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Building a Dog-Proof Home: Tips and Tricks for 2020

a dog in the living room dog-proof home
Image by Stafford GREEN from Pixabay

Optimising the interior and exterior of any home for family life is challenging to say the least. Between the unique needs for adults and the specific requirements for children of all ages, ensuring that every living space both indoors and outdoors is up-to-par can take copious amounts of time and money.

Yet all too many forget about the effects that dogs can have on the process. Bringing a new canine companion into the home can revolutionise a variety of concerns: from furniture to outdoor enclosed areas, dog-proofing the home is an essential component of home improvement that can protect your family, your valuables, and even your neighbours.

To assist with this process, let’s look at what steps dog owners can take in 2020 to dog-proof their residential surroundings.

Securing the Kitchen and Bathrooms

One of the most important steps any dog owner can take in ensuring health, safety, and cleanliness for all is to look at the kitchen and bathrooms. It is in these rooms where the vast majority of caustic, toxic or otherwise damaging products are stored. Likewise, foodstuffs are often found in the kitchen; the combination of sights and smells for your canine friend and the presence of dangerous chemicals make these rooms top priorities for dog-proofing in 2020.

Many owners put up dog gates and indoor fences to block off segments of the home when not in use. This is particularly helpful in the kitchen, as bathrooms can simply be secured by shutting doors whenever not in use.

In many ways, the same advice that helps secure these rooms from your dogs can apply to small children as well. Whether it is the risk of drowning or access to poisonous chemicals, keeping kitchens and bathrooms off-limits for dogs when not supervised is simply common-sense.

Regulating Meals

Dogs are inherently inspired by Mother Nature. A big driving force in dog behaviour is related to food: when dogs are happy and full, they’re more likely to behave appropriately. Dogs on the hunt for nutrition throughout the house can quickly become rambunctious or even downright destructive if they smell food inside or around select areas.

Storing your dog’s food in airtight containers not only will keep it fresher for longer but will minimise any chances of them tearing open the packaging when you’re not at home. Additionally, investing in a high-quality timed feeder will keep your dog on a routine without intervention on your part, ensuring he or she is fed properly throughout the day. Optimising these devices through the use of a puppy feeding guide can maximise the benefits enjoyed.

Lastly, invest in high-quality food that satisfies a dog’s needs and can improve both health and behaviour. One such example is Bella & Duke: this brand offers raw puppy dietary solutions that source ethical and nutritious ingredients. Owners seeking happy dogs should definitely consider combining Bella & Duke’s raw feeding diets with these other feeding tips to improve dog behaviour and minimise any damaging puppy incidents around the home.

Guarding the Bedrooms

Another tempting area for dogs to do damage or cause mischief is in the bedroom. Between leaving “surprises” for us in our dirty laundry and shedding hair, dander, and even fleas on our bedding, there are plenty of reasons to keep your puppies out of this room.

While many like to sleep with their dogs, this can increase the chances of a poorer quality of sleep. Even if you prefer to cuddle during evening hours, keeping these areas off-limits when you are not around can further reduce the chances of doggy mayhem in the home.

Enclosing the Lawn

How often does your puppy get to venture outside? Some people live in densely populated areas without gardens, meaning exercise consists of daily walks around the neighbourhood. If you are fortunate enough to have a garden, however, then dog-proofing it for optimal use just makes sense.

Installing a securely fenced area is the first and most obvious step: a smaller, enclosed area can be used to allow your dog to enjoy the outdoors throughout the day, as can mobile outdoor chains. If you already have a fenced yard, then reinforcing by ensuring any holes underneath (or in) the fence are filled will protect you, your dog, your lawn, and your neighbours.

Create “Time Out” Areas

Last but not least, when dogs are prone to bad behaviour, it’s important to set boundaries. Having a safe space in the home where your puppy can be temporarily left to calm down is a sure-fire way to reduce any additional damage caused by rowdiness.

Dogs are social creatures and can be prone to excessive energy. By demonstrating that a particular action is unwanted through a short “time out”, the dog will learn that this is unacceptable. Given they also don’t want to be left alone in many situations, the lesson will be more likely absorbed by your four-legged friend.

Minimising instances of bad behaviour often is the best way to dog-proof your home and prevent repeat instances of damage and recklessness.

Creating the basis for a dog-proof home involves a few critical steps. Securing areas that are dangerous for the dog is a top priority, but so is teaching the dog valuable lessons, providing them with ways to exercise without the risk of escaping, and sealing off other areas of the home where their presence can be damaging. With these tips in mind, you can build a home in 2020 that’s dog-proof throughout!

