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The silent flush toilet system: 4 plus

silent flush toilet system
Image by Stefano Ferrario from Pixabay
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In the world of interior design, attention to detail is what makes the difference between an ordinary project and one that makes its mark.

The importance of the design and attention to detail, particularly in the field of bathroom furniture, is often underestimated.

Indeed, Bathroom design plays a vital role in increasing the overall value of a property. This is because a bathroom is not merely an essential place, but a space providing comfort and beauty, an island of well-being that reflects the style and personality of its users.

Architects, designers and professionals are required to recognise the potential of the bathroom environment, transforming it into a space that not only enhances the aesthetic and market value of the home, but also considerably improves the quality of everyday life.

In this respect, every detail matters, from the choice of materials to the functionality of sanitary ware and various furnishing elements.

One example is the silent flush toilet which provides visual and acoustic harmony and is essential for a truly relaxing environment.

The silent flush toilet system, however, not only reduces noise but also provides a sophisticated designer element focused on customer comfort. This technology, making use of an optimised flushing system to minimise noise, is ideal for high-end environments such as hotels, spas or private residences.

Why choose a silent flush toilet? Here are four main advantages

If you are designing a bathroom for a customer who is particularly attentive to detail, this idea could be for you.

Choosing sanitary ware with a silent flush system offers many advantages, such as:

  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal and functionality: ceramic sanitary ware with a silent flush system is a solution that fully embraces the philosophy of ‘less is more’. Its subtle presence adapts to any furnishing style, from minimalist to contemporary, without sacrificing functionality.
  • Technological innovation: adopting this technology shows a commitment to innovation and quality, values that reflect state-of-the-art solutions for exclusive interiors.
  • Environmental comfort: a quiet environment is crucial for mental and physical well-being. The silent flush toilet system helps to create a peaceful atmosphere, which is essential in spaces such as the bathroom designed for relaxation and comfort.
  • Focus on sustainability: reducing water consumption not only meets ecological requirements, but also provides added value for projects intended to reduce environmental impact and water consumption.

The silent flush system merged with excellent Italian quality.

It is therefore essential, when paying close attention to detail, to depend on reliable and experienced suppliers.

Azzurra Ceramica, a renowned company in the ceramic sanitary ware sector, has entered the international market offering solutions that embrace excellent design and functionality.

Their silent flush system is the culmination of in-depth research and an ingenious design that meets the needs of the most demanding professionals. With a focus on aesthetic cleanliness and acoustic efficiency, the Azzurra Ceramica silent flush toilet is unique on the market, as it optimises the water available by facilitating the vortex movement and significantly reducing the noise of the flush.

The flow of water is designed to run precisely along the ceramic, resulting in perfect cleanliness and optimising the acoustic comfort of the bathroom. It also provides significant savings in terms of water due to the efficient flush system.

The silent flush toilet as part of bathroom furniture projects

For architects and designers, choosing a bathroom with a silent flush system means pursuing excellence for all aspects of the project. Functional ‘Made in Italy’ designer sanitary ware stands for quality and elegance as it reflects a commitment to sustainable innovation, a concept increasingly in demand in the professional design world.

Bespoke lighting – For When You Want Something A Bit Special

Lighting is very important in interior design yet it is often the last thing people think about when decorating a room. Wallpaper and paint is a big decision and many hours can be spent visiting shops or surfing the internet. Even picking curtains and cushions usually takes on more importance than finding the right kind of lighting for your room.

It’s very important to plan your lighting along with all your other decorating plans.

Natural and Artificial Lighting

The natural light of the room can help to determine what kind of artificial light you’re going to need but there are other factors to take into account as well.
There are many different types of artificial light and you may need help with your design from an expert.

natural lighting

Types of Lighting

Here are some different types of lighting to think about:

