The Five Steps Guide to Get Your Swimming Pool Ready For Summer

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With summer comes the excitement and thrills of aquatic pleasures. Solar breeze reviews show that swimming pools and beaches are the major earners during this time. While ocean resorts do not need cleaning, swimming pools are a completely different story. After spring, a lot of dirt and debris are left in the pools and need to be cleaned in readiness for the busy summer season. It is an involving job needing several skills to achieve perfection and customer satisfaction. Some of these steps are:

Pool cleaning

It is practically the most technical part of the whole preparation process. Remove all the dirt, twigs and leaves from the roller shutter if your pool has any. Remove the leaves from the pool with a good leaf net. It is also wise to clean out all the baskets thus removing the dirt that remains. This can be dragged into the pool later so it is good to be thorough. Clean the cartridge by removing it and washing it with a hose. Spray the filter to remove the clingy pieces of dirt that remain attached. In this way, you will have a very clean swimming pool and a delight for your customers over the summer.


With an expected rise in customers, it is best to put repairs in place. Check for concrete and tile damage on the surfaces of the pool. Cracks on surfaces can cause hazards through seeping of pool water into the ground. In tiles, they pose a danger to unknowing customers who could easily be cut on such sharp edges. Repair filters and pumps that are not functional. The best thing about repairs is they sometimes lead to upgrades. Also with huge profits heading your way, it is best to outdo the competition thus improving them even more.


As the final stage involving the pool, it is practically the easiest part of the job. However, a keen eye and good pool knowledge are required for this task. It is best to ensure that everything is in good order before moving to the water stage. Ensure everything is in order. If it is not a pool you would swim in, do not expect others to swim in it.

Water cleaning

A basic element in the most prestigious swimming pools is the cleanliness of their water. By adding a flocculant, dirt on the surface of water sinks to the bottom making it easier to clean. This is very important as without it one is required to empty out the entire pool and put in fresh water. This process is risky as it can cause weakening of the walls of the pool. Once the dirt is removed, add chlorine to the water to kill the germs thus purifying the water. Also, maintain water levels by keeping the pool full at all times.

Ensure the PH levels are right

PH levels between 7.2 – 7.4 will turn chlorine in your pool to hypochlorous acid while PH levels between 80 – 120 cause alkalinity. Maintaining a standard PH is very important as some chemicals can react badly and harm your customers.

Double check

Inviting a professional is an added advantage in this field. It is best to be completely sure of your customer’s safety before summer begins. Double check on everything through a list, if something is not okay have it fixed before the pool is too crowded to get any work done. Most people that ignore this final step end up in lawsuits.


Swimming pools are a goldmine to many, especially hotel owners. It is a decent venture with its own finances. To ensure the pool is clean to ensure regular vacuuming and removal of debris after every day.

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  1. Clare Nicholas 6th May 2019 at 1:04 am

    This has reminded me that I really do need to get the kids a new pool before the summer. Ours deflated too many times and I just can’t find the hole

    1. shelllouise 6th May 2019 at 8:25 am

      We’ve just had to buy a new pump for ours. I miss the days when I could buy a five pound paddling pool and just stick a bit of water in it. Now it’s a 12ft pool that needs a pump and chlorine tablets and gallons of water to fill it!

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