

Disclosure: We were sent the helicopter for free to review but that didn’t guarantee a favourable review. All opinions are my own and are honest.

Like Instagram? – Check out Instajunction!

I love Instagram so I was very excited to be asked to review a new site that uses your Instagram photos to make an assortment of personalised items such as coasters, mini books and calendars, to name a few.

I found the ordering process very easy at I decided to order a framed print of 4 photos; I picked a photo of Kaycee and Ella and one each of our grandchildren, Jamie and Damien.
Jamie was born a few months before Kaycee and Damien’s a little older than Ella. They all think it’s funny that the girls are aunts to the boys but are younger than them!

Apologies for the poor picture quality, the camera I usually use has broken again so I had to use my phone…I should have used Instagram and used a filter to make it look better!!

Anyway, back to the point! After signing into my Instagram account I picked the four photos I wanted then was taken to the checkout.
I had wanted to preview my framed print before ordering but as it’s a new site, they’re still working on a few features, one of which is the product preview.

I need not have worried however because when the print arrived I absolutely loved it 🙂 It’s excellent quality and is going to be a lovely addition to our family gallery wall. I did contemplate giving it to one of the grandparents/great grandparents for a Christmas present but decided against it because I really didn’t want to give it away!

If you’d like to check out Instajunction, I have a a code you can use for 25% off your order.


This code is valid until December 8th and can be used as many times as you like until then! If you’re struggling to find that perfect gift for that special someone, check out Instajunction 🙂

Please note: I was sent a code to order a free product from Instajunction but this didn’t guarantee a favourable review. All opinions expressed are my own and are honestly given.

Laugh out loud at the Brighton Comedy Festival

Laugh out loud at the Brighton Comedy
If the end of the summer has been leaving you
blue, turn that frown upside down and join some of the country’s funniest stars
at the Brighton Comedy Festival.
Taking place in the picturesque region of
Sussex, from Friday 4th October to Friday 20th October a whole host of
celebrities including Milton Jones, Alan Carr and David Baddiel will be
entertaining an audience of thousands – so if you fancy tickling your funny
bone, head to the south for what will be the best live comedy of the year.
‘Brighton’ up your stay
Fresh sea air, rugged white cliffs along with
gorgeous coastal views, Sussex is nothing short of brilliant – from its
unspoilt landscapes to its dynamic culture. With Brighton the focal point of
this southern county, Sussex has its finger on the pulse of what’s hot and
popular – setting the trend way ahead of its neighbouring regions.
Rich in history and unbeaten in outstanding
scenery, Sussex attracts the interests of millions from miles around – with
each visitor intrigued by the county’s unique aesthetics. That’s why Haven
Holiday Homes has chosen to make its mark on the impressive coasts of Sussex,
creating a number of family-friendly parks in this panoramic location.
Explore landmarks such as Hastings, Arundel
Castle and the Blue Reef Aquarium whilst you enjoy the tranquil surroundings of
Haven’s Holiday Parks. Comprising Church Farm in Pagham and Combe Haven in
Hastings, you have the choice to enjoy anything from tranquil walks along the
luscious South Downs to partaking in a range of fun-packed activities such as
archery, fencing as well as taking a spin in our outdoor Space Bowl flume!
Smiles for miles around
With Haven, each of our visitors are treated
to fantastic facilities – from plenty of action for the kids right through to
relaxing pastimes for those looking to take it easy. Fancy a game of adventure
golf followed by a delicious meal of fish and chips? Or maybe a splash in the
pool, then bringing the family together over a hearty meal at our exclusive
Mash and Barrel restaurant? Whatever it is you want to do, make sure you do it
with Haven.
If you fancy a traipse into the vibrant city
centre, why not take the train? With both parks equidistant from the bright
lights of Brighton, it’s only an hour away from some of the country’s most
fashionable shops – or sample the culinary delights of some of Brighton’s
trendiest bars and cafés.


Though we have to warn you, our premier
accommodation might make it hard for you to want to leave – and with our 5-Star
holiday park treating guests to a range of deluxe and prestige holiday homes, you might want to stay for longer!
This is a sponsored post

Argos ColourMatch Toasted Sandwich Maker

We had a toasted sandwich maker lurking at the back of the cupboard for years. No one ever bothered with it until a couple of months ago when Kaycee was looking for sprinkles to put on her cake and saw the toastie machine or magic sandwich maker as daddy calls it!

Since then it’s been used on an almost daily basis and when it stopped working a few weeks ago it was awful! Everyone, especially me, had been so used to having a toasted sandwich for lunch that it felt weird to have a regular sandwich!

We were all very pleased when a lovely new apple green toasted sandwich maker from the ColourMatch range arrived from Argos 🙂
Not only does it look great, it cooks so much faster than our old one!


The kids have been having toasted sandwiches for breakfast with some their favourite fillings being cheese and beans or banana and chocolate spread.
My favourite filling has got to be cheese, ham and salsa 🙂

What’s your favourite filling?

Argos ColourMatch Range

I’ve been a fan of Argos since I was a little girl; the Christmas season didn’t start until I’d spent a couple of hours thumbing through the catalogue, circling all the things I wanted and writing them on a list for Santa!

As I got older, I moved from the toy section to the home and garden section, in particular, to all things kitchen! I’d choose my colour scheme and plan on the things I was going to have when I moved out and got a place of my own.

