Renovate a Small Bathroom to Make it Luxurious and Practical with These Tips

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Updating your bathroom in any way, whether you choose to simply redecorate it or completely renovate it, is a great way to add value to your home for yourself and for whenever you decide to sell and move on. The bathroom is a part of the home that is used multiple times a day and is essential to the smooth running of a household, so it makes sense to take the time to make it as luxurious and practical as you can. Take a look at these tips to help you think of ways you can make your bathroom more indulgent and useful.

Add Flow to Your Layout

If you are completely renovating your bathroom by getting rid of existing fixtures such as the toilet, the flooring, and any built-in cabinetry, then this is a fantastic opportunity to rethink the layout. No matter what size or shape your bathroom might be, it can also be improved with a smarter layout. Unlike other rooms in the home, such as the bedroom or living room, it isn’t possible to rearrange essential fixtures in your bathroom since they must be plumbed in and connected properly. Take this chance to carefully choose where you want your toilet, sink, shower or bathtub so that the room feels thoughtful and practical.

Consider a Theme

If you are excited by the idea of renovating your bathroom but are at a loss as to how, it can be helpful to use a theme as inspiration. This could be something as simple as your favourite colour or a more subtle theme such as contemporary traditional. Once you have chosen a theme, take a look at the many ways you can incorporate it into your bathroom. What tiles, pipes, fittings and fixtures seem to make sense with your theme? For example, an industrial-style bathroom might have exposed copper pipes and a poured concrete floor.

Create Mini Zones

If you have the space to do so, creating mini zones within your bathroom can make it feel both more practical and more indulgent. For example, vanity units are a great way to designate a space for beauty without intruding on the space needed for other bathroom essentials.

You can also use PVC Shower Panels to designate these different zones and save money on tiling the entire bathroom which allows you to focus your budget on other features that add luxury and practicality.

Focus on Textures

The textures in a bathroom come from various places. The walls and floor can be changed to incorporate a preferred texture, whether that’s shiny, smooth or matte. Brushed or polished metal can change how the room connects together. Even your towels, bath mats and soap dishes can tell a story through their textures.

Personalise Your Storage

Although you might be renovating your bathroom with a view to one day selling up and moving on, it is still worthwhile to renovate with you and your needs in mind. Not only will you most likely be living in your home for at least a while after renovation is complete, but your personalised storage doesn’t automatically put off future buyers. Built-in cabinets under the basin or heated towel rails can make a bathroom more practical and enjoyable to use.

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