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Why Paying for Comfort Is Always a Good Idea

Frugality might be a common lifestyle choice nowadays, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to subject themselves to a value-oriented lifestyle. Everyone thinks about buying by the weight, how to get the best deals and ways to save the most money. But sadly, these all come at a price and there are times when that price is worth every penny.


You see, many of us love to have comforts. Be it using air conditioning instead of our ceiling fans or having a large and luxurious dining table for when we have guests over, there will always be situations where we can spend more to feel better. It’s simple when you think about it. If we have to use ceiling fans instead of air conditioning, then we’ll probably be less comfortable despite saving a bit more money. A good way to think about it is to simply accept that we have to pay money in order to receive creature comforts.


With the dining table example, think about what the alternatives would be when your guests arrive. Do you always go out to eat? Will you ask them to sit at the table while your family eats in the kitchen? Or are you going to get a cheap and tacky fold-out table to use instead? If you want to make both your and your guests comfortable, then the only choice is to go for the larger dining table so you can all sit at the table and eat together.

girl in a big dress sitting in comfort

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Luxury isn’t wasteful


If you’ve been living a frugal lifestyle since you were born, then it’s only natural to feel disgusted when someone mentions using money in a wasteful manner. However, a good way to think about it is to accept that it’s not wasteful. Let’s take home improvements as an example. When you improve your home, what are you really gaining? In most cases it’s comfort. For instance, if you decide to renovate your garage into a functional storage room because you don’t drive, then you’re gaining extra space and rooms to do whatever you want with. If you don’t renovate, you could continue living life how it is, but you’ll always have a wasted room that isn’t doing anything. In that situation, what’s more wasteful? An unused room or spending money to make it functional?


There are many different situations like this that stem from comfort. Another good area to spend money on is comfort to beat seasonal problems. Perhaps next summer you’ll want to invest in an air conditioning system to keep your home cool, or maybe in the winter, you’ll have an underfloor heating system prepared. Whatever you decide, it’s not going to be wasted because it will offer you comfort, and it’s also far more convenient for you. Sure it might cost a little bit more money, but if most people are willing to pay a bit extra for comfort, then you should be fine with it too.


Final words


So while you shouldn’t splash all of your cash on needless things, you should always consider spending a bit more money for the sake of your own comfort. Be it on home improvements or tastier food, learn to treat yourself now and then.

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3 Tips to Updating Your Property for Children

Updating Your Property For Children



Having kids is undoubtedly one of the most blissful things that could happen to you. Watching them grow in front of you and taking care of them are amongst the most important things that any person could go through.

With this in mind, your one-year-old son is already insisting on going outside and with your wife pregnant the second time, it’s obvious that you need to start thinking outside of your home to be able to provide your kids with entertainment. If you have a backyard, you are in a position that most people could only dream of. You have all means necessary to turn your house into an entertainment haven for your kids – a place that they’d love to call their home.

There are a lot of things you can do to update your property for children, but let’s focus on some of the most effective and, at the same time, fun ones.

  1. Adding Soft Fall Mulch

Obviously, your kid’s health and safety should be your first and primary concern. Often times in our patios we find stones and boulders. Imagine your kid tripping over, falling and hitting his head one one of them – it could be devastation.

The alternative, however, is far more accessible and convenient than you might have thought. Comprehensive soft fall mulch is without a doubt a safety and convenience measure that you’d have to consider. There is absolutely no other important safety measure like soft fall mulch which is so effective and worthwhile.

  1. A Sandbox

Another thing that all of us remember from our childhoods is the famous sandbox. This is a very simple box filled with sand and framed with wood where you leave your kid to do whatever he or she wants. Of course, you’d have to oversee them every now and then because, as you may know, them eating the sand is an actual and real danger. There is obviously something inexplicably delicious about sand that all small children find very desirable.

sand pit

  1. An Outdoor Play Center

Why not create the playground of your kid’s dreams? Combine a range of different entertainment amenities in our backyard and watch your kid as he or she runs outside, leaving everything else behind. You can combine a range of different and interesting amenities that are going to turn your backyard into a true haven for your kids.

