How to Take Care of Your Boiler in Winter

The cold season is never fun especially if your boiler is not working. Therefore when approaching Winter, it is essential that you make sure that your boiler is in good working condition. While there are people who cover their boilers and are privileged to receive help within 24 hours, there are some people who don’t have the opportunity hence an emergency boiler repair services can take longer than 24hours.

If you are such a person, here is how to avoid suffering under cold during winter;

Test it before winter

The only way to find out if your boiler has a problem is when you will turn it on. You will, therefore, want to turn on your boiler a few days to winter. When testing your boiler, you will want to let it run long enough to heat the radiator. You might want to do this several times before winter to be sure that no breakdowns will come up when you most need your boiler.

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Get it inspected early enough

You can always have expert engineers to check your boiler when approaching winter. That is one of the principal advantages of having a boiler insurance cover. When you cover your boiler, you are entitled to regular maintenance and inspection services. You should know that there are different insurance plans for boilers and you can always find the most suitable one for you through Corgi Homeplan Boiler Cover. Insuring your boiler also saves you a lot of extra costs that you might incur anytime your boiler has a problem.

Insulate your boiler pipes

Water expands when it freezes hence the possibility of your boiler pipes getting damaged during winter is high. It is therefore advisable that you insulate your boiler pipes to avoid future problems. When you insulate your boiler pipes, you will reduce the rate at which they conduct heat hence the temperature outside the pipes will not be able to affect the still water in your boiler pipes.

Consider replacing your boiler

When a boiler has been used for many years, it tends to develop recurrent breakdown problems. That means that even if you have it inspected and serviced, it is more likely to breakdown during winter when you need it most. Instead of waiting to see that, you might want to get a new boiler. Note that winter is the coldest season and you wouldn’t want your family to suffer the winter cold.

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Clean your boiler

Having your boiler cleaned in preparation is another way of ensuring that it functions efficiently during winter. Cleaning your boiler reduces energy costs and reduces the chances of your boiler developing problems when turned on for long hours.


Preparing your boiler for winter is something that you cannot afford to forget doing. The cold season usually is very severe and can make everything in your house freeze. Not only is the cold risky to your health but it can also be destructive to your property especially pipes carrying water. By having enough heat in the house, you will avoid such problems.



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