Fake LOL Dolls – Had a disappointed girl on Christmas Day

Ella’s been talking about LOL dolls for months now. I had no idea what they were so she showed me some YouTube videos.
To be honest, I wasn’t very impressed and thought they were a bit expensive for what they. She loved them, though, and put them on her Christmas list.

I do a lot of shopping on eBay and saw some cheap LOL dolls. I did wonder why they were so cheap but I couldn’t see any reason for it except that Ella said season 2 ones were out now and the ones on eBay were season 1.

fake LOL dolls

Fake LOL Dolls

The whole description definitely said LOL Dolls, season 1 so I assumed they were fine to buy.
They weren’t. They were fake LOL dolls.

I’ll not be buying any of those dolls from eBay ever again because there’s no way that I can see to tell if they’re genuine.
I didn’t even know you could get fake ones until Ella told me on Christmas Day. She was really disappointed and didn’t want to say anything to us because she didn’t want to seem ungrateful.
When she finally told us, she explained that the ones I’d bought were LQL dolls, not LOL dolls. I’d never noticed the Q at all.

Poor Quality

As you’d expect from fakes, the quality was awful. The very first item she got from opening the first ball instantly broke.
I was so sad and upset for her because these were the things she’d wanted the most and she did her very best not to show that she was disappointed.

Her dad and I were so proud of the way she dealt with the disappointment that we promised to buy her some real ones.

I was just going to get her a big sister and little sister ball. After talking to Ant, we decided to see if we could the LOL Big Surprise.
It cost £60 and we wouldn’t normally spend that much on something like that but we felt it would make it up to her.

Happy Once Again!

I worried that we weren’t going to be able to get one for a while because they were one of the ‘must have’ toys at Christmas. Luckily, Argos had a limited stock – thanks, Argos! 🙂

LOL Big Surprise


  1. Kim Carberry 3rd January 2018 at 3:00 pm

    My youngest goes on about these LOL dolls. She’s happy to just watch the videos on YouTube and hasn’t asked for any…..Yet!
    That is such a shame about the fakes….I would complain and try to get your money back.
    Ella looks absolutely delighted with her surprise! xxx

    1. shelllouise 7th January 2018 at 7:06 pm

      I wish Ella hadn’t wanted them so much! I really don’t think they’re worth the money but she gets hooked on anything collectable! xx

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