Is Your Home Fit For Winter?

With the festive season upon us and the cooler evenings setting in, you need to consider whether your home is fit for winter. You may have Christmas parties in your humble abode, you might be having the family around for a festive lunch and you might have friends over for New Year. This means that your home needs to be comfortable, warm and conducive to having visitors throughout the holidays.

There’s nothing worse than having a home that is cold, damp, miserable and lacking the cosiness that people crave at this time of year. At best, your home will not be comfortable and at worst, it could become a health hazard. Read on to discover these simple ways that you can make your home fit for winter.

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If your boiler has seen better days, don’t try and cling onto it for one last winter. Yes, they are expensive to replace but more modern energy-efficient combi boilers will save you money on your heating bills in the long run. Having your boiler break down in the middle of the festive season is no fun and you’d only have yourself to blame. If money is tight, find a no guarantor loan to give you the much-needed cash in your pocket to help you sort out some essential maintenance in your home. This isn’t for frivolous spending – this is money to invest in your humble abode.

Replace your boiler and consider hooking it up to a smart thermostat. This way, you will have more control of the heating and ambience of your home. If you are connected to WiFi, you can control your heating from anywhere. If you are about to leave work and you notice a chill in the air, you can put your heating on so that your home is toasty warm for when you walk through the door. At the same time, having a thermostat means that your home will remain one constant temperature, meaning that you are never paying too much for your utilities.

If you have a wood burner and you want to light it this year, get your chimney swept. Soot may have been deposited in your flue over the previous winter season. A quick and cheap sweep will mean that you can enjoy more energy-efficient fires in the chillier evenings while drinking your cocoa and watching a festive classic on the TV. Ensure that you use kiln dried logs of less than five per cent moisture as well as dry kindling so that your fires catch light quickly and they burn for longer, meaning less wood is burned.


Look at your windows. Do you have any condensation or dodgy seals letting in draughts. Imagine grandma sitting on the sofa by the window trying to watch the Queen’s speech only for a chilly breeze to give her the shivers. Inefficient windows are horrible to sit next to and they will cause unnecessary heat to escape from your home, meaning that you pay more to have your heating on all the time.

Get your dodgy glazing replaced with more modern and energy-efficient glazing. Go for uPVC and keep costs down. You don’t need to replace every window, but any that are causing you concern can be replaced.

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Go outside and look at the roof of your home. Do you see any cracked tiles or gaps? If you do, it’s time to get a surveyor or roofer around to get on a ladder and check out your slate. Cracked tiles can be replaced cheaply and easily. However, gaps that you have may be more significant as water may have gotten into your rafters. This can cause them to rot and you may see damp patches appearing in your home. Even small flat roofs need to be checked to ensure that the flashing is intact. 

Replacing a roof can cost a small fortune, so fill the gaps with tiles in the first instance. You will only ever need to replace your roof if it is bowing or if the rafters are rotten. However, it takes a lot of rain for rot to set in. Check out your gutters too and ensure that they are not blocked. Get them unclogged and enjoy a more watertight pad.

Getting your home fit for winter is important, especially if it is your turn to host Christmas this year. Having a warm and cosy home will make the festive season so much more enjoyable for you and your guests.

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