How to Look Fabulous for Date Night at a Vegas Casino

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Whether you’re a local or a tourist, it’s hard to beat a Las Vegas casino as a date destination. You can do it all—treat your sweetie to a sumptuous meal, take in a world-class show, raise your pulses at games of chance, dance the night away, maybe even check into the hotel and make a night of it.

As with any date night, nailing the attire is crucial to setting the mood. Casinos are a whole different ball game from a movie theatre or even a fancy restaurant. Let’s walk through the steps and lock down your Vegas casino dream-date outfit …

Does the Casino Have a Dress Code?

Nothing stops a date in its tracks like being denied entry at the door. To avoid suffering this indignity in front of your date, do some research.

According to Mike Tan, content writer at Online Casino Gems, “Most casinos don’t care what you wear on the gambling floor. They want you to wear whatever puts you in the mood to open your wallet.“

However, some areas of some casinos may have dress codes. For example:

The Bank Nightclub at the Bellagio

The Bellagio does not restrict attire on the casino floor, but things change if you and your date want in at the swanky nightclub The Bank.

The Bellagio’s website states that “gentlemen should make sure to wear a collared shirt and / or sport coat to The Bank. Always be mindful of wearing nicer shoes and avoid anything that can be considered sportswear: track jackets, jerseys, sports shoes, hats, etc. Remember, if you are unsure if something will work or not, play it safe.”

No instructions are given for the ladies. Being a woman is the only attire the ladies need to be welcome at The Bank. Besides, most women don’t need prompting to dress to impress.

Restaurants at ARIA

Recently-built and upscale, ARIA’s fine-dining restaurants require gentlemen to wear a suit jacket or sport coat in order to be seated and served. A tie is not necessary.

What’s the Atmosphere Like?

Casinos might not have dress codes, but a little research into the casino’s atmosphere or theme can guide your couture choices.

Check the casino’s website or google-search pictures of the interior, the staff, the amenities. If the destination is an upscale joint like ARIA or the Wynn, go for broke—suit or tuxedo for him, floor-length formal gown for her.

Headed to a venerable Vegas institution like the Tropicana or the Flamingo? Break out the vintage, a la Frank Sinatra and Angie Dickinson.

If the casino has a theme, run with it—tropical shirts and leis at the Mirage; movie-star chic at Planet Hollywood; ripped jeans and leather jackets at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino; etc.

What Activities are On the Agenda?

If you want to enjoy a gourmet meal at one of the casino’s Michelin-star restaurants, guys would do well to play it safe and bring a jacket.

Nightclubs keep a tight leash on their image and credibility, even if they don’t publish a dress code. Dress up for the club if you want to pass the velvet rope: upscale jeans and a fashion-forward button down for men; “hot” for women.

Couples who covet access to any of the casino’s VIP areas should look the part of high rollers—suit and tie for men, gown or cocktail dress for women.

Casino Date Attire “Dos”

Bring Backups

It never hurts to be prepared. Men could consider bringing a jacket and a dressier pair of shoes in case they discover themselves to be underdressed. An extra button-down shirt, even a whole replacement outfit, never hurts, in case of a close encounter with a spilled glass of red wine. Ladies could bring a cover-up, dress, or skirt to mix, match and blend into the environment.

You can always stash your backups at the front desk, coat check, or in your room if you book one.

Consider Comfort

Dress fly, but remember that the party goes all night in Vegas. Ladies, if you want to wear high heels for your date, consider bringing a backup pair of flats. Vegas casinos are huge, and the walking can wear out your feet.

Casinos also tend to crank the air conditioning. If you get cold easily, don’t forget to bring layers.

Match your Date

You want to look like you belong together. Choose colors that go together, and dress at complementary attire levels. Here’s a quick primer:

Black Tie

Men: tuxedo, white dress shirt, black tie.

Women: formal floor-length gown in silk, satin, or velvet.


Men: suit and tie.

Women: gown, cocktail dress, or pantsuit.

Semi Formal

Men: suit or sportcoat-and-slacks, collared shirt, tie optional.

Women: cocktail dress or pantsuit.

Dressy Casual

Men: slacks and collared shirt, or jeans and sport coat.

Women: sheath dress, nice skirt, or dressy jeans.

It’s Never Wrong to Overdress

With the exception of a few low-end casinos (that would make depressing date destinations anyway), it’s almost impossible to overdress for a casino date.

According to GamblersDailyDigest, ”Don’t be afraid to be the only couple in a tuxedo and gown. Everyone will wonder what awesome VIP gala you just came from. They may even ask you that question directly. If they do, don’t be embarrassed to say ‘We just felt like dressing up.’ That kind of self-love and sense of occasion is almost more awesome.”

Go For the Glitz

Las Vegas is diverse, but if you had to pick its signature look, it would be “glitter.” This is the place to bust out the shiny suits, bedazzled gowns, rhinestones, sequins, etc. Go wild. As long as you are within the basics of the dress code, the staff and other patrons will love it.

Casino Date Attire “Don’ts”

Things to Never Wear

Here are some attire choices to avoid for date-night at a casino:

●      Sandals or Flip Flops. Many casinos ban them, and no casinos like them. Just don’t.

●      Athletic Sneakers. Too casual for most casino settings. On the other hand, fashion-forward or trendy sneakers like Yeezies might fly.

●      Ripped Jeans. Unless they are “hipster-chic” for the nightclub, and you had better wear them well, paired with impeccable top and footwear choices.


Pay Attention to the Hour

According to GamblingNewsMagazine, “Shorts are appropriate during the daytime at casinos like the Mirage, Tropicana, or Flamingo. When the clock strikes 6pm, however, dudes should be prepared with a pair of slacks or nice jeans to change into.”

So there you have it. No shorts in the evening. Those rules don’t apply to short-shorts or booty shorts on women. That attire is usually welcome in the clubs and casino floors.

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