Dimmable LED Bulbs Are A Thing!

How did I not know that dimmable LED bulbs existed? I used to have dimmer switches in most rooms at my old house. I didn’t get them when I moved because we couldn’t use them with the long-life light bulbs we had bought. We were trying to do our bit for the environment as well as save money so we had to do without the dimmable light switches.

dimmable LED bulbs

Dimmable Light Switch

Having a dimmer switch in Aiden’s room when he was a baby was a godsend. I had asked in an MSN parenting group for advice on getting Aiden to go to sleep at night. Whenever I turned off the light he would cry, but if I left it on he wouldn’t fall asleep for hours.

One of the other members (who I’m now actually married to!!) suggested I get a dimmable light switch. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought about it before!
It worked perfectly.
Dimming the light while we did the bedtime routine always calmed him down and after a while, he knew that when the light was turned down it was time to get ready for bed

Dimmable LED Bulbs

Once I knew that dimmable LED light bulbs were available, I was very tempted to get Ant to change our living room switches to dimmer switches. Unfortunately (but luckily!) I’ve just checked the instructions of our ceiling fans and it says dimmer switches cannot be used. I’m a bit sad now because we need the ceiling fan, especially in this hot weather we’ve been having lately, but I’d love to have a dimmer switch again!

dimmable LED bulbs from LED Hut

KayCee’s & Ella’s Room

KayCee and Ella are older than Aiden was when he had a dimmer switch (they’re almost 13 and 11, Aiden was a baby!) but I still think one would be very useful in their room.

They often argue about having the light on or off. KayCee likes it off, Ella likes it on. If I got Ant to fit a dimmer switch, we could get some dimmable LED bulbs from LED Hut and they’d be able to compromise!

I think I might just be kidding myself, however, because they’re very rarely able to compromise!


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