How to Celebrate a Fantastic School Year with the Kids

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School isn’t always easy for our youngsters. There are some kids that love spending time in lessons, learning all about their favourite topics. There are also children out there who find school complicated, and struggle to find their stride in some areas.

No matter whether your child finds school easy or not, it’s important to show them just how much you appreciate their effort when they end the year on a good note. Most of the time, you’ll be able to get an insight into how your child is doing with things like notes from teachers, or report cards. If you know that your little one has tried extra hard this year, here are some ways to celebrate.

1.    Dedicate a Weekend to Them

After your child has had a rough couple of months at school, or they’ve been working extra hard to accomplish their goals, it’s important to give them a breather. This sometimes means letting them go wild and let their hair down for a little while. After your kid gets a great bit of feedback from a teacher, reward them by allowing them to call the shots for a day or two.

This could mean picking what you’re going to do as a family this weekend, or just choosing the movie that you’re all going to watch at the end of the day. It could even mean that you ignore restrictions on things like “gaming” time, and let your child have a bit more leeway for a while.

2.    Have a Relaxation Day

Speaking of giving your child a chance to let their hair down, remember that kids get stressed too. If your child has been through a particularly challenging period at school, perhaps caused by tests and evaluations, make sure that they have a chance to unwind. There are plenty of spas around the UK that allow you to book sessions for you and your child.

A pamper session complete with a massage and a manicure could be perfect for making your little superstar feel special. Alternatively, if you want to save some money, you could always create your own “spa day” at home, using facemasks, hair masks, and other goodies.

3.    Give Them a Gift

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Image by Wereldwinkel Schoonhoven from Pixabay

Gifts will always be one of the best ways to show your child how proud you are of them. Although you can’t buy a child’s love, it’s much easier for them to see that they’re getting a reward if it comes in the form of a toy or something that they’ve desperately wanted for a while. Think about the kind of things that your child likes, and how much you’re willing to spend.

The chances are that the size and cost of the gift you choose will depend heavily on what your youngster has accomplished. If they’ve aced all of their tests for the year, for instance, this might mean that they deserve a bigger present.

4.    Discover Something New Together

Sometimes, it’s worth reminding your child that education can be fun. This is particularly important if you’re rewarding; you’re child after a tough set of tests, like the GCSEs. Waiting for the results of these tests can be extremely stressful, so try to take your kid’s mind off it with something interesting. Book a session learning how to do something that you’ve both always been interested in. For instance, you could think about taking a cooking class, or learn about cake decorating.

Alternatively, you could reward your child with something more outdoorsy – like a camping adventure where they learn how to look after themselves in the wilderness and discover the amazing sights and experiences of hiking. The day or weekend that you book together will depend heavily on the kind of things your child is interested in.

5.    Put Work on Hold, for a Bit

Finally, if your child has dedicated a lot of time and effort throughout the year to maintaining good test scores and getting great comments from their teachers, now might be the perfect time to let them stop worrying about school for a little while. If your child’s on break, give them permission to ignore things like homework and planning for the return to school for a few days.

Although you shouldn’t be letting your kid cram everything they need to do into the evening before they go back to school, it’s nice to let them know that they’ve earned a break. Sometimes we can all feel a bit burned out if we try to do too much too fast.

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