Three ways to style glass doors in your home

Glass doors are an often overlooked, yet modern, subtly stylish and effective piece of furniture for the 21st century home.

Not too common that you’ll likely bump into one at your next housewarming party or friend’s dinner party, but also not too rare that you’ll never see one, a set of glass doors in a home hit that sweet spot for an added bit of unique personality.

However, once you’ve decided that you’d like to invest in a set of glass doors, there’s still the predicament of what to do with them. Where will you put them? How will you fit them into your existing décor? These are questions we will answer in this article.


Use glass to bring light into a room

One often forgotten element of glass – although also an obvious one when thinking outside the world of glass doors – is that they are completely transparent. What this transparency means for homes is much more than being able to see through them. Through careful planning and smart installation, your glass doors can bring extra, added natural light into a room.

This extra light adds a feeling of extra space and openness to a room, especially when carefully placed in relation to your windows. Cheaper than moving to a bigger house, or even building an extension, this savvy trick can make your house feel larger, lighter and easier on the eye – all without breaking the bank!

glass doors in the living room

Create an open plan look, without knocking down walls

If you’re a self-confessed, avid hoarder of niche memorabilia, cool vintage furniture or have a large collection of vinyl, chances are that you’ll want to show off your belongings to guests that you host, whatever your niche. Maybe simply catching a glimpse of your swingin’ sixties armchair is enough to make your day as you walk across your house.

Whichever way you’d like to give your furniture and belongings centre stage, a glass door can provide the transparency you need to deliver that ‘open plan’ look, without psychically knocking any walls down. Not only do they look great, but they’re cheaper than starting construction work on your house, and non-permanent if you suddenly decide you’d like your privacy back.

Install a sliding door for maximum modernity

While glass doors can add a touch of unique style to an otherwise ordinary home, a sliding glass door can further emphasise the modern, sleek and impactful effect that already exists.

Sliding doors benefit from the horizontal opening mechanism that they’re most known for. Opening sideward, as opposed to outwards, maximises a sliding door’s space-saving capabilities, meaning you’re able to leave it open without causing a hazard for young children, or leaving it looking a little untidy and messy. This is great news for those who want to ‘transform’ their homes quickly to an open style for Summer house parties or gatherings with lots of people throughout the year. But it also means that you can shut the doors when you want to, retaining that sleek, modern, see-through vibe you can only get from glass doors.

interior frosted glass door

Bonus tip: translucent glass doors

Okay so we said three tips, but we still have one left in the bag. Translucent glass doors, or frosted, are great for keeping privacy in certain rooms, whilst still adding a touch of sleek, timeless modernity to boot. Perfect for bathrooms, shower rooms or areas you’d like to keep a little low key and stop people peeking in.

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