What To Put In A Memory Box

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A memory box is pretty much what you would assume it to be – it’s a box (or similar) in which you put souvenirs and important items that you want to keep so you can look back on them and enjoy the memories that come with them. It’s also something you can pass down to your children or other relatives so they’ve got something to remember you by (and perhaps they can add their own memories into the box as well – they might even already be included). 

So it might seem as though it’s easy to work out what to put into the memory box at first, but once you get started it can become a lot more difficult. The fact is that you can easily fill the box up with things that don’t mean a lot, and soon enough there’s no space for anything else. With that in mind, here are some ideas about what to put in your memory box to ensure it really does help you enjoy some great memories as the years go by. 

photos in a wooden memory box
Photo by Lisa Fotios


Perhaps one of the best things to include in a memory box is photos because they can tell a whole story in just one picture. Try to include photos of all your loved ones from not just the most important and memorable moments of their lives, but those smaller, quieter ones as well – the ones that make you happy but that don’t necessarily stand out. You could even start things off in the right way by arranging newborn photography so you’ve got some perfectly shot memories of your children when they were tiny – a time that can be hard to remember properly as they get older. 

The great thing about this idea is that we don’t tend to have physical photos these days, and a lot of the time those images are stored away somewhere on a phone, computer, or USB stick, for example. If you can print the photos (ideally professionally or at least on high-quality paper) and put them in the box, they become so much more special. 

Awards And Certificates

We all win things at various points in our lives, and even if those wins are small (and the prizes might just be certificates), they’re still important – even if they don’t seem like it at the time. 

The reason that these awards and certificates are great to put into a memory box is that they’re an ideal reminder that you can do good, positive things. It might be work, it might be linked to your hobby, it could even be a participation award, but if you received it, then you did something to deserve it, and that kind of memory can help you stay motivated and push forward well into the future. 

Ticket Stubs

Some of the best memories come from experiences, not possessions, so keeping the ticket stubs (or keeping a printout of a digital ticket, as is probably more often the case these days) is a great thing to do. 

When you open the box and start looking through the items inside, these tickets will be the ideal memory jogger about shows you went to see, concerts you got to go to, and events that you had fun at with your friends and family. The bonus feature is that they’re small, so you can put lots of them in your memory box to keep your memories alive. 

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