  • Accent lighting – the aim of this type of lighting is to highlight a prominent feature in the room, such as a piece of art or architectural detail.
  • Natural lighting – the quality of natural light that comes into the room is based on different factors such as the amount, time of day and time of year.
  • Aesthetic Lighting – using light as part of an object is very popular, even likened to being a piece of art itself. Placing a light at the base of a houseplant, for example, so the light goes up through the leaves can be very effective.
  • Task lighting – helps you have adequate light to complete your tasks such as having a reading lamp next to your armchair or strip lighting under kitchen cupboards light up the counter when cooking.
bespoke lighting
  • General lighting – just as it says, this is the lighting that brightens up the whole room to enable you to move around safely and easily. Ceiling fixtures are the most common type of general lighting.
  • Ambient lighting – wall sconces are the most usual choice when it comes to ambient lighting. Fitting a dimmer switch will control how much light the wall sconces will give and help to control the feel of the room, depending on your mood.
  • Fun lighting – sometimes you just want to have some with your lighting!LED lights come in all shapes and sizes now and they’re very popular. Visiting would be of great help if you want a huge variety of LED lights. You can even get personalised LED lighting from

Bespoke Lighting

There are plenty of off the shelf lighting fixtures to choose from but what if you want something a little bit special? Something unique, that’s been designed just for you. That’s when you need Bespoke Lighting to light up your interior.

bespoke lighting

Bespoke lighting is designed by a professional to your or your interior designer’s specifications. You may find you have no choice when it comes to having bespoke lighting due to an oddly shaped space or you may just want something no one else will have.

If you’re keen on upcycling you can have your light fixtures made using reclaimed materials such as wood or metal. You can have floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers and quirky ceiling fixtures designed especially for you.
The possibilities are endless.

Whatever your reason for choosing bespoke lighting, it can be very exciting to see your newly designed pieces being installed.

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Could Your Home Come Under The Powerful Spell Of An English Manor House?

English Manor House

If you’re bored of what’s on offer in interior design stores, no one could blame you. Modern designs have all somehow linked each other, and the narrative is becoming a little stale. The crisp, long, straight lines of kitchen countertops, large family sofas and even dining tables, somehow all look the same. It’s little wonder that for some, a well-deserved design renaissance is being allowed to take hold and spread throughout their homes. The beauty of historical or perhaps traditional design is that it was never truly backed by designers. The monarchs of Europe wanted only the most lavish and intricate designs in their homes, as a showcase of their taste and power. The aristocracy soon followed suit, and this had a trickle down effect. Now, anyone can turn their mundane home, into an exquisite installation of elegance and careful interior design.


Stepping back in time


The early 20th century was the time when Queen Victoria was exerting her influence on the country and with great success. She took the Georgian Era style, and made it practical, with much less extra or tassel that was useless. For your hallway, when you open the front door to the home, you could have long, luxurious hardwood floors. Thick and long, the oak wood must be primed and sheened with a dark brown varnish, that kicks the light up off the surface. A little further into the hallway as you get closer to the further rooms, the should be a Victorian rug that displays subtle and powerful swings of monarchy and hierarchy of the land. Incorporated into the blue and gold design, could be crowns, roses and coiled dragon tails.

English manor house

Image by – P.g.champion


The power of warmth


Fireplaces may have become scarce in the modern day because central heating is a lot more efficient and able to heat each room of the house, individually. However, English manor houses always have a large fireplace, and owners take great pride in the designs they choose. Westland London has incredible periodic designs such as Louis XV, Gothic, Mannerist, Edwardian and Georgian, along with many others. These styles are fascinating by themselves because they tell a story from a time when people in powerful positions would sit by the fire, discussing geopolitics, trade and the global economy when none of the modern technology we use today was invented yet. Choose from marble, wood and stone materials to suit your taste and project the kind of image you want.

English manor house picture frame

Source – 4047369


Lights and mirrors


The Victorians were very fond of playing with mirrors and lights because of course, in the early 1900s, many people were still using candle lights to see in their homes during nighttime. Hang a George the third-style mahogany mirror, in the form of a large rectangle with tapered edges in your dining area or perhaps at the foot of the entrance. The magnificent curls and swirls of twisted autumn leaves, in gold or glossed brass, are a truly lavish and powerful display of design. Additionally, the mirror’s edge designs could be made of iron or steel oak leaves signifying a touch of Roman influence.


The English manor house has never truly been trumped by other designs. Whether you’re from mainland Europe where you have seen the beautiful designs of traditional Italy, France, Germany or Spain, the bold and powerful designs lay in the UK. Right from the moment you enter your home, there should be some sign of history being loved and classical interior designs having a welcome place in your home.

This is a collaborative post

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