Home By Harlan Coben – Book Review #38

Home is the 11th and final book, so far, in the Myron Bolitar series. I’ll be happy if another is written but I’ll be equally happy if this is the final ever book as it was finished nicely.


Here’s the blurb from Goodreads:

For ten long years two boys have been missing.

Now you think you’ve seen one of them.

He’s a young man. And he’s in trouble.

Do you approach him?
Ask him to come home with you?
And how can you be sure it’s really him?

You thought your search for the truth was over.
It’s only just begun.

My Thoughts

I think this is my favourite Myron Bolitar book; it was a very easy read and I enjoyed all of it, especially the chapters that were told by Win. He’s my favourite character and I was happy to see him back after he left at the end of the previous book. He’d been away for a year and didn’t contact anyone in all that time.
Win has a reputation for being very dangerous and he lives up to that reputation.
One of my favourite parts in all the 11 books was in this last one and it concerned Win coming back.

Although Myron is no longer a sports rep, or any other kind of rep for that matter, after selling the business in a previous book, he still has Big Cyndi, Esperanza and Zorra in his life.
Esperanza and Myron sold the business when Esperanza was having marital difficulties and her husband, Tom, blamed the amount of time she was at work, for those difficulties. She has a son, Hector, and she worried about losing custody of him if she split with her husband.

Selling the business wasn’t enough to save her marriage, however, and her husband started suing her for custody. He’s rich and powerful and doesn’t like to lose.
Her past as a female wrestler was one of the main things her husband was using against her to get custody of the child and Myron wasn’t at all happy with him.

The following is taken from the book and I just loved it!

“I’m asking you to be reasonable, Tom.”
“That’s your message to me?”
“It is.”
“I’ll pass, thanks. I’m on the verge of victory. You” – he pointed at Myron – “are proof of that. She’s getting desperate. Tell her I said to kiss my ass.”
“I told you already: Esperanza doesn’t know I’m here. I just think you should do the right thing.”
“For her sake?”
“For her sake. For Hector’s sake. And for your sake.”
“For mine?”
“I think it would be best.”
“Well I don’t give a shit what you think. Go Home, Myron.”
Myron nodded. “Will do.”
Tom waited. Myron started to cross the street, but he stopped and did his best Columbo turn. “Oh, one thing.”
“What’s that?”
Myron tried not to smile. “I saw Win.”
The street went silent. Even the music spilling out of the nightclub seemed to hush.
“You’re lying.”
“No Tom, I’m not. He’s coming home. And when he does, I’m sure he’ll want to pay you a visit.”

Tom suddenly starts being nice to Esperanza and although I know violence and intimidation should be frowned upon, it made me smile that Win was coming to the rescue against a bad guy!

*Possible Spoiler Alert*

There were a couple of things that irritated me about this book as well, though. At the end of the last book, Myron’s brother had been buried.
At the start of this book, his brother is alive and Harlan Coben doesn’t tell us how or why he’s suddenly alive.
I had to Google it and I found out that I need to read the 3 books Harlan has written for young adults that stars Myron’s nephew, Mickey.

Also, at the end of the book, a sister of Myron’s is mentioned and I’m probably wrong but I don’t remember a sister ever having been mentioned before!

Goodbye Myron

I’ll miss Myron, Win and the rest of them but the end of the book was nicely finished so it’ll be fine if no more are written.

Home by Harlan Coben

Goodreads 2018 reading challenge 38 books read


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  1. Kate Eccles 27th September 2018 at 10:27 am

    I’m so glad you were pleased with the final book in the series. There is nothing worse that being disappointed when you have invested so much time! #readwithme

  2. mumjd 24th September 2018 at 10:00 pm

    This one sounds better than some of the others. I feel like I’ve been on a journey with your reviews of this series, so will be interested to hear what you read next #readwithme

  3. Catherine @ Story Snug 24th September 2018 at 2:52 pm

    It’s good to hear that you aren’t disappointed by this last book. What are you going to read now that you’ve finished this series?


  4. Chantelle Hazelden (@MamaMummyMum) 24th September 2018 at 8:23 am

    I can tell from your review just how much you loved this one compared to others. Thanks for sharing with #readwithme

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