Bespoke lighting – For When You Want Something A Bit Special

Lighting is very important in interior design yet it is often the last thing people think about when decorating a room. Wallpaper and paint is a big decision and many hours can be spent visiting shops or surfing the internet. Even picking curtains and cushions usually takes on more importance than finding the right kind of lighting for your room.

It’s very important to plan your lighting along with all your other decorating plans.

Natural and Artificial Lighting

The natural light of the room can help to determine what kind of artificial light you’re going to need but there are other factors to take into account as well.
There are many different types of artificial light and you may need help with your design from an expert.

natural lighting

Types of Lighting

Here are some different types of lighting to think about:

  • Accent lighting – the aim of this type of lighting is to highlight a prominent feature in the room, such as a piece of art or architectural detail.
  • Natural lighting – the quality of natural light that comes into the room is based on different factors such as the amount, time of day and time of year.
  • Aesthetic Lighting – using light as part of an object is very popular, even likened to being a piece of art itself. Placing a light at the base of a houseplant, for example, so the light goes up through the leaves can be very effective.
  • Task lighting – helps you have adequate light to complete your tasks such as having a reading lamp next to your armchair or strip lighting under kitchen cupboards light up the counter when cooking.

bespoke lighting

  • General lighting – just as it says, this is the lighting that brightens up the whole room to enable you to move around safely and easily. Ceiling fixtures are the most common type of general lighting.
  • Ambient lighting – wall sconces are the most usual choice when it comes to ambient lighting. Fitting a dimmer switch will control how much light the wall sconces will give and help to control the feel of the room, depending on your mood.

Bespoke Lighting

There are plenty of off the shelf lighting fixtures to choose from but what if you want something a little bit special? Something unique, that’s been designed just for you. That’s when you need Bespoke Lighting to light up your interior.

bespoke lighting

Bespoke lighting is designed by a professional to your or your interior designer’s specifications. You may find you have no choice when it comes to having bespoke lighting due to an oddly shaped space or you may just want something no one else will have.

If you’re keen on upcycling you can have your light fixtures made using reclaimed materials such as wood or metal. You can have floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers and quirky ceiling fixtures designed especially for you.
The possibilities are endless.

Whatever your reason for choosing bespoke lighting, it can be very exciting to see your newly designed pieces being installed.


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