Having a backyard in the house you live is an advantage that a tremendous amount of homeowners dream of. Not only will you be able to have a few beers and host guests outside without an issue, the yard could also be used as a very interesting playground for your kids. By following some of the aforementioned tips, you can also turn it into a very interactive play centre that your kids would love spending time in. What is more, this is going to keep them away from the TV and the computer which is undoubtedly something very desirable to a lot of parents.

play centre


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4 Tips to Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

There are a lot of things that you’d have to consider if you’ve decided to have the luxury of owning a swimming pool in your backyard. You’ll find that it’s rather challenging to maintain and that there are a few key things to definitively account for. One of them is the heat pump. Similar to choosing a robotic pool cleaner for your home, if you think that you can go without a pool heater, you are already mistaken.

The regular temperature of the water in the majority of areas is unlikely to get warm enough for comfortable swimming until half the summer is already through. This means that you’d have to lose more than half of the entire swimsuit season, not being able to take advantage of it. A pool heat pump can change all that in an instant. Choosing the best one might be a bit of a challenge, but here are 4 tips that are hopefully going to make it a lot easier.

  1. The Size Matters

The first thing that you ought to take into consideration is the size of your pool as this is going to determine the capacity and the performance capabilities of your heat pump. Do not buy a larger pump than you need as it’s not going to be cost effective. A smaller one, on the other hand, is simply going to fail in getting the job done properly. Consult a professional and determine the capacity of the pump according to the size of your pool.

lady in swimming pool

  1. Gas or Electricity?

There are quite a lot of perks associated with both options and, of course, there are drawbacks as well. If you are on gas supply you might want to consider getting a gas heater and it would make great sense – it is affordable and it’s going to spare you quite a lot.

If you are not on gas supply, however, getting a standalone gas unit might not be your best bet. It’s obvious that you should go for an electric pump. It might be slightly less efficient but it’s the safest bet.

  1. Consider Going Green

You can easily put up the money for a small solar panel installation. Those pool heat pumps are incredibly convenient and efficient. You wouldn’t have to spend money apart from the initial investment and you can use the installation to power up different pool components as well.

sun lounger in front of swimming pool

  1. Budget

Pool heating pumps range in prices dramatically. The most important thing to do is to set up a budget and stick to it. This is going to determine the overall quality that you should expect as well as the performance capabilities of the pump.

There are quite a few things to take into account but these are undeniably the most important ones. Unfortunately, going without some sort of water heating solution is going to seriously reduce the length of your swimsuit season. A water heating pump is definitely going to change that so make sure to take the aforementioned into account and start shopping.

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The top 5 playgrounds in the USA you should visit with kids

Top 5 Playgrounds In The USA


If you have small children then you know that it is always a great idea to take them to a playground to play and burn off some energy. If you live or are travelling to the USA, this article is perfect as we have listed some great playgrounds that you must visit with your children. By the end of this article, it is likely that you will feel so inspired that you will want to go home and build your own playground. If this is the case, be sure to check out PD Play for all your playground needs.


  1. Adventure Playground, Berkeley, California.

    From afar this playground looks like a heap of rubbish because there are so many things to explore. When you get closer, you will find that children from all walks of life are playing together. Some may be building a fort with donated wood, while others may be painting. There is a great spider’s web to climb around and a zip line as well. The slackline is great for kids who are working on their balance and parents can enjoy great views of the city while the kids play. This is a great playground for kids between the ages of 6-12 years.


  1. Shiver Me Timbers Millennium Park and Playground, Lake Charles, LA

This park is wonderful for kids over 8 years of age. The playground looks like a town and hosts many festivals annually. The playground is built on a waterfront and boasts a great castle as well as a pirate ship. If your child is a pirate lover, you must take him or her here to try out steering the pretend ship or climbing the castle. Within the structures, there are slides, towers, and ropes to play and explore. Parents can enjoy the beautiful view of the lake while their kids play.


