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Twitter isn’t like either Facebook or Instagram, it is one of those platforms where you can consistently engage with people without fear of being blocked or unfollowed. Whilst twitter doesn’t have the user base of Facebook and Instagram, it is still a valuable tool that you can utilise to increase your business and brand visibility, but how can you easily get noticed on twitter? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Tone is Everything

Twitter is slightly more complex than Instagram when it comes to you putting content together. The first thing that you need to consider is your business and brand message. You want to make sure that your audience can understand your tone and intonation when you tweet, and you will need to keep this consistent. Make sure you have a clear idea of how you want to sound to your audience and be clear on your message, but always make sure you sound human! 


Your feed doesn’t need to be as curated as Instagram, but you do need to consider your content releases in the same way. Make sure that all your content has the same high quality feel as anything else you would want to put out and build a buzz around it. You can tease your audience by offering content that works as a promotion for an upcoming release, this will draw more users in and help get you noticed. The higher the quality the more professional you look and the more you can build a buzz around your release the more people are going to want to be involved with your company and your products.

Don’t be afraid to post!

We’re always hearing about the goldilocks time to post on social media, we also hear a lot about the social faux pas of posting too much too often. On Facebook and Instagram, this is entirely possible, especially if you are posting promotional photos constantly to your audience. Twitter moves a lot faster than Instagram and Facebook so you can post more frequently, but you do want to make sure that you keep mixing it up. Don’t just post the link to your website time and time again, ask your followers to interact and have fun with them. The more your posts seem like you are a human and the more you interact the more you will get noticed.

Make The most of retweets

Retweets are an amazing and free way to get you noticed very quickly, especially if you are getting yourself involved in important conversations that your target market and audience are having.  If there is a big event going on or some breaking news that directly relates to you and your business, retweet people that reflect your view and give a commentary you agree on. This can increase the visibility of your profile and you can get noticed from likeminded people and thus increase your following.


We can’t even begin to explain how important hashtags are, they are twitter currency and you need to know how to use them. Make sure that you use ones that directly relate to what you are saying, you don’t want to look like you are just jumping on the bandwagon, and you also want to make sure they are the ones that will get you seen. Look for trending hashtags on a daily basis and see which one you can use to insert yourself into the conversation and get yourself noticed. Utilise big holidays, events, local events and other things that are going on and work yourself into the conversation, it is the easiest and fastest way to get yourself noticed!


You can either do this yourself, manually or with the help of a third party such as Twesocial or Tweeteev. But, to be frank, there is little to no point in having a twitter account if you aren’t willing to interact with others. One of the amazing things about twitter is that it can break down the barriers between consumers and businesses. Here is your time to shine! Show customers why they want to buy from you, be funny, smart, witty and attentive. If you treat your customers like they are people and you look like a human rather than a faceless corporation, you will get noticed and people will want to interact with you. 

Final Thoughts

Twitter doesn’t have to be difficult to navigate and as long as you use all the tools correctly, it is super easy to get noticed very quickly. Make sure your interaction and content are always high quality and reflect the mission, values and goals of the business, but you want to show your target market and audience that you are human and have a sense of humour and worth behind your feed. Remember that twitter is fast-moving, and you need to keep on top of it to be remembered by your audience, use the latest hashtags and retweet important items from relevant people and businesses to keep yourself in the conversation. 

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