How Your Eating Habits May Be Affecting Your Body

The way we eat informs a lot of the things our bodies do. It’s why your personal eating habits are so important to keep track of. And when you’ve let your nutritional meal-making slip, or you’ve been eating a lot of junk food lately, it’s crucial to think about what you could be missing out on. If you do, getting back on track can be much easier as a result! So let’s think about how your eating habits could be affecting your body; here are the most common issues that could arise.

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You’re Not Getting Enough of a Certain Vitamin

Some vitamins are easily forgotten about. Vitamin A and D, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium – the list goes on and on. And when you’re not getting enough of a single one of these vitamins and/or minerals, your body is going to tell you about it. 

From feeling weak in your limbs due to a lack of Vitamin D, to feeling dizzy regularly thanks to a lack of iron, you’re going to soon know about these deficiencies. The best thing to do in these scenarios? Talk to a doctor, and then find out what foods you need to include in your diet to build it back up. 

You Need More Fibre

Fibre is crucial for helping your gut work its magic. However, if you’re only eating a majority of white grain foods, like rice, potatoes, and bread, you’re unlikely to have a good source of it in your diet. And whether or not you’re in need of visiting a digestive health clinic, consuming plenty of fibre will keep things running like clockwork. If you can, switch to some wholemeal versions of your favourite foods, and even consume more fibre-rich cereals in the morning. 

You’re Not Getting Enough Calories

Calories aren’t bad. They’re simply energy! And day by day, you’re going to need them to keep going. So if you’ve been calorie counting recently and have dialled back what you’re consuming by at least half, it might not be all that good for you. If you’re feeling tired, washed out, and you’re getting easily irritated, it could be due to a lack of calories. Don’t feel guilty here; our bodies and brains need energy, even if those calorie numbers go over the recommended daily amount! 

You’re Not Eating Consistently Enough

If you tend to skip breakfast, have a light lunch, and then sometimes forget to do dinner, you’re probably not doing your body any favours. After all, it’s going through a lack of consistent meals, and that’s going to make it hard to regulate the many other systems in your body too. The next time you’re determined to make it to work early, or stay in bed for a bit longer before you have to get up, make a change and have a piece of toast – even just one with butter will help!

The effects of eating habits can be wide-ranging. Try to know more about your own.  

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