  1. Woodland Discovery Playground, Memphis, TN

A great place to play if you are a fan of Dr Seuss books. There are wooden towers, climbing walls, ropes to balance yourself on, and areas for kids of all ages. The playground offers a springy foundation that helps to prevent injury. A unique fact about this playground is that every square yard of the foundation was made out of recycled rubber from dozens of sneakers. Parents can enjoy the walking trails that are around the park.


  1. Imagination Playground, New York City, NY

A great place for kids who love a ship-themed place to play. Kids of all ages can enjoy the opportunity to build forts together out of blocks. There is also a sand and water area where your kids can play so make sure that you bring a change of clothes. Like most playgrounds, there are slides and things to climb on. Interpreter services are available should that be of interest to you as well.

sandpit with buckets and spades

  1. Harmony Park Musical Playground, Moab, UT

If you are a lover of music, you will want to bring your kids to this great playground. At this playground, you can find drums, chimes, and other African-inspired instruments. Parents can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while hearing the lovely sounds of the children playing.

5 Reasons You May Need To Invest In a Large Dining Table For Your Home

Large Dining Table


When choosing a large dining table for your home, you should look for a table that not only accentuates the interiors of your dining room but is also contemporary and trendy. When acquiring a dining table, you must also ensure that it is strong, sturdy and expertly crafted. Here are 5 reasons you may need to invest in a large dining table for your home! For more information on large dining tables, you should visit!

  1. Old worn tables

Not all furniture can withstand the test of time and like any other products on the market, dining tables also wear out eventually. If your dining table cannot be saved, it is perhaps time to invest in a large dining table. Sure, rustic tables are all the rage right now, but if your table creaks and looks as if it is a moment away from giving in, you should consider replacing it.

  1. Creates a positive impression about your family

If you want to make a positive impression on guests and visitors, you should consider splurging on a large dining table. A dining table gives off an impression of wealth and prosperity. It tells the guests about how a family lives and what they consider important. If the dining table is modern and trendy, it tells visitors and guests that your family gives importance to eating together, having conservations at the dining table, playing board games on the table, and doing plenty of activities in general.

large dining table

  1. Are you looking to upgrade your interiors or add extra décor?

If you are looking to upgrade your interiors or add extra décor to your home, you may need to invest in a large dining table. A dining table can be used to add extra style and substance to the overall interior of the dining room in general. From handcrafted tables to contemporary glass tables, there isn’t a dearth of modern dining tables available for purchase in the market, each prettier and more beautiful than the other. Hence, you won’t have any problems locating a dining table that adds to the aesthetic value of your home.

  1. Empty room space

Well, do you have a hideous looking empty room space? And, are you looking for ways to fill that room and make it better? If so, you can purchase a large table to fill the empty room space.

And, you can add accessories such as candles, vase, dining table cloth, showpieces etc. to the dining table to make the room more visually appealing.

large dining table

  1. Increased efficiency

So, the holidays are near and you are wondering if your dining table can fit all the new extended family members. If you are worried about that, you can consider purchasing a large extendable dining table. It not only sits well in small spaces but when extended, can offer seats to a large number of people. And then, there are contemporary glass dining tables that open up the room and make a small room appear as if it is spacious and big. Therefore, modern dining tables are simply more flexible and provide more solutions than old, traditional tables.

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Self-Employment – Advantages & Disadvantages For Me



I’ve been self-employed for a few years now. I have to say, while it’s been hard at times, it does seem to be getting easier.

I used to be a manager of a laundrette until it changed owners. The new owners wanted to manage it themselves.
Ant had been self-employed for a while and after discussing our options, we decided it would be best for us to become a partnership.


