Three Ways to Refill Your Heart and Your Nest When the Children Fly

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Many parents feel lonely and depressed after their final child leaves the nest. Although not a medical diagnosis, empty nest syndrome is a term used to explain these emotions. These strong emotions might be perplexing and unexpected because they appear to be at odds with your child’s accomplishment-related pride. You can learn about how to deal with this empty nest and accept your contradictory emotions by managing the changes effectively.

Acknowledge and Appreciate the Need for Parenting

The biggest challenge for parents may be the notion that they have completed their task or are no longer required in their child’s life. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your children still depend on you even though they are not home. You still have a lot of parenting ahead of you, just in different ways. It may seem more like mentoring than parenting but that is par for the course. Keep in touch with your young adult and look for opportunities to assist them. Many parents choose to continue spreading their experience and care by taking on foster children. Find out more about options in your local area at These children can fill the void and help you to remember that there is more than enough love to go around in the heart of a parent.

Rekindle Connections

Build and re-establish relationships. Many parents neglect their social interactions in the busy time of parenting as there is often little time for socialising. Once your children have left, this might be the perfect time to catch up with former acquaintances as well as enter fresh social settings to make more friends. If friends are entering a similar life stage as you are, this could be the perfect way to get reacquainted. This is a positive diversion that can help you steer loneliness away from your door. You may help one another out and offer advice on what works and what doesn’t by working together.

Make the most of this opportunity to spend quality time with your significant other. It’s time to put your relationship back in the forefront now that your nest is empty. Being alone with each other for such lengthy periods of time may require some getting used to, but it will be beneficial to you both in the long term. Plan date evenings into your schedule and set aside time to spend with each other. You may rekindle your romance and strengthen your bond with some time and effort.

Accept the Emotions

Give yourself permission to be unhappy and grieve the changes you are going through. Work through the emotions and take your time. Also, remember to be gentle with yourself. It’s normal to feel empty and uncertain at this stage of parenting because you have never experienced it before. Just be careful not to wallow in the grief as the sadness will eventually fade as you get used to the new situation.

In this next step of the parenting journey, you will need to accept the emotions, rekindle connections, and acknowledge and appreciate the need for continued parenting.

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