Is Your Home Cozy? Here’s How to Make One

We all want our homes to be inviting. At the end of the day, you want to be able to come into a warm and welcoming environment to help relieve the day’s stress.
Unfortunately, not every home has the design that homeowners want it to have. The bright side is that this is a problem that can be solved with a few changes. With the tips found here, you can transform your abode into a cozy home in no time.


Use a Welcome Mat


You can start making your home more inviting for yourself and others before even opening the door. All you have to do is choose the right welcome mat. One that simply says “welcome” will do the trick but there are plenty of novelty options out there that will help you inject some personality into the entryway.


Put Some Slippers By the Door


Odds are, you probably already have a place for shoes at the door. This way, you aren’t tracking mud and gunk throughout the house. With a simple addition to this area, you can make your home all the more inviting.


Next to where you keep your shoes, add a pair of slippers. This way, after a long day out, you can take your shoes off and immediately put on a pair of warm slippers.

cozy slippers

Bring the Furniture In


It’s a bad habit of almost every homeowner to push their couches and chairs flush against the walls of the room. While this creates space, it’s a pretty empty and barren space. Instead, take a risk and pull the chairs and sofa closer together. This will make your living room more inviting by allowing occupants to be close enough for conversation.


Throw in a Rug


If you have wood floors, you already know how cold and unforgiving they can be at times. To add some comfort in your home, use some rugs to add some coziness to the place. For those who want to find the ultimate comfort, use more plush rugs.


When placing these rugs, be strategic. A rug next to the bed or in front of the couch makes a nice place to rest your feet but a rug in the middle of the kitchen might seem out of place.


Look at Your Bedding


There is nowhere in your home that should be cozier than the place you crawl into to sleep at night. While a crisp, linen bedspread can look great and even be the perfect choice when it’s warm out, don’t be afraid to create a softer experience as well.


Fluffy comforters can be a great choice to give you somewhere warm and soft to curl up in at night. While you’re at it, toss those old, flattened pillows out and replace them with new, comfortable ones.

bed with pillows on

Change Your Lighting Around


Overhead lights can be very convenient – one switch controls the whole room. However, they can also be a little harsh as well. So, try layering the lighting in your rooms. Add a floor lamp here, a table lamp there, use some linen lampshades and you’ll find the lighting to be much more comfortable.


Heavy Curtains


If you are using thin or sheer curtains, swap them out for something heavier. Even better, use a thick curtain that has a thermal lining. Not only will it warm up the space visually, but it will also help insulate the space to keep it warm temperature-wise as well.


Use Plenty of Plants


You might look around your home and think that it looks a little lifeless. The best way to solve this is to literally bring something living into the space: plants!


If you don’t have a green thumb, you can use easy to take care of plants like succulents. However, big, green, and leafy plants can be an even better touch.

vase of flowers in front of the window

Step Away From Straight Lines


It’s a modern design phenomenon that has brought on the popularity of low-backed couches and straight-edge decor. To make things a little cozier, try opting for more soft lines. A higher-backed, more plush couch can go a long way or, if you want to be cozy but keep your modern design, break up the geometry by adding a circular rug.


Personalize Your Home


Finally, take the time to personalize your home. Even the warmest lit and plushest home can seem uninviting if there’s no personality in the place. So, take the time to make your home look like you live there.

One idea is that you can add in photos or artwork that reflect your life and style. If you want to dig a little deeper, though, consider adding some DIY furniture or use unique decor that you went antique hunting for. As far as this tip goes, the possibilities are endless.


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