KayCee’s in Greece

Our gorgeous girl has gone to Greece with her best friend, Emma 🙂 They look like they’re having a wonderful time, although KayCee is suffering from burnt shoulders. She’s been putting sunblock on, but I fear she’s not been reapplying it often enough.

At The Airport

KayCee and Emma at the airport going to Greece


KayCee on the beach at Greece


KayCee and Emma on the beach at Greece


KayCee and Emma in the car - Greece holiday

She’s due back on Wednesday and I think Ella will be the most pleased to see her! They fight like cat and dog when they’re here, but Ella is really missing her.
She’s been getting tearful at bedtime because KayCee isn’t there and she said she’s been there for all of her life.

She’s slept at friend’s houses twice this holiday because she doesn’t like sleeping in her room without KayCee!

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