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home renovations
Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

Home renovations not only mean adding a few physical structures here and there. It means making home improvements that add value to your home.

When building a home, a homeowner must undertake the project, knowing that there is a possibility of selling the house later on. It may not be the initial plan, but unprecedented situations do arise that may prompt you to sell. It is a fact that a house that attracts the modern buyer is more likely to get better asking prices, proving to be a worthwhile investment.

Fortunately or unfortunately, real estate trends are ever-changing. That is why home renovations are essential. They not only add value to your home but also provide a more comfortable living environment.

In this article, we are going to highlight the basic types of renovations every homeowner should think of.

  • Loft conversions

Building experts can attest to the fact that loft conversions are one of the most popular renovations in most homes. Especially for growing families, loft conversions provide much-needed extra space. A loft can be converted into a playroom, gymnasium, small office, or bedroom.

Apart from bringing in extra living space, homeowners can use roof windows by Fakro to bring in more natural lighting and fresh air.

Renovating your loft takes a few weeks, depending on the size and design. It involves the installation of skylights, floor reinforcements, added insulation, and electrics, things that increase the value of your home.

  • Basement renovations

One of the places that have the most potential for renovations is the basement. Most people use it as a storage facility, but with a few renovations, it can be a family’s favorite room. 

The basement offers endless possibilities to what you can do. It all depends on a homeowner’s preference. It can be converted to a bedroom, playroom, movie room, or bar. The list is endless. 

Furthermore, renovating the basement into a more usable space is one of the most effective ways to attract better offers when putting a house on sale.

  • Kitchen renovations

Another popular strategy for increasing home value is doing kitchen renovations. These renovations are done with the sole purpose of increasing storage, usable space, or to upgrade kitchen appliances.

For instance, adding a few cabinets can add a fresh new look to your kitchen. Upgrading appliances, replacing old tiles with new ones, and fixing plumbing fixtures also go a long way in adding value to your home. 

It’s worth noting that if you decide to upgrade your appliances or plumbing systems, you’ll probably want to find home warranty cover as this will protect them in the future. You can find such cover in many states across the U.S., including Virginia (resource here). If you are going to invest your money in a new kitchen, you’ll want to protect as much of it as possible.

  • Bathroom renovations

Apart from the types of home renovations mentioned above, bathroom improvements require the least amount of effort. It involves the installation of cabinetry, modern taps, and replacing old faucets.

Most bathroom renovations are to enhance comfort and luxury.  However, others do plumbing works to improve water efficiency, therefore, increasing a home’s value.

With the changing times, comes the need to remain competitive in the real estate business. That is why home renovations are essential. There is no need to go above and beyond your budget. A few simple changes can work wonders in your home.

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Common Home Maintenance Issues and How To Fix Them

modern house with front garden - home repairs and home maintenance

No matter how long it’s been since you moved into your own home, there are always new things to learn when it comes to home maintenance. You never know when something might need fixing or replacing, and having a bit of general DIY knowledge will help you out enormously.

Whether you’re looking to fix a specific maintenance issue or you just want to swat up on what to do when a problem arises, these common home maintenance issues and how to fix them should come in useful:

1.       A leaking roof

No matter how much rainfall your roof is subjected to, there’s always the possibility that it could start letting in water. This is normally caused by wear and tear to your shingles or flashing, and the problem is very simple to fix.

If your shingles have curled, remove them and straighten them using a heat source (a hairdryer will do). If your shingles are loose or damaged, just replace them with new ones.

2.       Damaged locks

If you live in an old home, there may come a time when you need to consider replacing your locks. Door locks only last for so long, so if your lock is jammed or faulty, it may be best to purchase new ones, along with new keys from

The same goes for if your locks have been tampered with by an intruder. To replace your locks, just purchase a new one and drill it in place of your old one following the manufacturer’s instructions.

3.       Poor ventilation

A badly ventilated home can cause all sorts of issues, especially when moisture builds up on your walls and forms mould. If you have allergies, you may experience more frequent flare-ups from breathing in contaminants in the air in your home.

You can resolve this issue in a number of ways: by purchasing a dehumidifier to take the moisture out of the air, opening your windows (when the weather allows for it!), and using exhaust fans in moist areas like above your stovetop and in your bathroom.

4.       A leaky faucet

One of the most common issues in the bathroom is a leaky faucet. The incessant drip-drip-dripping of a faucet is usually caused by corrosion or wear on the components that make up the unit, including gaskets, O-rings and washers.

