5 Tips To Forwarding Your Mail In The US

Moving is often regarded as a complex affair that demands great caution. More than 45 million Americans move residences in the US every year. Naturally, people who relocate always want their mail forwarding to their new address. Wondering how this is possible?

Forwarding your mail in the US

Here are 5 tips to forwarding your mail in the US:


  • Figure out whether your move is permanent or not


If you’re planning to move permanently to another state, you’ll need to apply for a permanent address change. When you select this option, all important mail is automatically forwarded to the new address. On the other hand, your move could be temporary: maybe you’re on an extended vacation or you’re nursing a sick relative. In this scenario, signing up for a temporary address change is certainly the best option for you. This mail forwarding service covers anywhere between 15 days to 6 months. You conveniently get all first-class mail and monthly periodicals forwarded to your temporary address for the specified period.


  • Subscribe to premium forwarding service


If you’re away for a brief period (two weeks to one year), the USPS premium mail forwarding service is an exquisite option for you. For just $19.35 per week, you’ll get your pending mail shipped to you once per week. All your mail is first allowed to accumulate at the post office, then it’s sent to you as a bunch once per week. This is cheaper and more efficient than having each and every letter expressly delivered to you on a daily basis.


  • Change your address online


If you’re moving locations, you’ll definitely want to settle everything out before the actual move. This includes notifying the U.S. Postal Service of your new address so they can conveniently forward your incoming mail. Good news is, there’s an easy, hassle-free method of subscribing to the USPS Mail Forwarding service: simply go online and visit USPS.com/move and fill in the relevant forms. A small charge of $1 will apply. It’s the easiest, fastest way to apply for a change of address. Be sure to avoid scammers who may charge you exorbitant rates for this straightforward service.


  • You can cancel a change of address request


There are a variety of reasons that could make you cancel your moving plans. For instance, your work transfer directive could be cancelled last minute or your previous yearning for a change in scenery could fade dramatically. If you’d already requested for a change of address, not to worry: this request can be reversed. Simply note down the confirmation number you were assigned, visit the official USPS site and use this number to cancel your request. It’s a quick, easy process that can be performed at any time.


  • Be careful when filling the change of address form


Although moving is a hectic affair, you want to ensure that every issue is handled correctly. Before filling out the appropriate change of address form and submitting it to the USPS, figure out who among your family members are moving with you, then included their names as well. If you’re relocating as a family, utilize the family option distinctly located on the form. However, if some occupants are staying behind while others are moving, the best option would be to fill separate forms for everyone who’s moving. This will help you avoid any confusion.

There you have it, 5 helpful options for anyone who desires to have their mail forwarded.

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