A Summer Of Relaxation – 12 Ways To Chill Out

12 Ways To Chill Out

What do you think when you hear the word summer – except that it’s already here and now? Most people think of a sunny day, a pair of comfy flip flops and a melting scoop of ice cream. Somehow, we can’t quite get away from the idea that summer is a season of sweet indulgence. Which season isn’t, you ask, considering Christmas, Halloween, and the Easter chocolate eggs. You are naturally making a valid point, but right now, we’re talking about summer. The reason for the summer indulgence is that summer is a season of relaxation. At least it should be. From a young age, children learn that summer means time off before going back to school, and they don’t even need to do their homework for several weeks! There’s no reason why, as an adult, you couldn’t seize the summer break with the same excitement and desire of chilling out than you used to have as a child. So, if you are ready to make it a summer of relaxation and indulgence, here are a few suggestions for you.

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#1. Watch Your Favourite Films

Yes, you’ve read right. Everyone has a favourite film that they could watch over and over again without getting bored of it. Or is it just a feel-good film, like the Christmas films in December? Whatever floats your boat, indulge in a decent film night, with homemade popcorn, a nice glass of cold soda – or wine if you’re in the mood – and maybe a tub of sweet, sweet ice cream. You get bonus points for series like Harry Potter, as you get 8 of them – maybe over a number of weeks instead of going through an entire night of Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the hidden Horcruxes. While it’s true that spending too much time in front of the TV is procrastination, it’s also true that it’s exactly what the long summer nights are for!

#2. Have A Change Of Scenery

There’s a very good reason why a lot of people choose to go on holiday somewhere new and unexpected for the summer: Everyone needs to leave the routine behind to grab the excitement of a fresh and new life for a week or two. A sunny location, such as Spain, is often a great way of forgetting everything about your bills, the grey British sky or even the car troubles. Spain is a sunny place that offers a completely different landscape and way of living. You may not adopt it forever, but the warm and quiet Spanish pace is ideal for holidays. Besides they have some of the best beaches in Europe, so really you could relax and have a little swim at the same time.

#3. Try Something New

Why not use the summer season to try out something you’ve never done before? If you’re feeling adventurous, you could have a look for scuba diving lessons, like here http://www.planetdiveholidays.com/diving-holidays/learn-to-dive-holiday, which offer a fantastic way to experience the world from a different angle. Everything is so peaceful under the surface, and some diving spots have amazing underwater landscapes! Is diving not your thing? There are plenty of new experiences that you could make, from sleeping under the stars to joining a salsa class. Just open a window into another world and enjoy.  

#4. Create The Perfect Relax Spot In The Garden

Do you need to leave your home to relax? The answer is naturally no. There’s no reason why you couldn’t enjoy a peaceful and relaxing summer directly at home. After all, all it takes is a nice spot in the garden to lie down and feel the sun on your skin. Whether you decide to look out for a simple lounging chair or an exotic hammock – or just a stand https://wedohammocks.co.uk/collections/stands  if you’ve still got the chair material – is up to you and depends on how much room you’ve got in the garden. A hammock is always a trendy option, especially if you can swing comfortably. But nothing beats lounging with a cocktail glass in hand!

#5. Change Your Home Décor

You could use the summer time to redefine your home interior and create a new and fresh home out of the old and tired house. No, we didn’t say home renovation! But how about a little of clever redecoration, such as painting a room or changing the wallpaper in the hall… Or, if you have crafty fingers, painting your furniture can create a colourful accent in the room. You’d be surprised to see how much it can change the atmosphere! You can refresh your bathroom with a green cabinet, for instance, as green can help the bathroom feel a lot clearer and healthier. Or how about purple chairs in the living room? Let your creativity revamp the home.

#6. Catch Up On Your Reading

When was the last time you sat down and read a book? If you can’t remember, then it’s time to do it again! The pace of life often takes over and leaves us out of breath trying to catch… So it’s no wonder that most people struggle to find the time to sit down and open a book. But thankfully, you can make the most of the long summer nights by diving into some of the best books this season. Don’t know what to pick? Good Housekeeping has a handy list of books here, http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/entertainment/g3585/summer-reading/, to get you turning pages again. There’s everything you need from thrillers and romantic comedies to poignant social portraits and historical romances. Reading is good for the soul. It gets you on a journey, and you don’t even need to leave your sofa.   

#7. Buy The Perfect Summer Sandals

Let’s talk about summer priorities. Do you have your perfect summer sandals? Every new year brings new trends, and every new year means that last year’s sandals are old-fashioned. More importantly, the shops are full of exciting-looking shoes, but how many of them are truly wearable? From super high heels that you can’t walk into blister-monster gladiator shoes, it’s hard to pick a pair that you can enjoy wearing. But when you find your one, you know that you’ll always be safe in summer.

gladiator sandals - chill out

Gladiator sandals

#8. Embrace Easy Summer Cooking

You may enjoy cooking, but cooking in summer can be quite tiring, especially if you stick to the usual recipes in the kitchen. It’s too hot to cook in your kitchen in summer! Instead, you might want to look for exciting alternatives that can keep you cool too. Prepare a Spanish summer soup, a gazpacho, in advance. There is a simple and refreshing garlic version called the Ajo Blanco which makes a delicate white soup by combining garlic, almond, soaked bread, olive oil and sherry vinegar. Or why not ask your partner to look after dinner for once? Summer is the season of barbecues, and everyone loves a grilled food!

#9. Have A Lie In

Time passes slowly in summer. It’s the advantage of not having any important appointment to go to. So, that makes it the ideal season to catch up on your sleep and have a nice lie in in the morning. Be careful, though, if you sleep for too long, you’ll miss the best part of the day, and you won’t be able to fall asleep next time. Having a lie in doesn’t mean spending the entire day in bed. It just means enjoying waking up naturally, without an alarm clock. You’ll find it very relaxing, even if you end up waking up a lot earlier than you hoped for.

#10. Re-Invent Yourself

Sometimes, all you need to feel good about yourself is a change of style. How about giving a vintage look to your wardrobe, by embracing some of the classy 1950s and early 1960s styles – this is especially good if you’re trying to hide generous hips for example. If you want to express your creative side, the mermaid hairstyle has launched a wave of amazing dye colours to make your neighbours turn green with envy. The summer gives you plenty of time to experiment and redefine who you want to be.

#11. Indulge In A Spa Day

You know you deserve it. Have a pamper day where someone takes care of you. Letting yourself be massaged, beautified and looked after by an expert, that’s the key to pure bliss. All you have to do is lie down and enjoy. A professional spa centre is a little more than just sensational treatments. It’s also the guarantee that you will have a peaceful me-time – there’s no one to interrupt and ask you to play with them – for an afternoon. How does a bubble of peaceful spa-dulgence sound to you?

#12. Spend Time With Your Family

Last, but not least, make the most of your time with the family over the summer. Family is a precious thing: it’s where you can find your strength and your balance. So enjoy games with the kids, walks on the beach with your partner, and giant ice cream scoops together. Togetherness brings peace of mind. So take the time to be together this summer.

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