The Incredible Things You Learn During A Body Transformation

Body transformations are a byproduct of the modern age. Thanks to the industrial food system and the ever-present availability of high-fat, high-sugar foods, most people end up becoming overweight and even obese through no fault of their own. It’s not greed, it’s more just convenience and failing to recognise the problems in the modern food system.

Body transformations are the darling of social media. In almost every case, the person transforming has abandoned the western way of living and embraced something more primal – turning back the clock on the human food system and adopting the diet of our ancestors. 


Going through a body transformation can be a gruelling and enlightening experience. Here are all the incredible things you’ll learn as part of the process. 

There’s No Magic Bullet

People selling diets want you to believe that if you “do this one thing,” you’ll be able to get the body you want. But that’s never how it works in practice. Even advice like “eat whole plant food” isn’t just one thing: it’s a lot of things. It’s adopting new habits when you go to the supermarket, buying new equipment for your kitchen, and learning new recipes. It’s several things, each of which is pretty time-consuming when you think about it. 

Body transformations involve doing lots of things. It’s a steep learning curve and not the sort of thing that you can do overnight. 

Working Out More Isn’t Necessarily Better

When you first start on a body transformation, the temptation is to do as much exercise as you possibly can. After all, you feel pumped at the prospect of finally getting the body you want. But the problem with training is that more isn’t automatically better. In fact, you can easily overdo it with exercise, especially if you’re new to it, putting your body and motivation at risk. Training experts, like Andy Griffiths, recommend that clients find a training schedule which balances the need to get fit with the ability to recover. 

Diet Is 80 Percent Of The Problem

Going to the gym is good, but most of your progress will come by changing what you eat. Snacking on candy and filling up on pizza at night will undermine your results, no matter how much effort you put in while you exercise. 

Just because you do CrossFit five times per week doesn’t mean that you can eat what you like. Stick to the food that humans have been thriving on for hundreds of years: whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables, preferably with nothing added or taken away. 

You Absolutely CAN Make Healthy Versions Of The Food You Love

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Did you know that you can easily make a healthy mac and cheese with broccoli that tastes incredible? Mac and cheese is usually made of white, processed macaroni and, you guessed it, cheese. Artery-clogging, weight-gaining cheese. 

But you can easily switch it up and, frankly, make it taste better. Swap out the white macaroni for whole grain, and replace the cow cheese with cashew “cheez” made from whole cashews. Add a few chunks of broccoli, and all of a sudden, your nightmare comfort food is something healthy. Wow!

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