Replacing a leaky faucet doesn’t require an expert handyman – just the right parts for the job. Turn off your water and take your faucet apart to diagnose the leak. Nine times out of ten, a worn washer is responsible, so replace the washer with a new one and you’ll be good to go.

5.       Blocked gutters

Gutters aren’t exactly in the easiest-reach location, but if you don’t clean them out, they can become blocked, causing water to instead spill over the side. This can cause damage to your home’s foundation, and lead to mould and mildew.

Luckily, unclogging a gutter is easy, providing you have a head for heights! You will need to very carefully scale a ladder and manually remove the cause of the blockage, like leaves and dirt. You might want to wear gloves for the job.

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Sim Only Contract: What You Need To Know

woman talking on a mobile phone - sim only contracts
Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

Paying the last instalment of an otherwise monstrous smartphone contract can be quite a relief (and satisfying) for many. Most people wouldn’t want to get themselves in a similar situation again, which is one of the main reasons many of them opt for SIM-only contracts. The freedom that comes from non-binding contracts means you can shop online for the best offers on new phones, or even used ones on the market with no restrictions. Unlike phone contracts that can be restrictive, a sim only contract allows you to switch between different phones when you feel like it. This thus means you can get that Samsung, iPhone, Or OnePlus phone you have always wanted to have, with no strings attached.

Advantages of Sim-Only Contracts

What does a SIM-only contract mean?

This means precisely that; you just pay a monthly phone contract with only the sim and not the SIM and phone.

Unlike standard phone deals, a sim-only contract is considerably much cheaper hence more affordable. You, therefore, never have to worry about the absurd price tags that band new flagships come with.  For this reason, you can hold on to your current handset and still have a new phone contract. Better yet, you will not have to worry about getting enough money for a new phone contract or use up your entire life’s savings for the most current phone. You could, instead, put the money towards extra security measures, like a great VPN app which, according to this article on, is one of the best ways that you can ensure that your phone data is safe, regardless of where in the world you are. 

Another advantage of going for the SIM-only option is the fact that there’ll be no extra monthly fees for the ‘handset.’  This reduces your monthly bill significantly, whether you choose to remain on the same tariff or not.  According to SIM-only contract could see you save thousands in the long run.

1. Flexible SIM Deals

There are plenty of SIM-only plans to choose from as compared to a mobile phone contract. These deals are also more consumer/pocket friendly while giving you a wide range of options to explore. Mobile phone contracts come with a lengthy 2-year contract that ties you to the same tariff and also limits your chances of opting out.  Their terms and conditions are incomprehensible too. Sim-only contracts, however, offer the direct opposite. This is because you can choose to go for a one-month deal while you try the service provider, which again allows you to extend the plan to a 12-month contract. Such flexibility gives you, the consumer, an opportunity to try or take advantage of cheaper and more affordable deals that come your way within the year.  It also means you can limit your spending on phone bills when times are tough, and only opt for fancier tariffs when you feel like it.  You could also choose to cancel such tariffs/plans easily too.

2. Ability to Get Regular Phone Upgrades

Most people can’t wait until their mobile phone contract is over to get a new flagship phone. Many will even start window-shopping for their next phone a few months to the end of the contract. You, however, don’t have to wait for two whole years to be able to get the latest phone for as long as you are on a SIM-only contract.

SIM-only deals allow one to switch phones; however, he/she feel like, hence can experience both of the worlds.  You could flush that fancy and new Samsung phone, or go back to the iPhone 6 you always adored, and even jump to the beloved Nokia 3310 everyone loved back in the day, all without any restrictions. All you’d need to do is pop the SIM out of one phone and in to the next. It, however, means you’d have to fund for these phones in some way, and especially if looking to buy the latest flagships. A monthly SIM plan is definitely the way to go if you love exploring with phones.

Rhinoshield for iPhone screen protection

3. Never Have to Worry About Mobile Phone Credit Checks

A SIM-only plan may be your only play if eyeing the latest flagships but do not have a good credit score. New phone plans, like bank loans, call for stringent credit checks to ensure you qualify for one. That said, SIM-only deals are more forgiving as no credit checks are necessary to be eligible for one. This is because all that will be required of you, is to choose a package of texts, data, and minutes, and not for the price of the phone as well.

