How to Add Privacy to Your Garden

Your garden is your own private slice of paradise. It can be a refuge from the busy world, too, as long as you can block out the distractions. Let’s look at a  few ways that you could add privacy to your garden. We’ll also address the pros and cons of some of these methods so that you can tell which one is right for you.

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Put in Privacy Plantings

Privacy plantings are plants that create a visual barrier in and of themselves. The right types of plants, like certain types of hedges, provide year-round screening. These plants generally aren’t subject to height limits the way a fence would be. Hedges typically need a two-foot-wide trench to be planted, and you’ll need to irrigate them, especially if you want to encourage growth. They also bring the obligation of trimming them.

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If you have the space, you can replace the hedgerow with layered privacy plantings. This consists of a mix of evergreen trees, bushes, and perennial plants. The benefits include looking natural and gaining depth and colour. The downside is that it takes up more space than a hedgerow, much less a fence, so it is only an option in a larger yard.

Install Trellis Panels

An excellent way to add privacy to your gardens is by putting in trellis panels. A garden trellis by itself interferes with anyone’s view into your garden. A wooden trellis could be stylish in its own right, but it will be beautiful once climbing plants cover it. The trellis panels available on this site could be used to add additional privacy, to hide a compost bin, to create a fence boundary, or to add height to an existing fence. Arched trellises on the top of a fence are a lovely architectural feature that supports plant growth without obstructing your view, while any conventional fence topper provides a measure of privacy without cutting off light the way another 12” of solid wood fencing would.

Note that you can install trellis panels around decks and pergolas, not just in place of fences or on top of them. Pergolas can also create a measure of privacy, but it will only be enhanced by the installation of trellis panels and is complete once the plants are growing throughout them.

Use Container Gardens

Container gardens are popular for those who don’t have much open ground. For example, you can put containers on your patio or deck to grow flowers or vegetables. You can line up those same containers to give these same areas a measure of privacy. Containers with casters on the bottom or otherwise made to be moved are ideal since you can move them out of the way if you’re having a party or repairing the deck and then put them back at a later point.

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Remember That Fences Make Good Neighbours

Fences are a traditional way of gaining privacy. They have the benefit of providing privacy as soon as they’re erected. You can choose a solid fence or see-through fence, and the colour choices are endless. You can choose a board fence that matches the architectural style of your home. However, there may be local restrictions on how high the fence can be.

A major point in favour of fences is how narrow they are. They’re pretty much the only option when you want to put up a privacy barrier in a side yard where space is at a premium, since a fence is far thinner than a hedge. And you can still use a number of fences as planting space, such as when you let plants grow up a trellis on the side of the fence. You could plant shrubs or flowers next to your side of the fence to soften its look.

Opt for the Classic Border Wall

Solid walls are stylish, and you can select from a wide variety of stones. They rarely need maintenance the way a wood fence would. One reason why they aren’t put up very often is the installation cost. You can bring that cost down by putting in a low wall topped by a wood fence or ironwork. These options extend the height of the wall while still letting light in. Walls are more solid than berms, and you can put planters on top of them.

Another factor to consider is drainage. If you live somewhere with poor drainage, you may need to install pipes under the wall so that it doesn’t end up turning your garden into a swimming pool after a hard rain.

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Put Up Portable Partitions

Portable partitions like outdoor screens give you privacy immediately. Their portability means you can put them where you want them, and you have the option of taking them down when desired. You could create a separate seating area for kids or protect your privacy while sunbathing. The only downsides are the hassle of moving them around and the risk of them being knocked down.

Whether you want to prevent neighbours from peeking in while you’re playing in the yard or want to avoid seeing what the neighbours are doing in their garden, privacy barriers are an excellent investment. The only question is which of the many options are right for you.

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