Self-Employment – Advantages & Disadvantages For Me



I’ve been self-employed for a few years now. I have to say, while it’s been hard at times, it does seem to be getting easier.

I used to be a manager of a laundrette until it changed owners. The new owners wanted to manage it themselves.
Ant had been self-employed for a while and after discussing our options, we decided it would be best for us to become a partnership.


  1. Childcare – One of the main reasons for my becoming self-employed was mainly due to childcare. Our nursery costs each month, when I was working at the laundry, were over £500.
    Losing the regular income meant we co no longer afford the nursery fees.
    Luckily for us,  it all happened around the time Ella was just old enough for us to start claiming the free nursery hours.
  2. Travel – Working from home means no travel or the associated costs. I don’t have to get up as early as when I had to be out of the house for a certain time!
  3. No Boss – Being your own boss is one of the best bits for me. I don’t get stressed as much now because there isn’t anyone to answer to. I can do things the way I want to and I don’t have to justify the reasons for my choices.

home office self-employment


  1. Working From Home – When you work from home, people think it’s ok to pop in for a cuppa. They seem to think that because you’re at home, you can drop whatever you’re doing and spend an hour or more chatting.
    They’d never just drop into your office and expect you to stop working so they can have a natter!
  2. No fixed Income – Most of the time we have no idea how much money we’re going to earn from one month to the next.
    It’s hard to budget your income and outgoings, let alone plan savings when you don’t know what money you’re going to get. We’ve had a few times when unexpected expenses have cropped up and we haven’t had the money to deal with them. At times like these, a payday loan from somewhere like CashLady can be a godsend.
  3. No Holiday Pay – I don’t think I’ve had a holiday where I’ve totally unplugged from work since becoming self-employed. I always take my laptop with me and while I do limit the hours I work, it’s still always there. I have to check emails because I can’t afford to miss a well-paying job.
  4. Doing Your Tax Return – It was really scary the first time I logged on the HMRC website to our tax returns. I’ve done them every year since becoming self-employed, but I think it might be time to start looking for an accountant.
    If, like me, you need help with your tax returns or you have any tax questions, you get in touch with the friendly team at PKF Cooper Parry.

For a while, when business wasn’t as good as expected, I contemplated finding a full-time job again and giving up the self-employment. It was worrying not knowing if we could cover the bills.
Things are better now and I’m so glad I persevered with it. It’s lovely being home in the mornings before school and again in the afternoon.

I do volunteer at our local charity shop two mornings a week. It gives me a chance to talk to other people and stops me going crazy being home all the time! Becoming self-employed was certainly the best choice for our family 🙂

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