You could also use the SIM-only contract to build your credit score too. You can do this by ensuring all your bill payments are made on time, and that you don’t fall back on any such payments. Your credit rating will certainly improve for as long as you can keep up with the payments, hence qualify for a new phone deal in days to come. Building your credit score with phone bills is relatively easy, and especially with the sim-only deal. Simply set warnings and limits with your network to ensure you don’t go beyond what you subscribed for. The network/provider will alert you as soon as your data, minutes, or texts are about to be depleted, thus giving you a chance to readjust your spending on the same.

4. SIM Only for Tablet

While phones such as Galaxy Notes, Galaxy S6, and iPhone 6 may seem bulky, they certainly aren’t big enough for some. If you are among the few people that prefer to have a big touchscreen (for whatever reason), you could then switch to a tablet with a SIM-only contract. A tablet gives you the flexibility to use data on the go on the big screen, and especially with the superfast 4G speeds. Such flexibility would be hard to come by if you were tied down to a phone contract.

5. No Up-Front Fees/Costs

Up-front fees could be a nasty surprise and especially if the deal seemed (seems) too good.  Such costs, in addition to monthly charges, aren’t particularly fun for many. It is for this reason SIM only contracts exist. These plans provide you with a good deal whereby all you have to worry about are the monthly payments, and nothing more. With no unexpected upfront fees, you can choose just the right tariff for your needs, and walk head high, knowing you won’t be slapped with unforeseen charges. 


As inviting (exciting) as SIM-only plans may seem, there’s a good chance physical SIM cards will be no more in a few years. There are also rumours that Apple is thinking of using built-in SIM cards in their phones, sending sim card to an early grave. While integrated SIM cards would be fascinating (when switching networks), it could mean only a handful will be able to afford a phone in the first place. This is why you need to act fast to secure yourself a SIM plan before the offer goes away for good. With a SIM-only plan, you will be able to switch between phones with just a single sim. It also means you won’t be tied down to phone contracts anymore.

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Common Causes of Low Water Pressure in Your Home

Issues related to water pressure at home may vary. Regardless of how the issues present themselves, it’s quite frustrating to deal with reduced water pressure.

For instance, faucets may be taking extremely long to fill the bathtub or sink, or the showerhead might not be giving you a strong spray. Also, your washing machine or dishwasher may be taking too long to run than it normally does.

low water pressure
Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

If the water pressure is low from only one plumbing fixture, then you can remedy the problem by focusing on the pipe serving it.

However, if the issue is affecting your entire home, then you might be dealing with one among several problems. If the water pressure in your home seems low, try to assess the origin of the problem by narrowing down all the possible causes.

Here’s how to figure out why your home water pressure may be low:

Is the main valve at your water meter fully open?

Most homes have two main water shutoff valves for controlling the water flow. The first valve is typically located adjacent to the main water meter, along the pipe that serves your home from the main water supply.

In most cases, you may not use the valve as it’s typically owned by your water company. Thus, it’s only used by their personnel. However, if your home water pressure appears to be low after some plumbing work, it’s likely that the main valve isn’t fully open.

In case you’ve recently had some repairs done, and all of a sudden, the pressure of water throughout your home is lower than normal, check your water meter valve. The valve might be located along the pipe leading to your home or in a buried box between your home and the adjacent street.

It can also be within your home in the garage or basement. The valve should be fully open if the handle is parallel to the supply pipe. If not, then it’s not completely open. Just turn it to open it fully.

Is your home’s main shutoff valve fully open?

You’ll need to locate the second shutoff valve. It should be somewhere within your home or near the main water supply pipe entering your home. In warm areas, this valve might be outdoors. Once you locate it, make sure it’s fully open.

In case it’s a gate type of valve, with a handle resembling a wheel, try to check whether it’s fully turned counterclockwise. In case it’s a ball-type valve with a lever-like handle, ensure it’s in a parallel direction to the supply pipe.

Just like with the main valve at your water meter, the main valve might have been left partially open after some plumbing repairs.

Thus, if you’ve recently had some plumbing repairs and you notice a decrease in the water pressure, then it’s likely a valve was left partially open.

Is the water pressure regulator faulty?

The problem of low water pressure can also result from a faulty water pressure regulator. The pressure regulator controls the pressure of the water going into your home to keep it at a safe pressure level for your plumbing system.

However, some homes don’t have one. In case your home has one and it’s failing, then it’ll lead to either high or low water pressure. In case the regulator is faulty, you’ll notice a sudden increase or reduction in water pressure at all fixtures.

Although you may replace it with a similar regulator in terms of size and brand, in most instances, leave such work to a professional plumber. Replacing the regulator will require shutting off your water supply at the main shutoff valve.

