Three Fabulous Ways to Transform Your Living Room

Of all the rooms in our house, the one that we tend to give the most attention to (besides the bedroom) is the living room. Not only is it a comfortable space where we want to be able to lounge while we watch TV, read a book, or surf the internet, the living room has to be a well-designed space that looks amazing, and provides ample seating for guests.

living room

Once you’ve established a living room, it can be a massive project to try and redecorate. You spent so much time the first go round choosing the perfect colour scheme, picking the couch and sofa to provide maximum relaxation, and arranging it in a way that works for everyone. With all of that effort and all of that investment, it can be draining to even think about changing up the living room, no matter how bored you might be with it by now.


But you don’t have to launch a full redecoration effort for your living room. Following are three simple, but fabulous, ways you can transform your living room into an even more inviting space!


Introduce a New Rug to Your Space

Rugs are the perfect furniture accessory to transform any living space because they’re so diverse. Not only will a high-quality rug allow you to introduce beautiful colours and patterns, but you can also put it to work protecting the rest of your living room.

Transform your living room with a new rug

A good quality rug will enable you to round out your colour scheme with a variation on a colour you’re already using, or a colour from the opposite end of the spectrum that beautifully compliments what you already have. In addition, a rug can be used as a buffer between your carpet or hardwood floor, reducing scuffing and preventing tears and rips in your carpet.


Use Crafts Projects as Decorations

If you love to do arts and crafts anyway, why not take full advantage of the time you’re investing to make those beautiful, personal works, and use them as decorations for your living room! Your handmade crafts will help to round out your colour scheme and give a personal touch to your living room that no furniture shop can match.


Obvious choices that will have an amazing effect include wall decorations and plant pots, but you could also design your own photo frame, sew your own cushions, or even knit your own blankets and throws. You could even customize further by embroidering the names of your family members onto their own personal cushions they can keep on the sofa!


The possibilities are limitless when it comes to using crafts as decor, and the only constraint you need concern yourself with is the limit of your own creativity.


Bring Your Garden Indoors

If you’re a person who loves to garden, you probably take pride in growing your own plot of gorgeous flowers and preparing meals with ingredients that you just picked off the vine. But you can also use that same love of nature to bring an organic, earthen beauty into your own home.

tulips in a living room

Consider hanging your own cornucopia on your wall, and fill it with fruit and vegetables from your garden. Alternately, you could use two bouquets of beautiful flowers to frame another element in your living room that you want to draw attention to, like your family portraits or wedding photos.


You could even use your produce or flowers as a natural decoration to spruce up your coffee table or entertainment centre, so long as you can remember to swap them out now and then.

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