How to Declutter Your Wardrobe This New Year

declutter your wardrobe
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As a new year approaches, people will usually find their wardrobes full of clothes. Some of these garments are their favourites. Others are hardly worn items that they may need to dispose of because these take up too much space in our closets.

Letting go of the clothes that you have owned for years can be difficult. However, you must throw away items you no longer use if you want to have enough space or, better yet, to have a more organized wardrobe.

Do you want to organize your closet, but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. These six useful tips should help you declutter your wardrobe.

Tip 1: Sort Out All the Stuff in Your Wardrobe

Before deciding on throwing anything away, take everything out of your wardrobe. After that, start organizing clothes according to their types: pants, tops, dresses, and etc. Similar items are easier to compare when they’re grouped together.

When segregating clothes, keep only the items you love and frequently use. People usually don’t wear at least half of the clothes in their wardrobe, so don’t feel bad if you dispose of many clothes. After all, what good will an item bring you if it won’t be used for years to come?

Tip 2: Try to Wear the Clothes in Your “Maybe” Pile

Sometimes, you don’t know if you truly want to keep an item or throw it away. The best way to resolve this problem is to try out the clothing you’re unsure of. Check yourself in front of a mirror, and determine how the item makes you look and feel.

If an item looks nice and is comfortable to wear, keep it. On the other hand, unflattering clothes must be taken out of the closet and be disposed of properly.

Tip 3: Follow the Six-Month-Clutter Rule

Many have a lot of second thoughts when it comes to getting rid of clothes. People tend to keep everything in their closet because they think that these may come in handy someday. However, the truth is that they’ll probably never wear those clothes again.

Unless the items are seasonal and very important, follow the six-month-clutter rule. Make a commitment to discard clothes you haven’t worn in the past six months. This way, you can easily have more space for new clothes.

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Tip 4: Sell Your Preloved Clothes Online

Many people want to sell their hardly worn clothes but don’t have enough time to put up a garage sale. To solve this problem, set up an online shop to sell all your preloved items.

Online selling is very convenient and highly lucrative. When you sell your preloved clothes, you’re also earning back a portion of your past shopping expenses.

Tip 5: Host a Clothing Swap

A clothing swap is a fun and creative way to replace some of the gently used clothes at home. It involves meeting up with friends and swapping preloved clothes for the secondhand items they’d love to take home.

Organizing a clothing swap is easy. You just have to contact your friends and ask them to bring some preloved items they’re willing to exchange for another. If there are clothes left unclaimed, you can give them away to people who are in need of basic clothing.

Tip 6: Donate to a Local Charity

Donating preloved clothes to local charities is probably one of the most rewarding ways to declutter your wardrobe. Selecting the best local charity to donate to can be a little challenging since many organizations accept wardrobe donations.

When the time comes to make a decision, pick the one you feel strongly about. You must also ensure that the type of clothing you’ll be donating fits the charity you’ve chosen. Don’t give away impractical items like costumes and gowns if your chosen charity is looking for basic clothes.

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