You can easily test your water supply pressure using a pressure gauge. Attach the gauge onto the hose spigot nearest the pressure regulator or main water meter.

The recommended pressure ranges from 52-75 pounds for every square inch. In case the pressure is lower, then you may be dealing with a faulty pressure regulator.

Does your home have old galvanized iron/steel pipes?

One of the worst causes of low pressure in your home’s water supply is corroded galvanized iron/steel pipes. The pipes may corrode to the extent of restricting water flow.

These pipes may corrode from the inside such that you won’t see the problem. The corrosion may buildup over time and close off the supply pipe.

Problems related to corrosion develop over decades. Thus, the reduced water pressure is extremely gradual such that you can’t notice it all of a sudden.

However, if you’ve just moved into an older home that has steel supply pipes, they may be significantly corroded. The problem might worsen quickly once you start using the pipes.

Unfortunately, it’s often expensive to fix this problem as the best solution is re-piping the entire steel pipe network with new plastic or copper supply pipes.

There’s actually no other way to fix this problem. Today, the best replacement pipes with respect to ease of re-piping and cost are PEX tubing.

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Shopping Jewellery Online – The Benefits

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As we spend more and more time on the internet doing different things; many world-renowned jewellers are enabling us to shop jewellery online too.

Unlike gadgets or groceries, the trend of shopping jewellery online taking a little more time to become a popular phenomenon. Traditionally, people like to browse in multiple shops, multiple times before opting for a particular design. As it’s often an expensive investment, they also feel safer to do the transaction in person.

Nomination Italy - shopping jewellery online

However, with reliable jewellery brands opening up their very own online stores with plenty of different items, more people are now finding it more comfortable to shop jewellery online. After all, they eliminate the need to drive to different jewellery stores, makes it easier to ask for friend’s advice, and doesn’t require you to awkwardly inform the sales personnel that you are just browsing.

Browse Through an Abundance of Shops

This is not a benefit exclusive to jewellery shops, but any online shopping in general. By sitting in the comfort of your home, you can just browse through a lot of jewellery shops in a very short period of time. Just type in the kind of jewellery you want on your favourite search engine, and you would be overwhelmed by the number of options, such as, presented to you in no time. In fact, the opportunity to shop many international brands is a bonus that even the biggest departmental stores can only dream of offering, let alone the small-time jewellery store in a particular shopping district.

High Quality at a Cheaper Price

It doesn’t take a lot to add products after products in an online platform, and therefore, online jewellery stores are not short of great quality options. They are made using the finest quality materials, offer numerous modern designs for both women and men; and usually guarantees easy return as part of their customer service solution. They also come with necessary measurement guides so that you can find the perfect fit of your ring, necklace, bracelets, etc.

What makes all this even more attractive is their relatively cheaper prices. Due to lesser overhead costs and bulk buying, these stores can offer eye-watering prices without needing to sacrifice any of the qualities. The frequent discount campaigns also allow for capturing a great bargain.

Shop with the Help from Your Friends

Whether you are buying a necklace or cufflinks for yourself or as a gift for someone, it’s a decision you can’t take lightly. Jewellery is an incredible accessory that can enhance any of your outfits, only if you make the right decision. So, discussing with friends and family for the best choice is a common norm in jewellery shopping, and the online shops make it much easier. You can just make a preliminary list of choices and share the links to all your friends for their advice with just a few clicks. Gone are the days of bringing along a friend or wait around for their opinions.

How to Prevent Home Insurance Claims in your Kitchen

Accidents in the kitchen and home insurance claims might just be two of the fiercest duos in existence. Honestly speaking, does anybody truly want their homemade deep-fried chicken and chips served with a portion of home insurance claims?

kitchen related home insurance claims

Of course, no-one does, it completely ruins the dinner, not to mention the fact that it may even cost you heaps of money from your back pocket if you’re not sufficiently covered. So, in order for you to keep your money (and save your fried chicken), let’s have a look at some of the ways that you can prevent home insurance claims from your kitchen.

