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There isn’t a better way to make a visual change in your home than by adding some beautiful decorative items. It’s often said that house accessories are the jewellery of the home because just like jewellery, they have the ability to achieve many different effects. 

Whether your goal is to add style and interest, colour and texture, height diversity, tie things together or turn attention away from something, you can easily do so with the help of the right decor. Nevertheless, like with jewellery, home accessories can be a good and a bad thing. If you use too much of them, they can overwhelm the place and rather than aesthetically pleasing, look simply as stress-inducing clutter

Regardless of whether you are buying decor for the first time, or are simply adding to your already decorated place, it’s important that you know the limits of your space, including the size, the colours, the layout and the furniture. If you’re in search of the loveliest home accessories UK has to offer, it’s crucial to plan ahead so that you know what you want in advance. 

Start with the Basics 

Image by p_kennedy123 from Pixabay

Of course, decorating a place with homeware accessories is a matter of personal taste and preferences. Nevertheless, there are still some simple guidelines that you can follow to avoid some common mistakes. 

While for some people choosing what they’ll use in their home decor is fun and easy, there are many people who can’t simply imagine something and be right about it. If you are one of them, the first thing you need to remember is to not buy too many things at once. 

 If you are not sure as to what kind of homeware accessories you are supposed to have, you can make a short simple list of the most common ones that homeowners and interior designers alike love using to enrich a place and give it dimension. Aside from the seasonal ornaments for different holidays, some of the most common accessories that you can start with include vases, candles, cups, picture frames, plates, artwork, sculptures, plant pots and trays. 

Choose colours, shapes and sizes according to the room, the walls and the furniture, and think about what you want to achieve before going on a hunt for the perfect home accessories UK wide. This way you won’t buy something you really like only to end up storing it in a dark corner, or giving it to someone as a gift, because you can’t stand something so beautiful not to have its rightful place.

Avoid Overwhelming the Room with Decorations

Home decor vases, candles and a lamp
Image by Patricia E Sorlingas from Pixabay

Most of us have home decor accessories hidden in drawers and closets, gathering dust, because at some point we’ve overdone it. If you are decorating a new place, it’s always better to buy less than too much. Having a gap in the decor means that you can fill it whenever you find the perfect piece, whereas having more things that your space can handle, means unnecessary clutter, which never looks nice. 

By decorating in moderation, not only will you save money, but you will also give yourself some space to make a mistake, and re-evaluate. Furthermore, if you are just moving into a place, don’t forget that people will bring you presents, and there is a very big possibility that at least some of the presents will be homeware items. 

When it comes to clutter in home design, quantity isn’t the only problem. As a matter of fact, there are many ways in which you can make a room feel stuffy and overwhelming. Overmatching, like using too much of the same colour, too much of the same sizes, shapes, textures, patterns etc., is often a result of people fearing they don’t really know a lot about home design. Matching is very intuitive, but if you overdo it becomes dull and unwelcoming. 

The same goes for symmetry – while it certainly looks beautiful, and symmetry and balance are something we all seek, in home decor, if everything is symmetrical it can also end up looking boring and plain. 

Instead, you should use decor to add diversity and interest. Use it to break patterns, for instance, a tall vase to add height or one in an interesting shape for a different effect. You can also use a bunch of smaller items and then one that’s taller, or items in the same colour but with different patterns or shapes. Experiment with symmetry – see what looks better in your room and don’t be afraid to do something bold.

Don’t Forget About Your Old Things

personal accessories
Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

Aside from the homeware accessories that you will buy or get as presents, don’t forget about all the important items you have gathered over the years – photos, souvenirs, memorabilia, collectable home decor, things that remind you of people, moments, places. So, when you are buying home decor items take everything you want to display into consideration. Think about how you can decorate with these items, and also think about how you can use other decorations to create accents in the room, that will guide the eye towards them, not only looking beautiful but also make you smile while thinking of pleasant memories.

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