When I finally did move out and get a place of my own I bought just about everything from Argos! So as you can imagine, when I got an email telling me about the ColourMatch range at Argos and asking if I’d like to take part in the ColourMatch challenge, I couldn’t have been more excited!

We’re having a new kitchen fitted soon, I’ve just picked the cupboards, counters and floor colours and Ant and I have been searching Google for a new ceramic range cooker. We found one we both like and ordered it. It should be here before the end of the month 🙂
I’ve never had a nice new kitchen before let alone a brand new cooker so my excitement levels at the moment are probably going to be making my blood pressure rise!
Just to add to the excitement, I received a huge box of kitchen items from Argos this morning and I really was like a kid on Christmas morning when I was unwrapping it all!

So, according to the Argos ColourMatch Personality Test, the best colours for me are Jellybean blue and Tutti Frutti green which means the new colour scheme for my kitchen is Jellybean Blue; I love it…even the name makes me happy!
I love the Tutti Fruitti green and the Bubblegum pink as well but seeing as we had pink and green last year when we decorated I think it’s time for a change 🙂

After checking out your ColourMatch personality test and letting me know your result in the comments below (only if you want to of course, there isn’t a prize or anything!) head on over to Argos to see the full ColourMatch range 🙂



About ColourMatch
makes it easy to add a splash of personality with our extensive range of colour
co-ordinated homewares; all at prices to make you smile.
online at for a wide selection of ColourMatch homewares at Argos.
You’ll be spoilt for choice with a fantastic range across kitchen and dining,
lighting, rugs and cushions, blinds and curtains, bedding and bathroom
16 colours available, ranging from Poppy Red to Apple Green, there is a wide
choice for everyone and for every room in the house.

With the Check & Reserve service from Argos,
customers can reserve products at for immediate collection from
their nearest store


5 Top Tips
from Colour Psychology Expert Karen Haller to add Personality to your Home
Simply add colour
The simplest and easiest way to
instantly add your own personality to your home is through colour.  Adding
colour to your home doesn’t mean getting the paintbrushes out. It can be as
simple as buying a bunch of flowers, a colourful bowl of fruit or home ware
Trust your instinct
We all have different personality traits and behaviours. So pick the colour
tones that resonate with your personality, those you are instinctively drawn
to. This means they’ll have a positive impact on how you feel and how you
behave in your own home. If you’re unsure, you can find out your perfect
personality colour through the ColourMatch test on
Use colour to match you mood
You only need a splash of colour
to change the mood of a space. Something as simple as scatter cushions on your
sofa, a colourful kettle in the kitchen or a lamp in the living room can
instantly change the mood of a room and how it makes you feel. That’s why I’ve
been working with ColourMatch from Argos to make it even easier to find your
‘perfect colour’.
Decorating your home is an
extension of you

So many of us create a home to make other people happy. They aren’t living in
it, you are.
Take your time finding the things
and the colours you love. You’ll be creating a home that nurtures you, that
loves you back.
Have fun
Colour isn’t something to be fearful of. Experiment. If it doesn’t feel right
then play around with the colour tones, the proportions, the placement until it
feels right for you.
ColourMatch from Argos has
created a simple test making it easy for anyone to identify which colour best
reflects your personality at home. To find out your visit


Karen Haller, the UK’s leading
Colour Psychology Authority for business branding and interiors

I now need to take a trip to Argos to get the rest of the Jellybean blue kitchen range!

All the above now added to my wishlist!

Disclaimer: I was sent a selection of items from the Argos ColourMatch range and this is my honest and accurate opinion.

My Debenham’s Dream Bedroom

I bought paint last year intending to decorate our bedroom.

It’s still in the shed.

I planned on getting it out and finally getting the bedroom done during the school holidays while the kids were away with family.

It’s still in the shed and the summer holidays are over.

I’m not starting it now, what with Christmas coming up, (I know, any excuse is better than none right? Decorating is just so messy though!) so I’m going to have to dream a little longer about creating my perfect bedroom and that’s what I’ve been doing today when I should have been doing countless other things!

I’m entering a competition which is being run by Mammasaurus and Jen at Love Chic Living to design a dream bedroom with Debenhams 🙂





1) Cream bonded leather ‘Washington’ TV bed frame – Super king – £1386
2) Buttermilk ‘Oxford’ double wardrobe with drawers – £560
3) Buttermilk ‘Oxford’ 3 drawer chest x 2 – £304 each
4) Buttermilk ‘Oxford’ 5 drawer chest – £400
5) Buttermilk ‘Oxford’ wall mirror – £104
6) Yellow capri bed linen – £76
7) Graham and Brown matt finish nice pear paint – £15.99
8) Whiteheads Loretta lime lined eyelet curtains – £43.99
9) Yellow capri cushion – £32
10) Cream large butterfly tea light holder – £12
11) Lily Flame smile candle – £6.80
12) White hanging heart candle holder – £8
13) Silver ‘Louis’ large metal trunk – £288
14) Black wooden ‘Don’t spend your life’ sign – £17.60
15) Small black table lamp with lime shade x 2 – £22 each
16) Wooden ‘Waiting for the storm’ sign – £12.80

Total spend – £3615.18

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