  1. Preventing kitchen fires

Again and again, kitchen fires prove to be the most common cause of home insurance claims in Ireland and the UK.”  What’s more, is, the U.S. National Fire Protection Association estimates that half of all home fires start in the kitchen. But to keep safe while cooking, there are some easy steps that you can follow these simple steps:

  • Don’t leave your stove unattended  – When cooking food on a stove, it is essential that you should keep an eye on what your cooking. Unlike cooking on an oven, which allows you just to “set and forget”, stove cooking can be considerably more predictable. Of course, you can be busy, but leaving your stove unattended in the kitchen is a big no.
  • Keep an eye on what goes in the microwave – You might have seen some viral clips over the years of people putting metal pans and other eating utensils into the microwave. Okay, so you know not to put metals in the microwave if you don’t want it to explode. However, maybe you didn’t realise that tinfoil also counts as a metal. This means that you need to take extra care regarding what you put in the microwave.
  • Unplug appliances that you aren’t using  – Coffee maker not in use? Take the plug out. Your kitchen powers the microwave, fridge, lights, and so much more. Leaving your blender, juicer or coffee machine plugged in may overstimulate the circuit, and start a catastrophic kitchen fire.
  • The worst thing is that this may all even happen when you aren’t at the house, meaning you could arrive home to your kitchen, or perhaps your entire home, up in smoke.

One of the best steps to protect yourself from any danger is to have a suitable home insurance provider. The AA Ireland Insurance offers all details and a quick quote for an effective home insurance policy in the case of an accident. What’s more, they can arrange temporary accommodation and even offer no claims bonuses.

2. Preventing burns in your kitchen

Burns that are sustained in the kitchen may fall under your home insurance policy. In order to avoid a disaster situation, you can follow these steps preventing burns from cooking in the kitchen.

  • Use mitts – The most convenient way to protect yourself while you are cooking is by using oven mitts. A relatively recent pair of oven mitts can be incredibly useful for several reasons. Firstly, because they are large and thick and will prevent hand injuries. Secondly, they are comfortable and stay right on your hand as if it were a glove. Other things, like rags, can very easily slip from your grasp and cause severe burns.
  • Protect yourself from steam – Steam is perhaps the most underrated kitchen danger. In the U.S, for example, there are 100,000 visits to the emergency room every year with severe steam burns. Many people aren’t aware of this sneaky villain. The steam that is above boiling point (100°C) can be enough to cause severe harm, a hospital trip and perhaps even a home insurance claim. Make sure to use some kind of protection when handling objects with steam.

3. Preventing falls in the kitchen

While falls in the kitchen may be less frequent, or less feared, they can still be a severe hazard to your kitchen. Therefore, it is certainly worth taking some extra steps to protect others.

  • Immediately clean spills – The quickest, and easiest way to clean up any spills in your kitchen is by doing it immediately. If you accidentally spill something kin your floor, don’t just leave a rag or a towel on it. Make sure to clean it up straight away, rather than telling yourself that you’ll, “do it later” because that is how falling accidents occur. There is a real chance you will forget, and end up slipping on it yourself, with everything you have cooked in your two hands.
  • Turn the handles towards the walls – Turning all handles towards the walls can serve for multiple purposes. Firstly, it can help prevent falls from any spills. Not to mention, that it can avoid any fires which have bee caused by spills. What’s more, is, it can prevent you from eating microwaved rice for dinner because you accidentally spilt everything you had been cooking.

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Whole House Water Filter Advantages – Top Rate 2020

water filter

Do you like wearing dirty clothes, or eating food that fell on the ground and was left there for quite some time? No? That’s what I thought. Then, how do you feel about drinking or showering with dirty water? What’s that – yours is clean? I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Oh Boy, Is Your Water Dirty

Unless you already have an Aqua Ox Whole House Water Filter, or a similar system, installed, then I’ve got some news for you. You might not like to hear this, but you need to accept it. The water you ingest and splash all over your body is probably dirty. Here is a philosophical question. If you shower with dirty water, are you really clean afterwards?

Ugh, I don’t know which thought makes me sicker to my stomach. The one that screams: “You are putting an unhealthy, filthy product inside your body”, or the other one that pleads: “Stop rubbing that into your skin, you might as well roll in the dirt”. Honestly, I couldn’t stop thinking about this until I solved the problem.

Now, I am a bit sorry for transferring these feelings to you. Go wash them off. Oops, no pun intended there. Okay, okay, you got me – it was very much intended. But, it’s just so that you become aware of the seriousness of this issue. Plus, it is fun. There, I admit it.

Unfortunately, we now know that washing any kinds of feelings off with dirty liquids just makes you feel dirtier. How about you just sit down and relax a bit, take a glass of wa…oh, wait. There it is – another frustrating situation, now that you know that your crystal clear liquid is not exactly clean. Check this out.

