Christmas Eve Boxes – Ideas For Children

A Christmas Eve box is a relatively new idea in this country. We never had Christmas Eve boxes when I was growing up and I don’t remember any of my friends having one either.

Ideas for Christmas Eve Boxes

When To Open

You need to decide whether it’s going to be opened in the morning or at bedtime. If you choose morning, you can fill it with things to keep your children occupied throughout the day, such as activity craft or baking kits, DVDs and books.

We open ours at bedtime because Christmas Eve daytime is spent getting ready for the open house party we have in the afternoon. We just have PJs, sometimes new slippers, a new Christmas mug, a sachet of hot chocolate and a new tree decoration.
One year KayCee and Ella also had a new stocking that I’d made them and I made one for Aiden a year later.

Whether you love the idea or not, it seems they’re gaining in popularity and are around to stay. The question is, what to put in your Christmas Eve boxes?

Christmas Eve Boxes

When it comes to the actual box, there are some lovely personalised boxes you can buy and use every year. A quick Google search will give you hundreds of results!

We just use printed cardboard boxes that I found at Poundstretcher. I think they came in packs of 2 and were less than £2 if I remember correctly.
I just fold them flat and store them for the next year. They’re just the right size to fit everyone’s gifts in except for Aiden’s Elf slippers last year…..he’s got big feet!

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