How To Stay Healthy And Happy This Winter

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Why not get rid of your cigarettes this winter? Did you know quitting smoking in winter can help you stay warm? Moreover, it makes your health better in the long term. To quit smoking, you should switch to vaping. Vapes are 95% healthier than cigarettes, according to the NHS. Unlike cigarettes, vapes do not make you anxious or depressed; they provide pleasure. So if you want to stay healthy this winter and have fun, you should switch to vaping and also remember to take your omega 3 supplements. Here are some guidelines for vaping in chilled weather!

What Is Vaping?

It is inhaling and exhaling flavoured vapours through a vape device. The vapours are produced when e-liquid gets heated through a coil and then transforms into the steam of vapours. E-liquids contain nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and flavours. A vape or e-cigarette is made up of a battery, an e-liquid tank, a coil, a wick and a mouthpiece. Each of them is integrated for a particular purpose.

Happy Vaping Session In Winters:

Cold weather is critical for vapers, but enthusiastic vapers can’t stop vaping in winter. The only thing required for them is to change their vaping routines. In this aspect, this blog presents some tips to follow in winter to vape:

1.    Keep Your Disposable Vape Battery Warm:

A battery is one of the essential vape components. Fast-moving electrons inside the battery produce heat and supply power to the vape coils. In cold weather, electrons movement becomes slow, and the battery consumes double the required power. It would be best if you kept the battery of a vape warm in the chilling weather.

2.    Keep A Vape In A Safe And Warm Place:

A low temperature affects your device’s battery’s functionality, as it reduces 70% the capacity of a battery in the winter. Moreover, an atomiser is also distorted to produce vapours, as cold weather thickens the vape juice.

To ensure your vape device produces flawless vapours, keep it in warm places such as in a cabinet or a drawer. Furthermore, when you go out on long walks in winter, always keep your vape device in your pocket. In such case, you can go for a disposable vape as being compact, it conveniently goes inside your pocket and does not require much space!

3.    Adjust The Composition Of E-Juice:

One of the most common debates about vape juice is whether it can freeze as a liquid. So basically, it cannot freeze at 0 °C like water but becomes denser. Moreover, the thickness of vape juice depends on the composition of the e-liquid, i.e. Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, nicotine and flavour.

As VG is a viscous substance, it makes e-liquid denser if used in high quantities. Therefore, it is important to use a moderate VG/PG composition in a vape device. If you are not good at adjusting the VG/PG ratios, it would be best for you to opt for a disposable vape device. The device comes pre-filled and does not need messy e-liquid changing.

4.    Use Lip Balms:

It is for sure that cold weather wreaks havoc on your lips. Vapers often face the problem of chapped, cracked or rough lips. This happens because the cold tip of the vape is stuck with the lips and makes the lips peel. Therefore, using lip balms in winter is recommended to prevent all these consequences.

5.    Avoid Extra-Long Puffs:

Chilled weather affects your vaping session, as the atomiser produces less heat in a vape. Furthermore, you will experience a narrow throat hit due to the inadequacy of heat. So, in this situation, you can avoid extra-long draws to compensate for heat induction and to feel a diminished throat hit.


 The cold breeze of winter affects the vaping sessions of vapers, so you only need to follow some guidelines mentioned above to prevent severe circumstances. These are beneficial for you to enjoy your healthy and happy vaping sessions in winter. You can use a disposable vape device in winter to enjoy hassle-free vaping. It gives you a smooth and effortless vaping experience.

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