You are beginning to realize just how much you have taken this for granted. At this very moment, it hits you: “Oh, boy, is my water dirty”. Are you holding your head in your hands while slowly becoming aware of this fact? I bet you are rather frustrated and annoyed. How could you have been so ignorant?

woman drinking water

Top Rated 2020 System To Your Rescue

There, there, now… Don’t be so hard on yourself. We have all been there at some point and we have all paid the price of our ignorance. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay any price, because there is a simple way to solve the issue and get yourself supplied with uncontaminated H2O.

Okay, I’m going to be straight with you. You might have to pay a small price. But, in money, rather than in health… Isn’t that amazing? I know that most people hate the idea of spending their hard-earned bucks, but hey, who could put a price on health?

Well, it appears that the price has actually been set. Don’t worry, though; it’s not that expensive. For a top-rated water filtration system at least. When thinking of how much a certain product costs and figuring out whether it is expensive or cost-effective, you need to know what that very product can do for you. After that, you can weigh the pros and cons of the price and determine if the product is worth your money.

Do some useful reading here:

Whole House System Benefits

Now, we are going to go through that process and determine whether the whole house filtration system is worth your money. In order to do that, you need to get properly informed about at least some of the benefits you can expect to get from the product. Let’s check those out.

Given how much I have ranted about all the filth and the dirt in the H2O you drink and the baths you take, I believe you can guess the first benefit. The whole house system takes care of all the water supplies in your home and keeps everything clean. Did you guess that right?

Furthermore, it keeps your plumbing system from breaking down, since contaminants don’t reach them. This is also good for your wallet since you don’t have to call a plumber so often. Speaking of the wallet, buying bottled water every day will definitely cost you more than getting this system. So, it seems that it is rather cost-effective in the long run.

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Updating your kitchen in five easy steps

When your kitchen is ready for a facelift, the thought can sometimes be somewhat overwhelming. However, changing things around does not have to be that difficult. Continue reading for our advice on the five easy steps you can take to update your kitchen.

five easy steps - make your kitchen look larger - renovating your kitchen
  1. Give it a lick of paint

Kitchens encounter a lot of grease and grime whether it’s from that chilli con carne or spaghetti Bolognese. It is inevitable, therefore, that the surfaces, including walls, worktops and doors, become grubby quite quickly. Wiping everything down regularly keeps the stains at bay, but even so, after a while, the walls will need another lick of paint. Be sure to prepare the walls thoroughly first and paint when the light is good to avoid missing spots. Cover all your worktops and appliances to prevent paint splatters on them. To make things easier for yourself, you could even employ the services of an experienced painter who will carry out the job much more quickly and possibly more effectively than you.

  • Replace appliances

We have all been there with a fridge or washing machine. It is on its last legs, but we try desperately to make do for as long as we possibly can. Frugality is great. However, the cost is usually higher in the long run with potential damage from a serious leak or even a devastating fire from continuing to use appliances once they are no longer suitable. Check out reviews by the Appliance Hunter, which will help you to decide which items are most suited to your needs and the space you have available.

  • Change the cabinets

Changing the actual cabinets is unlikely to be possible and is far from easy. However, there are lots of ways in which you can update the look of them. Choosing a vibrant colour to paint them in can look effective. You could even choose two contrasting tones to give a unique look to your kitchen. Depending on the worktops, duck egg blue and sage green are popular and versatile shades to use.

  • Invest in new wall art

Wall art can really finish off a room. Vintage advertisements or prints make great additions to a kitchen. Alternatively, you could take the colour of your cabinets and find some abstract in incorporating a similar shade. This can have a real impact on a room. Alternatively, why not utilise some of the paint you used for the cabinets (if you chose to do so) and create your own canvas?

  • Display select items

Putting a few select things on display within your kitchen can make it a much more appealing room in which to cook and perhaps eat if it doubles up as a dining area too. Floating shelves can be a great place on which to house decorative items. For a vintage feel, invest in a few storage tins with old food logos and advertising on them. If you’d like a more modern look, why not use simple jars into which you can put pasta, rice and pulses? They can look incredibly stylish and free up more cupboard space too.

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Why Your Kid Needs Birthday Party Entertainment

birthday cake - birthday party entertainment
Image by Атанас Стоянов from Pixabay

When you hear about birthday party entertainment, it should always come back to these three things. The first thing is excitement. It’s best if your child can’t wait to join in the festivities. The second thing is that you don’t want your child to feel left out. Finally, it’s essential that your child knows that they are not the only ones having fun. If they know that there are other children at the birthday party, it means that they can join in without feeling like they are being left out. By not putting all your energy into letting your child enjoy the event, they will have to find something else to do.