  1. Childcare – One of the main reasons for my becoming self-employed was mainly due to childcare. Our nursery costs each month, when I was working at the laundry, were over £500.
    Losing the regular income meant we co no longer afford the nursery fees.
    Luckily for us,  it all happened around the time Ella was just old enough for us to start claiming the free nursery hours.
  2. Travel – Working from home means no travel or the associated costs. I don’t have to get up as early as when I had to be out of the house for a certain time!
  3. No Boss – Being your own boss is one of the best bits for me. I don’t get stressed as much now because there isn’t anyone to answer to. I can do things the way I want to and I don’t have to justify the reasons for my choices.

home office self-employment


  1. Working From Home – When you work from home, people think it’s ok to pop in for a cuppa. They seem to think that because you’re at home, you can drop whatever you’re doing and spend an hour or more chatting.
    They’d never just drop into your office and expect you to stop working so they can have a natter!
  2. No fixed Income – Most of the time we have no idea how much money we’re going to earn from one month to the next.
    It’s hard to budget your income and outgoings, let alone plan savings when you don’t know what money you’re going to get. We’ve had a few times when unexpected expenses have cropped up and we haven’t had the money to deal with them. At times like these, a payday loan from somewhere like CashLady can be a godsend.
  3. No Holiday Pay – I don’t think I’ve had a holiday where I’ve totally unplugged from work since becoming self-employed. I always take my laptop with me and while I do limit the hours I work, it’s still always there. I have to check emails because I can’t afford to miss a well-paying job.
  4. Doing Your Tax Return – It was really scary the first time I logged on the HMRC website to our tax returns. I’ve done them every year since becoming self-employed, but I think it might be time to start looking for an accountant.
    If, like me, you need help with your tax returns or you have any tax questions, you get in touch with the friendly team at PKF Cooper Parry.

For a while, when business wasn’t as good as expected, I contemplated finding a full-time job again and giving up the self-employment. It was worrying not knowing if we could cover the bills.
Things are better now and I’m so glad I persevered with it. It’s lovely being home in the mornings before school and again in the afternoon.

I do volunteer at our local charity shop two mornings a week. It gives me a chance to talk to other people and stops me going crazy being home all the time! Becoming self-employed was certainly the best choice for our family 🙂

Home Remedy 101: The Ultimate Guide To Fixing Your Faults

Fixing Your Faults


Home ownership can be an absolute blessing. But when it comes to keeping things running right, it can often feel like you’ve got one thing going wrong after another. And when that’s the case, it can be beyond frustrating. But, instead of letting it get to you, you’re going to want to work on ironing out those issues for good. There are so many different things that can go wrong around the home; you may feel like you’re not going to be able to remedy or prevent them all. But, you sometimes can.

First of all, it’s always important to tackle your home faults in two separate ways. To get you started, you’re going to want to focus on the problems inside of the home. This is because you spend most of your time indoors. Your home is your comfort and safety blanket wrapped up into one. So, the inside issues are often the most important. Then, when you’ve got them under control, you should then head outside to work on fixing the faults that can often crop up out there too. And if you want to know how you’re going to do it, read on.


plant and sofa

Leaky Pipes

When it comes to having leaky pipes, you can often feel like you’re going to need to call in a plumber to take care of the mess for you. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. Firstly, what you’re going to want to do is see if you can fix the pipes yourself. Once you know where the leak is coming from, you’ll need to turn off the water supply, cover the area with a kind of special sealant, cover it with rubber and a clamp and leave it for a while. Then, turn the water back on. If it doesn’t hold, you may then have to call in the experts.

Draughty Windows

If you ever notice that one of your windows is particularly draughty, it can feel frustrating. Again, like the issue with the leaky pipes, you may feel like you have to get it replaced. But, you may want to try and save it first. There is a range of ways that you can fix draughty windows. So give some of these ideas a go before you fork out a ton of money on brand new windows.

Mouldy Walls

Sometimes, no matter how well you ventilate your home, you can suffer from mouldy walls. It’s super frustrating, but if you have an old house and damp has gotten into the walls already, you may have an ongoing problem. For now, you may want to keep the area clean regularly with a bleach wash. Then, if it persists, you may have to get the damp removed, and the wall replastered.

