Holiday Purchases – Ideas On How To Get Them Home

Taking a holiday abroad can be a shopper’s idea of heaven. Currency exchange rates may be in your favour, depending on the country you’re visiting and you may be tempted to buy lots of new things without thinking about how you’re going to get it all home.
Here are some tips to help get your holiday purchases home without spending too much money.

Pack An Extra Bag For New Clothes

Packing a foldable duffle bag inside your regular luggage can be a great way to get your holiday buys, home.
If you travel light with the intention of purchasing new clothes while on holiday, you could find many bargains and refresh your wardrobe for a fraction of the cost.

Be aware of your luggage allowance, however, or you may end up making a loss rather than bagging bargains if you’re hit with excess baggage charges.

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What About Bigger Purchases?

If the item you want to buy won’t fit in your duffle bag, for instance, you spy two gorgeous end tables and a rug that would fit in with your living room decor perfectly and you just have to have them, you’ll need to plan another way to get them home.

Some hotels offer a packing and shipping service, however, be sure to check all the costs involved because it can be more expensive than finding your own solution.

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Check with the vendor first to see if they offer shipping services and at what price. They may have deals with a local courier if they’re regularly selling to tourists.

One way to ensure the safe delivery of your new purchases would be to use a shipping company like Parcel2Go which is an International Courier with very competitive rates.
Online tracking is available and for a few pence, you can cover your parcel against damage or loss.

Enjoy Your Shopping, But Stay In Budget

One final thought to share with you; when on holiday we’re much more relaxed about spending and the prices we’re willing to pay, with this in mind, make sure your purchases are actually bargains. You don’t want to end up regretting all the money you’ve spent when you get back home!


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