Yankee Christmas Candles – I’m A Little Bit Addicted!

In January this year, I saw an online sale at Clinton’s Cards, for Yankee Christmas Candles. I was very excited about getting a bargain and ordered some with the intention of using them for Christmas gifts for friends and family this Christmas.

Since then, I’ve decided I like them too much to give away and I’m keeping them for myself! I’m now looking forward to December so I can start using them 🙂
I’m also looking forward to the January sales again so I can stock up for next year!

Yankee Christmas Candles

Yankee Christmas candles and wax melts
KayCee and I agree that the snowflake cookie wax melt doesn’t really smell like any kind of cookie we know! It’s still nice though 🙂

Yankee Christmas Candles

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