Stained Carpets

In life, accidents happen. There’s not a lot that you can do to stop them. So, from time to time, we all get marks and stains on our carpets. But that’s what carpet cleaning is for. Now, you may think that (again), you have to get someone in. But you can clean your carpets yourself. Whether you choose to steam clean them or chem dry, you can find incredible products and appliances that can help you remove stains and dirt yourself.

Blinky Oven

We all know the time. When you go to put dinner on, and your oven just won’t play ball. Sometimes it won’t get hot or others the fan just doesn’t kick in. But that doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy a brand new one. Instead, you should do your research. Find out what part of your oven is on the blink and look into ordering a replacement part. This could mean you spend pounds compared to hundreds of pounds to repair it!



garden hedge and pathway

Blocked Drains

One of the biggest issues that can happen when it comes to the outside is drainage problems. We all know that we have to work on those gutters a few times a year, but it’s always easy to forget when you last did them. Plus, when your drains start to smell, you can worry that you have a lot of costly work on your hands. But, with a bit of exploration or a CCTV drain survey, you should be able to identify the problem. Then, you just need to get to work on putting it right and keeping things clear.

Broken Fence

Sometimes, our old English weather can wreak havoc in the garden. We don’t tend to get the most extreme of weather, but when we get a bit of gale force wind, it certainly shakes things up a bit. So, when your fence breaks, you’re going to want to get out there and repair it. Because more often than not, it can be repaired rather than replaced.

Overgrown Garden

Gardening can often take a lot of work, and if you’re not the most green fingered of people, it can be a frustrating chore to keep on top of. So, before you know it, the entire garden has gotten a bit wild. But, you’re going to want to bite the bullet, grab your shears and get out there. By pruning and cutting for a day, you’ll make a world of difference.

Problem Pests

Then there’s always the worry of attracting pests in your garden. Sometimes, it can just be a precaution that you want to take. However, sometimes, you may find that you have pests and you need to keep them out – for safety reasons. Deterring garden pests can actually be easier than you think. So take a look at that resource, read up, and start to make your garden a pest-free place.

Unsecured Storage

Most of us have storage in the garden. Whether you have a traditional garage, a shed, or some kind of outbuilding where you keep things stored, it’s always in your best interest to make sure that it’s secure. If you’ve suffered a break-in, or you just want to prevent one from occurring or protect it from bad weather, you’re going to want to make sure that your doors are reinforced and that you’ve got a secure and working lock.

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Grow Your Own Salad Bowl

Grow Your Own Salad Bowl


How impressive would this be? You invite your parents over for a dinner party or some friends for a barbecue, and you pop out into the garden to collect your own leaves for the salad bowl! You don’t have to have green fingers to grow some very healthy leafy vegetable plants. What’s more, the varieties that you grow will contain much higher levels of nutrients than you find in the shop-bought varieties. They taste much better too! Here’s how you can grow your own salad bowl without much effort.

Grow your own salad

Image source

Sow the seeds

Pick a spot in the garden that will be in full sun and that is well-drained. If you don’t have a suitable area of soil, don’t worry. Salad leaves grow very well in containers and grow-bags and you can put these where you like as long as you make sure that you puncture drainage holes to prevent them getting water-logged.

You can sow the seeds in a greenhouse from February. The quality materials used to manufacture Elite greenhouses mean that they will withstand a harsh winter in your garden. You don’t need a huge space because each one is made to order and is fully customised with a huge range of colours and accessories.

Sow individual types of salad seed in rows. Pop the seeds into the compost so that they are about 1cm deep. If you want to make it super simple, just buy a seed mixture from the garden centre and sprinkle it on the top of the soil surface. Then cover it with around 1cm of compost.


