Easy Recipes for Students on a Budget

Assorted food - Easy recipes for students on a budget

Have you been on the lookout for easy recipes? Students have a lot of things to do at any one time. They have to attend classes, prepare for assignments, work on school projects, participate in extracurricular activities and find time for fun and leisure with friends.

When they are doing all these things, the last thing that comes up in their mind is food. Students don’t have the time or money to prepare complicated dishes. Most of the opt for budget dishes that will get ready quickly.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the best meal ideas and pocket-friendly dishes and that students can have throughout the semester.

1.      Rice and black beans

Black beans and rice is one of the cheapest and easiest meals for most students. In fact, this is a staple dish in most cultures across the world. The ingredients used in this dish are cheap, healthy and delicious.

To prepare this dish, you need to heat up your cooking oil for a few minutes. You should then add garlic and onion and let them fry for about five minutes. Once the onions are ready, you should add cooked rice and stir for about two minutes.

Next, add vegetable broth to the mixture and lower the heat for about twenty minutes. If you love spicy food, you can add the spices before serving.

2.      Vegetables, sticky rice and sauce

This is a simple and nutritious budget meal that is ideal for most college students. All you have to do is steam a measured amount of rice together with vegetables in a microwave. Heat them up while mixing them together with some soy sauce.

You should also measure the soy sauce to avoid health issues. The three ingredients do not make a flashy meal however, the preparation is simple and cheap. This dish is also healthy.

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3.      Black bean burritos and egg

Have you been looking for a budget nutritious breakfast that you can have on the go? This is one of the simple perfect recipes for you. This is a simple dish. All you need to do to prepare it is heat the tortillas on the griddle. As they heat, break and scramble eggs while heating some black beans.

Once the eggs are scrambled, assemble the breakfast burritos and add anything extra you may have in mind such a spice, shredded cheese or sauce. And you are ready to go!

4.      Tomato soup and grilled cheese

Tomato soup and grilled cheese is one of the healthiest and cheapest nutritious meals you can find today. Most students have this dish during lunch hours when working on Topics Mill. Preparing grilled cheese is easy. All you need to do is spread butter on four slices and lay them flat on a frying pan.

Next, add a slice of cheese to each topped by another slice of bread with butter on it. You can add some tomato slices if you don’t mind. Next, heat both sides of the sandwich until a golden brown color appears. The soup part is actually the easiest. You can either by it from the stores or prepare one at home.

5.      Homemade marinara and spaghetti

Preparing your own marinara is not as complicated as it seems. All you need is to is mix a can of tomatoes, chopped onions (half or full depending on the size) and some garlic.

Heat them up for about ten to fifteen minutes and then add pepper and salt to taste. Now pour this sauce over cooked spaghetti and everything is ready. Adding some pieces of garlic buttered toast is a great way to enhance the taste of this dish.


Students should never worry or get into debt because of food. The dishes discussed above are some of the healthiest and pocket-friendly dishes available. All you need to do is purchase a number of the ingredients discussed above and learn how to prepare them.

Most students are spending a lot of money on food when they should be saving up to pay their debts and prepare for life after college. Effective students prepare simple nutritious dishes because they save time. Students who waste time are highly likely to waste their money too. These dishes will help you live a simple stress-free life.  

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