Throwing a birthday party for your kid can be one of the best things you can do for her. Just like adults, kids also desire to feel special and cared for. However, having to make your kid’s birthday party a success might require a lot of effort from you. That’s the reason why some people prefer to hire a venue that deals specifically with kid’s birthday parties. This is because most places also come equipped with some birthday entertainment. Nonetheless, this can prove to be straining for the parents of your kid’s friends if the venue is far. Studies show that it’s much more convenient and comfortable to throw your kid’s birthday party at home.

However, this means that you have to plan absolutely everything yourself. And, this includes a birthday party entertainer for your kid. Now you might ask yourself if it’s essential to hire a party entertainer. This would mean you have to spend more on your kid’s party.

The following are reasons why your kid needs birthday party entertainment.

It makes your kid’s birthday more memorable

Now, your kid’s birthday is not like any other normal day. You need to make it unique and a day that he or she can remember as memorable in a positive way. A kid entertainer can help you to achieve this goal. It’s rather advisable to get a professional kid’s entertainer who is profound in knowing how to keep kids’ attention on him or her. In the process of choosing an entertainer like Evengo, a birthday entertainment specialist for your child, it’s essential to take note of the interests of your child.

It’s your kid’s special day after all, and the least you can do is take your child’s interests into significant consideration. For example, if your baby is a girl and she is into Disney princesses, how about you hire princess entertainers for her. The type of entertainer also depends on the age of your child. For instance, you can consider bringing in a storyteller to entertain your kid’s birthday if he or she is still very young. For a much older age group, a magician might come in handy. 

It increases the level of fun for your kid

It’s usually a different case when you try to be the entertainer at your kid’s birthday than when you hire one. This is because you need to spice your kid’s birthday up by hiring someone who is used to dealing with children’s parties. You need something new, something your kid loves, but at the same time, something that’s not too familiar. Therefore, the next time you feel you can entertain your kid’s birthday party, you might want to consider the other option. Hiring an entertainer for your kid’s birthday removes the boredom vibe from the party. This means that your kid will experience something unique, that they’ll enjoy and share with their friends. 

Helps to make your kid the center of attention

It can be challenging to get kids together and focus their attention on something. It can prove to be so exhausting to try and get the kids in order at your child’s birthday party. All you want for your kid’s birthday is for the other kids to appreciate and focus on your child, without removing the fun aspect from the experience. Nonetheless, a kid’s entertainer can come in handy. Kids entertainers have the ability to hold children’s attention for quite an extended period, making the experience interesting at the same time. So, how about you ask the entertainer to call up your kid to participate in the entertainment? This will make your kid the center of attention, which he or she should be on this special day. 

The following are a few birthday party entertainment ideas you might find helpful.

  • Clowns or circus entertainers

Clowns have been around with us for a very long time now. Nevertheless, you can even find that some adults shiver at the mere mention of a clown. Therefore, it’s normal for kids also to find clowns scary sometimes. That’s why it’s essential to know your kid’s likes and dislikes before hiring a clown. This is because you don’t want to scare your child on their birthday. So, if your child enjoys clowns, why not hire one for him or her.

  • Music entertainer (DJs)

Music entertainers usually depend on the age of your child. If your child is still very young, it might not be wise to hire a DJ. However, if your child has matured enough to understand music and also has some favorite tracks, then a DJ can be a very great choice. Music has the ability in everyone to wake that happy vibe that might be lying dormant most of the time. 

  • Fairy tale princesses

This usually applies if your child is a girl, even though in a few cases, your baby boy might be interested in princesses. If your child enjoys fairy tales, how about you surprise him or her with a princess entertainer? You can also spice things up by making the theme for the birthday a princess theme. Have your child dress up as their favorite princess character. Allow your child to really feel and experience the princess she is on her special day.

  • Superheroes

This usually applies if your child is a boy. However, even your baby girl might be into superheroes. So, how about you make your kid’s birthday extra special by hiring a superhero entertainer who can do a few tricks similar to those of the superhero character? You can also consider making the theme for your baby’s party a superhero one as an extra touch.


In conclusion, it’s highly vital to put your kid’s interests first when planning for his or her birthday. This involves, from the food you’ll serve on the day, the dress code for the birthday, up to the type of entertainment you’ll make available for your child’s birthday. The main goal is to make your kid happy and enjoy every moment.

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