Caring for the seedlings

Getting out into the garden with the family is so much fun and it is so exciting when the seedlings start to appear. You will need to thin out some seedlings so that they do not get in the way of each other as they grow and so that they do not compete for light and water. You need to be very gentle when you do this because it is easy to damage delicate stalks and leaves. Pick them out with your thumb and forefinger and plant in fresh compost.

Once they are big enough, you can start eating them. This is usually when they are around 10cm high. When you want to harvest them, clip the leaves with scissors to cause minimum damage to the growing plant.

Harvest leaves just before you want to use them in a salad and keep them crisp by storing them in the fridge. They will keep fresh in a polythene bag in the bottom of the fridge for several days. You can normally cut salad leaves three or four times. You can sow several times a year, leaving a fortnight in-between. That way, as soon as one crop is over, you will have another one to take over.

There is one problem that you will have to look out for and that is garden slugs and snails! They will love the leaves as much as you do so use beer traps, sawdust or eggshell barriers to keep them at bay!

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A Summer Of Relaxation – 12 Ways To Chill Out

12 Ways To Chill Out

What do you think when you hear the word summer – except that it’s already here and now? Most people think of a sunny day, a pair of comfy flip flops and a melting scoop of ice cream. Somehow, we can’t quite get away from the idea that summer is a season of sweet indulgence. Which season isn’t, you ask, considering Christmas, Halloween, and the Easter chocolate eggs. You are naturally making a valid point, but right now, we’re talking about summer. The reason for the summer indulgence is that summer is a season of relaxation. At least it should be. From a young age, children learn that summer means time off before going back to school, and they don’t even need to do their homework for several weeks! There’s no reason why, as an adult, you couldn’t seize the summer break with the same excitement and desire of chilling out than you used to have as a child. So, if you are ready to make it a summer of relaxation and indulgence, here are a few suggestions for you.

chill out


#1. Watch Your Favourite Films

Yes, you’ve read right. Everyone has a favourite film that they could watch over and over again without getting bored of it. Or is it just a feel-good film, like the Christmas films in December? Whatever floats your boat, indulge in a decent film night, with homemade popcorn, a nice glass of cold soda – or wine if you’re in the mood – and maybe a tub of sweet, sweet ice cream. You get bonus points for series like Harry Potter, as you get 8 of them – maybe over a number of weeks instead of going through an entire night of Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the hidden Horcruxes. While it’s true that spending too much time in front of the TV is procrastination, it’s also true that it’s exactly what the long summer nights are for!

#2. Have A Change Of Scenery

There’s a very good reason why a lot of people choose to go on holiday somewhere new and unexpected for the summer: Everyone needs to leave the routine behind to grab the excitement of a fresh and new life for a week or two. A sunny location, such as Spain, is often a great way of forgetting everything about your bills, the grey British sky or even the car troubles. Spain is a sunny place that offers a completely different landscape and way of living. You may not adopt it forever, but the warm and quiet Spanish pace is ideal for holidays. Besides they have some of the best beaches in Europe, so really you could relax and have a little swim at the same time.

#3. Try Something New

Why not use the summer season to try out something you’ve never done before? If you’re feeling adventurous, you could have a look for scuba diving lessons, like here, which offer a fantastic way to experience the world from a different angle. Everything is so peaceful under the surface, and some diving spots have amazing underwater landscapes! Is diving not your thing? There are plenty of new experiences that you could make, from sleeping under the stars to joining a salsa class. Just open a window into another world and enjoy.  

#4. Create The Perfect Relax Spot In The Garden

Do you need to leave your home to relax? The answer is naturally no. There’s no reason why you couldn’t enjoy a peaceful and relaxing summer directly at home. After all, all it takes is a nice spot in the garden to lie down and feel the sun on your skin. Whether you decide to look out for a simple lounging chair or an exotic hammock – or just a stand  if you’ve still got the chair material – is up to you and depends on how much room you’ve got in the garden. A hammock is always a trendy option, especially if you can swing comfortably. But nothing beats lounging with a cocktail glass in hand!

