The Benefits of Electric Underfloor Heating

laminate flooring - underfloor heating
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It’s nice to walk barefoot in the house, is it not? To do that during the cold months, however, electric underfloor heating is needed. Let’s talk about it and see how beneficial it really is. Are you ready to get comfortable?

The invisible heating solution

As the name suggests, the underfloor heating systems are hidden from plain sight. That means no radiators are required. As a result, more space is available. The room aesthetic benefits from it as well. Since everything is under the floor, you gain the opportunity to creatively arrange additional space. It is also worth mentioning that the electric heating cables can be installed under any type of floor covering. Ceramic and stone tiles, all kinds of carpets, parquets, floor panels, wooden boards and wood-like materials, vinyl flooring included. It is therefore truly invisible, and doesn’t require a lot of disruption during the installation. All you need is to provide yourself with an underfloor electric heating cable. For more details, visit

The efficiency of electric underfloor heating systems

In rooms with traditional radiators, warm air rises quickly. This causes the upper parts of the interior to overheat and the lower ones to underheat. An underfloor heating solution, on the other hand, is closer to the ideal temperature distribution, taking into account human physiology – our feet are quite sensitive to the temperature, don’t you agree? Thanks to underfloor heating, the warmth is evenly distributed over the entire floor surface in accordance with the laws of physics. In this way, underfloor heating provides the highest thermal comfort compared to other heating systems.

The electric underfloor heating cable will provide different results with different types of floors. Vinyl sheets or panels work especially well in this case. The material has unique thermal properties, which prevent heat loss. At the same time, it doesn’t get too warm itself. Vinyl flooring, therefore, becomes very pleasant to walk on.

The air quality at home

Many experts point out that the air becomes less humid. This is an advantage of heating cables under the floor. Traditional systems, because of uneven heat distribution, keep more moisture in the air. That is not good for sensitive people. Mites, however, as well as mold and bacteria love too much warm humidity. They can reproduce faster. They can generate more health hazards. With efficient heating solutions, the problem is reduced. In addition, the floor gets only a few degrees warmer than the air. That prevents dust particles from floating around, which makes the household more friendly to allergy sufferers.

Underfloor heating and ecology

Today, being eco-cautious is no longer trendy. It is a lifestyle. Electric underfloor heating solutions allow people to forget about coal. They can also stop burning wood or gas in order to generate heat in the household. All the energy can come from the solar panels on the roof. The same can be said about a ventilation heat pump or any other eco-friendly heating solution that doesn’t release toxins into the air.

Some regions offer financial support to people willing to upgrade their households in terms of energy-efficient heating. There are national programs available. There are also foundations aiming to change our urban landscape into a “greener” place to live. The amount of support varies from place to place, obviously, but it is present.

Is electric underfloor heating expensive?

The materials and installation might cost a bit, although the latter can be less demanding than other kinds of underfloor heating systems. However, after just a few years, running costs compensate for the investment. Gas, wood or fossil fuels are more and more expensive, you know. Electricity has greater economic potential in the future. A properly prepared design, a properly performed installation, and the selection of a tariff – this combination guarantees thermal comfort at home as well as lower electricity bills. A smart heat control panel helps as well. Check out our smart heat control panels for the latest prices and more details. Check the sample price for SUNFLOOR Smart WiFi Digital Thermostat in online store.

With the right steering system, the in-house temperature control allows bills to fall even lower. In some cases, they can be cut in half. This is possible because of the way electric underfloor heating works. It is a precisely engineered net of cables. They answer to a single control panel, which is rather intuitive to use. You can arrange temperature programs that will provide peace of mind throughout the day. It is advisable to establish separate systems, though. This way, you will be able to set different values in the bathroom, for example, or exclude unused space entirely. The result: an even more cost-effective heating solution.

These are the main benefits of underfloor heating systems with electric cables. They are healthier, more efficient and eco-friendly. They are also invisible, which makes a lot of sense in small wet rooms or kitchens. You should at least consider it in your construction endeavors.

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