Lovely day with the S.W.H. (Super wonderful husband)

The kids are in Belper this weekend so Ant and I spent the day shopping! It wasn’t his first choice of things to do on a Saturday I know, but I had a really lovely day with him. We Spent a couple of hours in B&M choosing new bedding, curtains etc for a makeover challenge I’ve been set (blog post to come soon).

I got very excited when I saw the start of the Christmas section they’re adding at B&M.
We decided to pick up some Christmas gifts for the nieces and nephews while we there because I knew that if we didn’t get the stuff today, they would be sold out when we managed to get back!

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While we were shopping, Jervais, one of our many children, called and asked if we could take some eggs to his work because they’d run out.
He works at the Horse and Groom in Lincoln which was only a few minutes from where we were so we nipped over to Morrison’s, picked up the eggs then drove them to the pub.
We stopped in for lunch and it was delicious 🙂 It made a really nice change to go out to lunch with my husband, just the two of us.

Crispy bacon, sliced chicken and melted cheese on doorstep toast
Gorgeous chicken, bacon and cheese on thick toast

After lunch, we did more shopping at B&Q, where we picked up a new white toilet in the clearance section for the bargain price of £5.
Yep, I did say £5 and no, I can’t quite believe it myself!

I thought we’d got an even bigger bargain when we saw a sink and pedestal, also in the clearance section, for £18 but when we got it home and opened the box we were really disappointed to find the basin was smashed at the front. At first, we thought it was a small crack and we were prepared to buy a fixing kit, but when we removed more of the tape, the basin just crumbled so we’re returning it tomorrow.
I’m hoping they don’t give us any hassle because nowhere on the packaging did it say it was damaged. We assumed it was an end of line or ex-display item, as we did with the ultra cheap, but not in any way, damaged, toilet bowl!

Ant’s now trying to catch up on the work he was supposed to be doing today but put off so he could indulge me in my shopping needs and I want to say…..

Thank you, my darling ;o) I love you xx

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