#5. Change Your Home Décor

You could use the summer time to redefine your home interior and create a new and fresh home out of the old and tired house. No, we didn’t say home renovation! But how about a little of clever redecoration, such as painting a room or changing the wallpaper in the hall… Or, if you have crafty fingers, painting your furniture can create a colourful accent in the room. You’d be surprised to see how much it can change the atmosphere! You can refresh your bathroom with a green cabinet, for instance, as green can help the bathroom feel a lot clearer and healthier. Or how about purple chairs in the living room? Let your creativity revamp the home.

#6. Catch Up On Your Reading

When was the last time you sat down and read a book? If you can’t remember, then it’s time to do it again! The pace of life often takes over and leaves us out of breath trying to catch… So it’s no wonder that most people struggle to find the time to sit down and open a book. But thankfully, you can make the most of the long summer nights by diving into some of the best books this season. Don’t know what to pick? Good Housekeeping has a handy list of books here,, to get you turning pages again. There’s everything you need from thrillers and romantic comedies to poignant social portraits and historical romances. Reading is good for the soul. It gets you on a journey, and you don’t even need to leave your sofa.   

#7. Buy The Perfect Summer Sandals

Let’s talk about summer priorities. Do you have your perfect summer sandals? Every new year brings new trends, and every new year means that last year’s sandals are old-fashioned. More importantly, the shops are full of exciting-looking shoes, but how many of them are truly wearable? From super high heels that you can’t walk into blister-monster gladiator shoes, it’s hard to pick a pair that you can enjoy wearing. But when you find your one, you know that you’ll always be safe in summer.

gladiator sandals - chill out

Gladiator sandals

#8. Embrace Easy Summer Cooking

You may enjoy cooking, but cooking in summer can be quite tiring, especially if you stick to the usual recipes in the kitchen. It’s too hot to cook in your kitchen in summer! Instead, you might want to look for exciting alternatives that can keep you cool too. Prepare a Spanish summer soup, a gazpacho, in advance. There is a simple and refreshing garlic version called the Ajo Blanco which makes a delicate white soup by combining garlic, almond, soaked bread, olive oil and sherry vinegar. Or why not ask your partner to look after dinner for once? Summer is the season of barbecues, and everyone loves a grilled food!

#9. Have A Lie In

Time passes slowly in summer. It’s the advantage of not having any important appointment to go to. So, that makes it the ideal season to catch up on your sleep and have a nice lie in in the morning. Be careful, though, if you sleep for too long, you’ll miss the best part of the day, and you won’t be able to fall asleep next time. Having a lie in doesn’t mean spending the entire day in bed. It just means enjoying waking up naturally, without an alarm clock. You’ll find it very relaxing, even if you end up waking up a lot earlier than you hoped for.

#10. Re-Invent Yourself

Sometimes, all you need to feel good about yourself is a change of style. How about giving a vintage look to your wardrobe, by embracing some of the classy 1950s and early 1960s styles – this is especially good if you’re trying to hide generous hips for example. If you want to express your creative side, the mermaid hairstyle has launched a wave of amazing dye colours to make your neighbours turn green with envy. The summer gives you plenty of time to experiment and redefine who you want to be.

#11. Indulge In A Spa Day

You know you deserve it. Have a pamper day where someone takes care of you. Letting yourself be massaged, beautified and looked after by an expert, that’s the key to pure bliss. All you have to do is lie down and enjoy. A professional spa centre is a little more than just sensational treatments. It’s also the guarantee that you will have a peaceful me-time – there’s no one to interrupt and ask you to play with them – for an afternoon. How does a bubble of peaceful spa-dulgence sound to you?

#12. Spend Time With Your Family

Last, but not least, make the most of your time with the family over the summer. Family is a precious thing: it’s where you can find your strength and your balance. So enjoy games with the kids, walks on the beach with your partner, and giant ice cream scoops together. Togetherness brings peace of mind. So take the time to be together this summer.

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